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It was past midnight and the red velvet curtains in the royal bedroom was tied to the side with a big matching ribbon. The light from the moon and the stars lit up the room with a pale glow, leaving long shadows dancing over the two slumbering silhouettes in the maou´s bed. Not a sound could be heard in the sleeping castle, not a sound, except for the slow snoring from a certain blond.

Yuuri sighed and rolled over to try another position. He had a hard time sleeping because of his blond fiancés sleeping habits which sometimes were worst then others. Today was definitely one of the more extreme ones. Not only did he have to endure the snoring but he also had to be careful so he did not got kicked out of his own bed.

Yuuri sat up and thought about tomorrows fresh pile of papers that needed his signature. He could really need a good night´s sleep. Just then he was hit by one of Wolfram's flying arms.

"Ouch Wolfra...!" Yuuri started but was silents by what he visioned sleeping beside him. The moon had lit up the soft beautiful features of the sleeping prince. Yuuri knew Wolfram was more beautiful then most boys, but he had never seen his fiance looking so peaceful. He looked so harmonic... but still in a way he looked so sad. Yuuri remembered the day they had first met, how his first thought of Wolfram was how pretty he was. He also remembered how angry he had been and how he had slapped the pale cheek of his now betrothed. How he had taken care of their adoptive daughter while Yuuri were away on earth. He remembered how Wolfram always been there for him when he needed him the most and he knew Wolfram always would be loyal to him as his knight and as his friend

All of a sudden Yuuri feelt something tugging at his pyjamas arm. He wakes up from his trance like condition and looks down at a newly awaken Wolfram.

"Yuuri, is everything OK?" Wolfram asked with a hunch of concern in his rather sleepy voice. Yuuri looked in to the emerald green eyes. "Huh?" Yuuri looked like a questioning mark. " I asked if something was wrong?!" The concern in his voice now gone and replaced with an irritated tone. "Oh. No nothing´s wrong." Yuuri answered and yawned. " Maybe you should try getting some sleep Yuuri, there´s a day tomorrow to, you know." " Yeah, you´re right as usual. Night Wolf." Yuuri turned around so his back were facing Wolfram. "God night, Yuuri."

Soon he could hear the other boys snoring lightly beside him. Yuuri envy the boy who always fell asleep easily. He looked up at the epic round moon who was glowing down on him and then he let his eyes once again rest on the boy and his pink night gown. Yuuri smiled. He wrapped his arms around Wolfram's waist and held on to him. He knew that he would have a good nights sleep.

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