Chapter One--Rain, Rain

It was raining. And that was never a good thing. It could only mean that it was going to be an awful day and Kyo should stay in bed. Had Kyo been a little more aware or little less late, he might have noticed the rain; Or the bed sheet that snaked its way around his ankle and hid unknown objects of clumsiness beneath its silky sheen. But he wasn't very aware and he didn't notice anything so when his face met the floor, he was quiet surprised.

"Dammit." He muttered, stumbling to stand and shake himself free of the possessed sheet so that he wouldn't be any later for work than he already was.

"I'm gonna be fucking late…Taka is gonna kill me…" Kyo bit back a yelp of pain as his knee connected with the table in his rush to get out the door. Growling, Kyo slammed his way from the apartment and into the rain in very angry and in a very great hurry.


This was a joke; A sick, sick joke. Surely not even his parents were cruel enough o subject him to such an unusual form of punishment, least of all one so…degrading! Surely they couldn't expect Ayame's fabulous self to get a job! Of all the common things he could do, this was surely the icing on the metaphorical cake from hell. He was still yelling and pacing while his younger brother pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head in reply to whoever it was on the other end of the phone.

"Hatori says you have an interview with Mine tomorrow at noon and if you're late, so help him if he doesn't skin you himself." Yuki's voice was flat but laced with malevolent pleasure. He's brother was great at times but overdramatic and insane; he loved it when Hatori shut him up so eloquently.

" Well." Ayame huffed and straightened his jacket, smiling brightly.

"For you, my dearest Ha-san, I will brave this god-forsaken task and make you love me as never before!"

Yuki watched with an odd fascination as his brother left the room in a determined whirlwind of exasperation. How Hatori put up with the older man, Yuki didn't know.

"So I assume Mother set up a job for me as well." Yuki, unlike his…louder counterpart, was looking forward to the time away from home.

"Not exactly. She is giving you an ultimatum. You can work with Haru or Shigure, take your pick." On Hatori's end, Yuki could almost see the sadistic smile.

"Haru. For the love of God, I pick Haru." Yuki glowered a bit as Hatori let out a snide chuckle.

" You start tomorrow. Don't be late."

Kyo Sohoma (no relation to the ridiculously rich and famous Sohoma's) was not happy; Not at all. Not only had he been fired from his job (that he'd gotten less than a week ago) but the lease on his apartment was up as well and he had nowhere to go. He kicked at the snow beneath his feet and cursed.

"What the fuck am I going to do now?" He wondered aloud, not noticing the flurry of fur and silver that was about to crash into him.

"Excuse me, watch where I'm going!" The figure snapped, tossing a braid of silver over his shoulder and crossing his arms, as if waiting for an apology.

"Uh, you crashed into me." Kyo's eyebrow twitched as the man laughed.

"As if I'd be that clumsy…" The taller, weirder man trailed off, looking at Kyo intently.

"You don't have a job do you? Silly question, of course you don't. That horrible attitude of yours is a big hint. No matter! I shall reform you and make you marvelous! Come with me!"

Kyo couldn't finger what was more amazing; the man's utter lack of shame or his crazed mood swings. Either way, he was not going anywhere with this freak.

" Uh, no, no and hell no. Who are you anyways??" Kyo was pulling desperately against the iron grip on his wrist, dragging him to god knows where.

"I'm Ayame Sohoma. You can call me Your Magnificence." Ayame didn't seem to notice how much Kyo wanted him to let go of his wrist as they entered a very large, scary looking building.

"What's your name boy?"

"Kyo Sohoma." When the last syllable fell from Kyo's lips, Ayame stopped, whirled around and stared at him curiously.



"Perfect! You'll fit right in. Well, except for that hair but I suppose it does give you an air of rarity. Always a plus my dear Kyon-Kyon, always a plus!"

"Don't call me that!!" Kyo hissed to Ayame's oblivious back as he as carted along unceremoniously through the building.

"Kureno! Look what a marvelous little treat I've brought you!" The taller ignored Kyo's growls of protest and shoved him in front of the brown haired man for appraising.

"…I hate to say this but good work Aaya. He's very handsome. Akito will be pleased I think."

Aaya beamed at the compliments and sauntered off to do whatever it was the spazzy freak did, waving his arms this way and that, yelling out odd things. Kyo glared at Kureno with distrust in his fiery orbs and backed up nervously.

"I take it he just dragged you here after a chance encounter?" When Kyo nodded, Kureno laughed.

"Pay no mind to Aaya, he's harmless really… though a bit overdramatic. I'm Kureno Sohoma and welcome to Bloodless."

Kyo paled a bit and found himself surrounded by people with needles, fabrics and worst of all, makeup.

Just what in the hell had he gotten himself into?

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