A note from the author: Brawl plays both Captain Obvious and the Village Idiot. Bonecrusher plays the angry guy that hates Captain Obvious and the Village Idiot and goes into a homicidal rampage that shames anything on Grand Theft Auto.

This is another one of those plot bunnies. Stupid plot bunnies! They breed like... Bunnies! Also, don't ask me how Bonecrusher knows what Sherlock is. Apparently he knows something that we don't.

I don't own Transformers. You know the rest.

"Wow, you really made yourself seem like an idiot back there," Brawl said as he followed Bonecrusher out of the room where a bunch of other Decepticons had burst out laughing.

"No shit, Sherlock," Bonecrusher snarled as he attempted to get away from him. "Why are you following me? Go bother Blackout!"

"He locked his door."

"Ever wonder why?"

"Not really..."

"Go bother Starscream, then!" Bonecrusher growled as he spun around to glare at him.

"He threatened to chain me to the barroom wall for the others to take potshots at."

"Then go crawl someplace and die, very slowly and painfully if possible!" He turned around and attempted to leave.

"You're not very friendly are you?" Brawl pointed out the bloody obvious.

"Yes. And you're not very intelligent, are you?" Bonecrusher angrily snapped. "Now piss off!"

"Geez, no wonder you have no friends," Brawl mumbled under his breath.

"I had a friend once a long time ago... But then he pissed me off, so I threw him off a tower," Bonecrusher warned, having apparently heard him.

Brawl tensed, not knowing if this was true or just a story to scare him. With Bonecrusher, there was no way to tell. "Umm..."

"For the last time Brawl... Go AWAY!!"

"You're just cranky because you got embarrassed by Frenzy in front of everyone," Brawl accidentally said out loud.

He immediately realized he'd made a mistake in bringing that up, as evidenced by the fact that Bonecrusher had paused at the doorway and slowly turned around to face him. The only sound was of his claws scraping along the wall.

"You're angry, aren't you?" Brawl said as he backed up.

"Nah... I was angry a moment ago... Now I'm pissed..." Bonecrusher made a sound akin to a dog's growling.

Brawl sat in a daze on a table while Blackout and Barricade inspected the damage done to him by Bonecrusher.

"Let's see... Your optic's totally smashed... Most of your arm is gone... He's ripped out wires... This piece here will have to be replaced..." Blackout observed. He glanced downwards and winced with a hiss. "Ooh, bummer... He ripped out your interface cable, too. Well, you'd probably never get a chance to use it, anyway."

"He let you live, though. He must really like you," Barricade added.