Chapter 4:

Authors note:

So, I was reading some HP fanfics, and I found something similar to HATE. I would just like y'all to know that this truly IS my idea, even though that one had been published first. By the by, this is a Twilight fanfic, so it doesn't count, but, if you guys were going to be stupid and tell me that this was NOT my idea, well, I didn't want that. Ok, on that note, I would just like to tell y'all that it was AMAZING and that you should read it. However, I don't remember which one it was, so, happy searchings. Anyways, I was also going to say that it has given me some tips on how to better write this story: I need more sarcasm. Some of you seem to be under the impression that this story is just that: a story. So, I will fix that in my newer chapters by doing, well, see above. For more info, review me and I will try to get to you. Thanks, and, later!!

Bella's Point of View:

So, I was just sitting there, being all "OMG my life is SO boring, stupid, and DEPRESSING without my darling Edward" when I heard a knock on my door.

I was just sitting there though, to tired to get up because, you fools, I'm pregnant. So I didn't get up and move at all.

When I finally got to the door, I open it only to find Charlie, my father. He looked mad, and I was afraid that he had finally learned about my condition. Took him long enough, I've been so big for MONTHS! But, he did something out of the ordinary . . .

But, that was not what he was thinking about doing (repeating things in a boring way is SO fun, dont you agree?)

"Is Bella sick? Why is she always barfing?"

His thoughts came at me like a sack of potatoes. Because, you know, sacks of potatoes always come at people.

This was probably a side-effect of having Edward's child. Oh well. I could hear thoughts, big deal.

"Daddy, I have the flu. Can you take me to the doctor's?"

"Of course darling."



And so we went. He dropped me off there, because I was having my morning sickness out of the window (no matter that you're only supposed to have morning sickness during the first, like, four weeks, top two months). He didn't come in with me.

So, I was going into the place when I saw Carlisle there. He nodded at me and continued on his rounds at the hospital. "What was with people not being where they were supposed to be?" I wondered. Carlisle was supposed to be in Europe, hating me. But, having an idiot writing this story makes things do odd things, and no one really pays mind to this fact of life.

I went into the doctor's office and I smiled at him, eyes bright behind the mask of tears that blurred my vision. Well then, I was just gonna get a sonogram done and then my plan would be put into action.

It was there that I learned that I would have had sextuplets (six kids at once, get a dictionary kiddy! And, the joke . . . you had SEX so you have SEXtuplets . . .?). Three girls and three boys. They were beautiful and I knew that I wouldn't be having an abortion, I would keep these kids, no matter that my death was planned for the next three minutes.

It was time to get out of there; so I did.

Mike was standing right out of the room there, looking at me in awe. Apparently I was beautiful or something. I didn't remember about the mind-reading thing, which has gotten lost as the story unfolds. Perhaps the author has forgotten; however, even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to, possibly because I never really had it in the first place.

Mike's Point of View:

Bella was the most beautiful thing in the world, ever. I was in awe of her. She was as skinny as ever, a little bit chubby, but, nothing much, nothing unmanageable. She was coming from the maternity ward, but that was a fluke, she must be here for a stupid thing that she's done recently and gotten into a scrape.

I have decided to flirt with her, conveniently forgetting that this story takes place in the past tense than the right-here-and-now. Well, maybe it will work out better for me this way. I would hate to re-live something horrible AFTER it happened, rather than right at the same time.

Alice's Point of View:

Bella was standing there in the parking lot of the hospital (never mind that it had JUST been INSIDE the hospital, authors ARE able to write their own plot. A/N: Don't mock me, guys! Its not my fault for all of the errors grammatical or the sppellingg ones! I just write the stuff. . . oh, I guess that it DOES mean that I am responsible for them . . . huh). She grinned as Mike tried to flirt with her . . . I wondered why, she was getting really fat.

Then she turned around, as if to leave him standing there, and was promptly run over by a car.

We were going to be too late.

