Okay. Here's the deal. I don't normally do sequels . . .

But you guys pushed me into one. ;)

Now, I have an idea of a plot for it but it's going to take a while to put up. There are a few details that don't make sense and I need to iron them out. Plus, I promised some people a different story to go up first.

I'm probably going to put up a couple chapters of that one then start posting the sequel. So, I'll have two stories on the go (Well, three if you count How Many Ways Can You Love Me?).

To sum up: I am writing a sequel for In the Age of Empires. It's just going to take a bit to post.

I'll give a couple teaser points though -

1) Masen, Belle, Brandon, and Rosie play a large part
2) Leo has a secret that is very surprising and important
3) The story will take place over nearly 11 years (I'll be time jumping a little)
4) Bella, Alice, and Rosalie may go through some heartache

Make what you will of that. lol.

If you have me alerted, look for the title -

In the Age of Empires 2: Subtle War

or, for the sense of a shorttitle if I feel like it. lol. -

ItAoE 2: Subtle War.