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Chapter One

Eden Peters and her younger brother, Wiley, along with a few of his friends sat in an ice cream parlor trying to escape the worst of the summer heat. Eden stirred the chocolate puddle in her bowl and considered drinking it like a milkshake. The boys broke out into a fit of laughs and she looked up.

"What'd I miss?" she asked, only having zoned out a few minutes.

"John just," Wiley choked out in between laughs, "He just told us he's cutting school!"

"But its summer, how could he…?"

"Exactly! The dolt got stuck in summer school!"

They went into a laugh again while John's face reddened. Unamused, Eden turned and faced the window. A black jeep pulled up across the street. She frowned when a strange man got out- strange in the fact that she didn't recognize him. Tashmore was a small town and in the years her family lived there, she became familiar with everyone so seeing a new face was well out of the ordinary.

She nudged her brother. "Who's that?"

He looked up, a smile still on his face but it dropped upon seeing the man.

"No way!" he said pressing his face against the window to get a better look. He watched the man put change into a meter and went inside a dentist office. "No way," he repeated.

"What is it?" asked Bill, craning his neck to see what Wiley was looking at.

"Is that Rainey?" Wiley asked incredulously.

"What!?" Bill and John exclaimed while jumping up.

"Who?" asked Eden.

"That's Crazy Rainey!"

She scrunched up her face in confusion. Her brother looked at her in amazement. "Mad Man Mort? The murderer?"

She tilted her head slightly and he sighed, "Even I know who he is! Mort Rainey killed four people. Lives up in the woods by the lake," he explained.

"If he killed people why isn't he locked up?" Eden asked trying to get a better look at him.

Wiley opened his mouth to answer but John, always eager to get Eden's attention, beat him to it. "No proof. He got rid of the bodies." He leaned in closer, "I think he dumped 'em in the lake. Weighted 'em down and dumped 'em. Let the fish eat up the evidence."

Eden shuddered and glanced in Rainey's direction; she couldn't spot him inside. Her eyes rested on his black jeep.

"He isn't supposed to come into town," said Bill, obviously not wanting to be left out. She turned back to him. "He's supposed to be a writer. I read a book of his once-"

"Loser," Wiley teased.

Bill scowled but kept going, "It was really sick, about some guy, Todd I think, killing his wife and other people. Guess what happened to Rainey's ex-wife?"

John made a gagging noise and dragged his finger across his throat. Eden licked her lips nervously, "I never would've thought…"

"Yeah, I don't think she did either!" exclaimed Wiley.

"Of course it's the normal looking guys that are crazy. I mean if you look nuts, you're sure to get locked up," said John.

"Hey…" started Bill, a gleam in his eye. "How long do you think he's in there for?"

Wiley shrugged, "I dunno, check his meter. Why?"

He grinned and moved to the door, "Go get your bikes, boys!"

"You can't be serious," Eden said, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Don't be such a killjoy. I'm not asking you to come," Wiley replied wheeling his bike out of the garage.

She stepped in front of him, "If he really is a nutcase, why, in God's name, would you go up to his place and mess with him?!" she almost shouted.

He rolled his eyes, "He won't be there. John said he had at least an hour on his meter. I mean if the cops can't get him, why not do a little civil justice?"

"Because it's illegal, it's called vandalism or maybe you haven't heard of it," she said aggravated.

Behind her, John and Bill rode up on their bicycles. "C'mon, Wiles! We've got no time to lose!" shouted John.

Eden frowned as he wheeled his bike around her. "Look, I'll be careful," he told her reassuringly. "Don't tell mom and dad, okay?"

She gave him a hard look but reluctantly nodded. With a knot in her stomach, she watched as the three pedaled down the street. This is a bad idea, she thought to herself. She stood there another moment staring at the point in the distance where their figures disappeared. Sighing heavily, she lugged out her own bicycle. "And this is an equally bad idea…" she said aloud, closing the garage and hopping on her bike.

After a few minutes of cycling, she was surrounded on both sides by trees. Eden followed the one gravel road up through the woods. I should've met up with them by now, she thought, they must've veered off the trail into the thicket. Not wanting to test her luck or sense of direction, she stuck to the trail.

It was about thirty minutes after she set off by the time she caught sight of the cabin. She was sweaty and out of breath as she dismounted and dropped her bike.

"Oh crap," she said, walking up to the house.

It was a wreck. Somehow the boys had managed to beat her, and Rainey, there, wreaked havoc and then left. A few windows were broken, toilet paper was stern about and the word 'KILLER' was spray painted across the door in red. The door was ajar. She hoped they hadn't done anything inside. Hesitantly, she stepped past the screen door and onto the wooden porch.

"Wiley?" she called peeking her head into the cabin.

No answer. She called again. Still, no answer. She wasn't going to go in- breaking and entering wasn't on her agenda. From her position, she couldn't see any interior damage. God, she was going to kill them!

Then her stomach tightened and the most horrifying sound reached her ears. The sound of gravel crunching behind her. Maybe it's the guys coming back, she thought hopefully, but even her optimistic side knew it wasn't true. It sounded too heavy to be bikes, even three. In fact, It sounded more like a car. She didn't even need to turn around to know that it'd be a black jeep pulling in the driveway. But what scared her most was who she knew had to be the driver.