"You are a failure as a bookman, Lavi. Don't worry. Even if you die, Bookman won't become extinct. Because I am the real you. I will succeed the role of the Bookman. And you will vanish, Lavi."

but its mine and i'll be back

suffer now

i'll be back he won't win because

your knife is in my chest

i'm falling and i'm falling and i'm under water and I can't breathe and it hurts and i can't see anymore and all i know is that it was you but why did you and i think it's not real

"Lavi! Lavi, stop, I'm begging you! Open your eyes!"

but im not lavi i dont know what is going on anymore because im just supposed to watch you but your knife is in my chest and my head is spinningspinningspinning and i keep on going around in circles and all i am is seven squared and i dont know because seven is supposed to be lucky but thats not who i am i'm unlucky i keep changing and theres somebody who's calling and i don't know its not my voice and its hurting and there's fire now and i think its supposed to be me but you're there now and you're crying please dont cry i didn't want that to happen and please dont cry because im not worth crying over and your knife is in my chest and it hurts

and why

is seven unlucky i don't want to cry and i don't know if maybe i should never have met you and then he wouldn't have hurt you

"Lavi, stop it! Stop your flames!"

and he wont listen to you because he is more than seven squared he is everything and he is bookman and he is who i am and he doesn't listen to you and you listened to him and

and your knife is in my chest

"Lavi! I'm begging you Lavi!"

but it's Mine


"If I didn't do this, I wouldn't have been able to retain my consciousness."

and I am Lavi and it is My fire

and My fire and My knife

And my heart

is not