Edward's Point Of View:

I had surpassed the others, being that I was running and they were not (forget that I went by plane)

I finally got to Forks where I smelled my beautiful Bella's sweet, sweet blood (forgetting once again that I hated her and that I was in love again with a new girl, my perfect Agnes). She was at the hospital. I could only hope that she would take me back.

Carlisle's Point of View:

How did I get over here? And, why do I work at a hospital again? I thought I was on vacation in Europe? Well, perhaps it was a dream . . . wait, that's right, vampires can't sleep. Well then, the author must have thought that they were being smart when they forgot which story they were writing, or even that I was a character. Well, I'm glad that I'm not Agnes at least. I'm sure that she'll be completely forgotten and wink back into non-existence.

And, why did I not realize that Bella was pregnant when I did her sonogram? Again, it must be my wonderful author . . . she is SO smart; this story is GREAT thanks to her.

Edward's Point of View:

I was suddenly in a car, thinking, "Wow, this author really needs help with the plot. I was supposed to be running". But, things were going to fast for me. I wasn't sure what to do, so I went to the hospital to ask Carlisle, even though he should still be in Europe, by the way, how did he get here before me? I ran, and I am supposed to be faster than him . . . something to dwell on before I sleep, I suppose.

So, I was really close to the hospital when a girl jumped into the road in front of me. And, even though I have vampire reflexes and I acted as fast as was possible, I still ran her over. How odd, the smell was driving me insane. It must be Bella. Wait, I RAN OVER BELLA!! THIS IS NOT GOOD!! And it wasn't; she was losing a lot of blood.

I ran out of the car, forgetting how the sun was out and would make me sparkle like a diamond ring, and that they would see me bite her. And, as the flames inside her licked at her mind, she screamed, happy that I had come to find her. Boy was she fat.

Bella's Point of View:

I was a vampire!! Yay!! Edward was back, and I was going to have his babies, never mind that when a pregnant woman is turned, she stays that way. Forever. They kicked at my insides, and I smiled happily. Even though I had just wanted to kill myself, I was so happy at having been saved. Edward kissed me again, never mind that he was not here to begin with, and I felt a spasm of love.

But, then, I was afraid. It was time to tell him, and then, Charlie.

Edward's Point of View:

I was so excited. I was going to have kids. It was my dream; it had been for a while, never mind that I had never thought of the concept before. I pulled Bella to the floor and made passionate love to her, right then and there (wherever we were, it hasn't been specified) for the first time ever. In either of our lives. Even though I had done a ton of different things with Agnes, who is not, and has not ever been, in existence.

It was time to tell Charlie; this was going to be fun. And I was going to be a father.

Charlie's Point of View:

First of all, I cant believe that I haven't really been a big participant in this story, after all, Bella is my daughter. And then I would like to say that I am gay and I love Edward too. Ok, that's all for now.

Bella's Point of View:

We told Charlie and he yelled at first, then he was happy. He was, and Edward was too, surprised at how pregnant I was. I was going to have my kids in about a week. Charlie has always wanted to be a grandpa. We are all going to be a big, happy family.

Rosalie's Point of View:

I am so pretty and cool. I deserve to be worshipped.

Emmett's Point of View:

Rosalie is so pretty and cool. She deserves to be worshipped.

Alice's Point of View:

I SO wish that I didn't know what Rose (because what sort of fanfic is it if someone doesn't call her Rose?) and Emmett were doing.

Agnes's Point of View:

I don't like not existing. Why did my precious Edward forget me? I was his soul-mate?!

Esme's Point of View:

I am so :blubbers: happy. I just wish that my face wasn't so red (no matter that it CANT have been) and that I could stop crying (no matter that THAT cant happen either).

Jasper's Point of View:

Seriously, this story is MESSED UP. I wish it was OVER.

GC's Point of view:

I WAS going to make this an alphabetical series, but I HATE it, so this will have been it. Hope you, my dear reader, have hated it too. Laters!