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Chapter Three--I Like the Way You Move

Music pulsed through Kyo's head, made his temples throb in time with the quick tempo. It made him want to dance and before he knew it, he was. His hips swayed and dipped with the bass, the tight low-cut black jeans cling to his hips for dear life. Kyo's crimson eyes slipped closed as he danced, leaving him unaware of the hungry eyes that lingered far to long on his exposed torso and the way his lithe body twisted, the muscles rippling beneath golden skin.

"Where's Kyo?! I must see my masterpiece!" At the sound of Aaya's voice, Kyo's eyes snapped open and he immediately stopped dancing and scowled. The taller man sauntered over and swept the red-head up in a tight embrace, squeezing untill Kyo was gasping for air.

"My dearest Kyo, you look simply delicious! No! I will not hear a word of thanks! Come, dry those tears of gratitude in my bosom!" Suddenly, Aaya was gone and in his place stood Haru. There was a slight grin on his porcelain face and Kyo found he couldn't meet those dark eyes.

"This is it Kitten...For both of us. I know you can do it. But don't screw up. Just listen to the music. Knock 'em dead kitty." Haru walked away, calling for Tohru as Kyo scowled. He wasn't a kitten!

There's so many things I like about you…I just don't know where to begin…

As Kyo readied himself for his first strut down the catwalk, he grinned. This song was perfect and it was his favorite. There was no way this could go wrong. The curtain opened and Haru walked out onto the stage and introduced Bloodless, the latest addition to Random Addiction and Ayame's Sohoma's first line.

I like the way you, stare so much…but most of all…I like the way you move…

Kyo was blinded by camera flashes and glaring lights. He struggled to keep his eyes open and his first few steps were halting. He didn't know it but Haru's heart stopped every time he faultered. Everything was riding on this…

I like the way you, like to touch…I like the way you stare so much…but most of all…

Finally the glare dimmed and Kyo could make out the edge of the runway, the clusters of people in the dark audience and two familiar faces at the end of the runway; Yuki and Haru. As the music continued to pulse through Kyo, he found a smirk and began walking, swaying his hips like Aaya and Haru had showed him.

He hated to admit it but Aaya had made a very comfortable, breathable outfit, despite the tightness of the ripped jeans and the heaviness of the tattered jean jacket he was wearing. Somehow, Kyo managed to flaunt himself around the catwalk like a million dollars dipped in diamonds.

Kyo reached the end of the runway, knowing Arisa was close behind and throwing that trademark glare around, Kyo tossed a wink at Yuki who almost blushed before he strutted back down the runway, Aaya and Mine already ready with a change of clothes.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!" Tohru threw him a dazzling smile and Kyo allowed himself to be undressed, this time all too aware of a pair of dark eyes on him.

I like the way you move…

Akito tossed the magazine onto the top of his desk, her black eyes locking onto Haru. Kyo's perfect face was winking at the camera, the headline's reading; " Bloodless Heartthrob- Newcomer Kyo Sohoma steals the show.'

"Good work Haru. I'm impressed." Akito's words washed over Haru like a wave. Akito was zealous about protecting the family business and didn't tolerate the slightest bit of bad publicity.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me, just don't screw up. Or are you too stupid to even get that right? I have high hopes for you Haru… don't let me down." Akito dismissed the black and white haired man with a wave of her petite hand. Haru left without a word.

'Are you too stupid Haru?…What would a cow like you know? Fat cow!…Too stupid Haru?…Stupid Haru…Stupid, stupid, stupid!!' The taunts and sneering jokes echoed through Haru's mind, making the anger swell up again, blinding him to his surroundings.

"Whoa, Haru! What the fuck? You ok man?" Kyo looked at Haru quizzically, noticing too late the older man's eyes were pitch black. He finally did notice, when he was slammed against the wall roughly, Haru's iron grip on his throat.

"I'm not stupid!" Haru hissed as Kyo clutched at the hand that held him, fear creeping up his spine before the black sheen in Haru's eyes vanished and he let Kyo down, backing up quickly.

"Kyo…it's you…I'm sorry." Haru left before Kyo could say anything.

What the hell was that about? Kyo wondered, rubbing his neck as he continued on his way, bumping into Yuki. Kyo cursed to himself. It must be raining again.

"Oh, Kyo. I didn't see you." Yuki's eyes met Kyo's and the two remained silent for a moment before several flashes caught their attention.

"Perfect! I always knew my dear little brother could not be so beautiful for nothing!" Aaya stood in the doorway with his hands proudly on his hips while Mine snapped pictures.

"My next line is for you my darling little brother! For you and your handsome lover! Kyo, when I am through with Yuki you will surely praise my brilliance by making sweet, sweet love to him for hours on end! Come Yuki, mind blowing pleasure awaits you!!" Aaya yanked Yuki along by the wrist, determined to make him the epitome of Kyo's desires by sunset. He seemed impervious to Yuki's screams and threats of decapitation and castration.

" Just another day at Bloodless Kyo. You'll get used to it." Kyo jumped a bit when Arisa's voice cut through the silence as she passed him. He stared after her curiously. Was everyone here insane or was he?

"Just don't get in Akito's way or you'll regret it Orangey." It was then Kyo decided.

They were all insane.

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