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It had been a long campaign but it was finally over. I had retrieved the sacred relic from the rebels and restored peace for the moment. After returning the relic to our monastery, I went to a large pavilion set up beside the barracks.

I looked through the opening first to see my adopted family; the Cullens. My father, Carlisle, tending to one of my wounded soldiers; my mother, Emse, gathering any herbs he asked for; my brother Emmet fitting new shoes on a horse; and my sister Alice cutting new linen strips for Carlisle.

I walked in. Alice was the first to notice me, "Edward!" She ran at me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I chuckled as I hugged her back, "I take it my sister missed me."

She giggled too and hugged me tighter.

"Alice, can you bring me some bandages?" Carlisle asked with a smile.

She let go of me and returned to the linen. I walked over to my brother, "How are you Emmet?"

"I'm fine," he said not looking at me.

"He met someone,"Alice said in a sing song voice.

Emmet shot her a look and I leaned against a wooden post with a smile on my face, "Really? And who's the lucky lady?"

"Her name's Rosalie," Carlisle smiled, "and she's taken quite a shine to Emmet."

"Really?!" Emmet asked eagerly, dropping the hoof of the horse he was working on.

The beast complained by butting his shoulder and I laughed, "What does she look like?"

"Hi Emmet," came a voice. I looked up to see a young woman stepping into the pavilion. She had cascading blonde hair and a thin body. A pure vision of beauty. Judging by the look in Emmet's eyes, he thought so too.

I smiled and nudged him forward, whispering, "Go say hello." He nervously walked over to her and I went to Carlisle and Emse.

Emse hugged me, "How have you been Edward?"

"Fine. A little battered from some of the battles but it's nothing I can't handle."

"I'll be the judge of that," Carlisle said finishing with my soldier, "Sit."

I smiled and turned to the soldier, "Tell the men at the barracks to relax and have some fun tonight. They've deserved it."

"Yes, Sir Edward." He left.

I sat down in a chair that Carlisle was standing behind and let him look for injuries. The worst was a bruised rib on my left side.

"You know," he said, "You've always enjoyed hurting that particular rib. I'm surprised you just managed to bruise it this time."

I chuckled and turned to Alice, thinking of Emmet's new lady friend, "Have you found anyone Alice?"

She blushed with a smile.

I smiled too, "And who is he?"

"A young farm boy named Jasper," Emse smiled, "He's blond, skinny, and very tall."

"He's actually very nice," Carlisle said washing his hands, "I tended to his father once."

I smiled. I had been gone two months and my brother and sister managed to finally find their counterparts in life. I was happy for that. Even though they weren't related to me by blood, they were still family.

"What about you Edward?" Alice asked, "Think you'll ever find someone?"

"I don't know," I answered, "The King has me so busy with campaigns that I haven't had the time to look for someone."

Emse scoffed, "He's always sending you into campaigns and most of them are extremely dangerous. If you ask me, he's just trying to get you killed."

"Keep your voice down, Emse!" Carlisle gasped, "That kind of talk is treason!"

I looked down. She was right, though. King Leo had been sending me into battle time and time again and all of the battles have been so dangerous. It's been a sure miracle that I haven't died in one of them yet.

I looked out of the pavilion opening at the King's castle. The windows shone with candle light and you could hear the people, soldiers and townsfolk alike, chanting my name in the night.

One would think this would fill me with pride but, for some reason, I got an unsettled feeling from it all. I felt that my life as I knew it was about to change and it would change forever.

(Leo POV)

"Listen to them!" I spat, "They chant his name when they should be chanting mine!"

"The people love him," the minstrel said, "He has captured their hearts through his skill and strive in battle. I don't think there has been a man like him in all the world."

I growled, "He has my people by the collar."

"My King?"

"Go. Leave me to my pondering."

He quickly left.

I growled again as I saw Edward leave the pavilion by the barracks with his family, "This will not continue. I swear it. Steward!"

An elderly man came in, "Yes, my King?"

"At midday tomorrow, summon Sir Edward to my throne room. I wish to have an audience with him."

"Yes, my King." He departed.


Our house was a small stone place with four beds crammed on the far side. A table and fireplace served as our kitchen and a basin and clothes line gave Emse a place to wash clothes.

I walked to the bathhouse outside. I really needed to relax under some hot water. I heated up the water and poured it into the large basin. I slipped in and let the heated water relax my tense muscles. It felt so good and it provoked me to stay for, at least, an hour.

When I was done, I returned to the house. Emmet smiled when I entered, "We thought you drowned."

I grinned, "You have no idea how good a hot bath feels after what I went through during that campaign."

We laughed and the one thought that went through my head was; It's good to be home.

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