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A Change of Heart

Chapter 1: Contracts and Headmasters oh my!!

Harry was looking at the sunset from his window at the Dursleys'. He wished with all of his heart that he could go with his friends and enjoy his summer. But thanks to Dumbledore's last testament and seemingly eternal meddling, even from beyond the grave, Harry was stuck in his room. Now I know how that girl that was locked in the tower felt. He held up his long raven tresses. And fat chance of my prince ever coming up my hair! His messy black hair finally tamed, reaching to the middle of his back. His glasses were gone and he looked more effeminate. Although Voldemort was gone Harry and the others knew that his followers were out for blood! Harry remembered that at long last he had blasted the snarky asshole back to hell. Hope he burns! Harry thought with a grimace. He's ruined so many lives. It was his last year and Dumbledore, not to his knowledge at least, had named his successor as Headmaster. He thought that his Head of House would take over naturally for she was the Deputy Headmistress. But something deep in Harry told him that was not the case. With another sigh, Harry left the window and turned to go to his desk when there was a tapping at his window. He looked and saw a hyper little owl!

"Pig!" He cried out as he opened the window and causing the little bird to whirl in, being caught in an updraft! The little bird hooted pathetically as it landed on Harry's pillow, looking a bit green. Harry smiled softly and relieved the little bird from his letter and settled him down. He took the letter and sat down.


Mate, where are you? We're all going mad with worry and we're all planning to break you out of that place! Anyway, have you checked the Prophet? Probably not, I forgot you're with your blasted relatives. Anyway, listen here, 'Moine and I read it and knew that we had to get the news to you. The Minister decided, for safety that all wizards that were coming to age, (basically our year) to be wedded to those who their family had a contract with! Hermoine, since she has Muggle born parents and they there to vouch for her, is safe from such a fate. Me, oh god I can't believe this…I've been paired up with SEAMUS!! Merlin I'll need a brace for my back! AH I sound like a bloody ponce! Well, it's not so bad. I heard ferret boy's got it worse; he's got Zambini! Oh well, I guess snakes stick together eh mate? Maybe you'll get paired up with Dean or someone. Anyway, 'Moine sends her love and we both wish you a happy birthday! Oh, better leave the window open. I know there will be an owl raid soon!


As Harry reread the last lines, his green eyes widened in mild fright and realization as he ran to the window. He didn't want his Uncle to wake up from all the noise so without a second though, he cast a quick silencing charm around the room and waited. Before he knew it, at least ten to fifteen owls fluttered in with packages! Harry's mouth dropped open and he settled the owls in, relieving them of their packages and offering water and treats to them. It was a birthday blow out! He was about to open his presents when a gray owl flew in and put out its leg. Harry relieved this bird as well as after watering and feeding sat down again and read.

Dear Mr. Potter,

It is my duty to inform you of the reading of the Last Will and Testment of one Albus Dumbledore and to discuss the finer lines of your marriage contract. It is with most urgency that we speak with you. Enclosed you will find a portkey to transport you to our office. As it is your 17th birthday and therefore considered to be of age, you are no longer obligated to remain with your 'guardians' and can perform outside magic. We implore you to make haste to respond.


Alastor Moody

Chief Auror, Defense Department

Harry didn't need to be told twice! He wanted out! With a wave his wand he gathered all he had in the world, including the newly acquired parcels and took hold of the portkey, an old compass and was immediately transported to the office! There were Remus, Sirius, Moody and surprisingly seated in a black velvet armchair in all glory, was Lucius Malfoy!

"Harry, very good!" Moody said as he smiled at the teen. "Please take a seat, for we have much to discuss."

"Alastor, not to be rude, but why is Mr. Malfoy here?"

"Lord Malfoy," Lucius corrected him, surprisingly civil. Harry looked at the older blond and for some reason his smart mouth decided to remain silent. Lucius nodded to the Auror and sat back.

"Harry I'll be as brief as I can. Albus was very concerned for your well being, even after his death, as were your parents. To ensure that you were to remain out of harms way, your father and Dumbledore put their heads together and searched all over. Unfortunately, there was no one suitable for you within your year. Your magic surpasses all of theirs and they can not offer the protection or the security that you require. So Dumbledore decided, after convincing your father to go back into his own year. So with a sample of your blood and magic in a talisman, the men had everyone of your father's year to hold the talisman. If not matched the talisman would burn the person holding it. If a match is found, the talisman would bring peace to the holder and banish any darkness in their heart as well as their magic responding to your own. All but one had failed." Harry paled as he knew where this was leading to. To his shock, Lucius held up a coin like crystal talisman with a phoenix engraved in the middle! Alastor looked at the lad and nodded.

"Yes lad, Lucius was the only one who passed. Your father wanted to pass out but was furious. Albus just smiled and with Lucius' consent he arranged the contract. You were too young and before James could object, it was pretty much a done deal. Furthermore, in June, after your graduation and no later, you will bond to Lucius." Harry went to his knees and wanted to melt into the floor. Lucius noted his distraught and helped his intended up and settled him into his seat. Harry managed a weak smile for the blond in thanks. But there was one more matter.

"And what of Hogwarts? There is no Headmaster."

"That was corrected tonight." Alastor said. "Albus named Lucius his successor." With that, Harry did the only thing that made sense; he fainted!