Okay, a lot of people wanted a sequel to it, so here is the sequel to My Time With N.

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N is for Naruto

I never believed in happy endings. I never bought into that Hollywood romance. I never thought two people once broken could mend. I never thought that I would see N again. Shows how much I really know.

For being what most people have called a genius my entire life, I've found that I'm pretty blind when it comes to real life matters. If one were to ask me to solve a mathematical equation, or point out the errors in his writing, I could do that, but I cannot see what is right under my nose. It's only been about two months since my last article, but a lot has changed since then.

About a week after my last article was written, N showed up at my door. I was shocked to see him to say the least, and normally I wouldn't tell this kind of personal story, but with the paparazzi everywhere, I'd rather everyone get the truth rather than some lie they come up with. The paparazzi are always looking for something to degrade and rip apart, but my relationship with N will not be one of those things.

By now everyone whom reads any kind of gossip magazine or watches any kind of gossip television show should know just who N is. N is someone that no one would think that I'd end up with, but I don't think that I could ever let him leave me again. His true name is Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is not someone that I would want out of my life again, no matter what those whom gossip is saying. Naruto didn't tell me to go to hell, and he certainly didn't come begging to get back with me, he didn't need to. This time our mansion is not one that is built on sand.

Bright blue eyes scanned the magazine page as a grin spread across his face. He loved the raven with all his heart. The blonde knew that this time was different; the raven could say what he wanted to say. Sasuke used the words of his articles and books to speak loud and clear where he stood, he told anyone that cared to read just how they loved each other, and nothing made Naruto happier. The blonde had his S back, and the raven had his N, it was all how it was supposed to be.

I'm not saying that we don't have our problems, and that we won't have our fights, but our happy ending will come. Neither of us really got over the break up from years ago, no matter how much we had changed over the years. Our time apart was not the happiest time, but it was time we both needed. I've written how I've changed, but I'm not the only one.

Before the break up, Naruto was immature and needy; he's grown up, not matter how much he wants to deny the change. He's not the same boy that I once loved. He's the man that I was always meant to find, even if we had to go through one hell of a break up to find this. Someone once said, "A boy loves you because he needs you, but a man needs you because he loves you." I believe that Naruto made that transition, maybe we both did. We each needed someone to love so when a single kiss erupted so much we fell hard, because we needed it. Now we are okay on our own, which is how it needed to be all along.

One plus one equals two, not one, the same thing needs to be for people, we couldn't love each other because we needed each other. The idea that another person completes another isn't true; if you need someone to complete you then it's only a childlike love. People should be together because they love each other, not because they need each other. Needing doesn't always mean love, it just means it's a necessity and that's not love. A child needs someone to look after them, but they don't always love the one that's looking after them, the same thing is true in a relationship.

Do I need Naruto? No, I could always live with out him. But I want him. I want to be with him, and that's what love is about. I could date anyone just to be with someone, but I want to be with Naruto, not because he completes me, nor because I need him, but because I love him.

Naruto felt his heart swell with joy. He knew the raven didn't need him, he didn't nee the raven either, but they wanted to be together. He knew that this time Sasuke's father wouldn't be a problem; Sasuke had found that he didn't need his father's approval to be happy, just as Naruto didn't need every one else's. Naruto left the first time because of two reasons: he wanted Sasuke to be happy, and he was sick of Sasuke's dad not approving of him.

The story of our relationship feels like something that Hollywood would make up. Two lovers break up, though neither over it. Then one becomes a writer who writes about how he's changed, the lover reads it and they get back together. The only thing that would make it more Hollywood would be if one of us were girl. I guess now I don't look at Hollywood endings so skeptically, though I'm still expecting something to go wrong with Naruto and I, just to make it less Hollywood.

I thought that our relationship was broken; I didn't think we'd ever be mended. I guess that I had come to terms with the fact that we wouldn't be together. I had accepted the idea that we were meant to not be together because he changed me, I thought that maybe that's all he was meant to do when it came to me. But I was wrong; it never quite feels right to say that.

When he showed up at my door, I was shocked to say the least. I thought that maybe he might have just come to mock me and I certainly wasn't prepared to see him again. For an Uchiha, being unprepared is not something that comes easily, we certainly like to know what is going to happen next, we are planners, but with Naruto, nothing could be planned, I think that's why I love him so much, he always surprises me.

For a long time I debated in my head weather or not I should tell just who N is. Part of me said that people already should know by now just whom N is, but the other part said that it is no one's business just who N is, obviously the first side won the fight. The main part the first won the fight was because I read a magazine article that said: "N is a fake, he is nothing but made up and a publicity stunt for the young Uchiha writer." Now I'm not one to talk about my love life first hand, usually I use exaggerated characters to tell an exaggerated version of the truth and the one time that I don't, I'm called a liar. As I've said before, us Uchiha's don't take an insult to the pride lightly, so I'd like to say now: Ino Yamanaka just shut the hell up. Some readers may not know, but I actually went to school with the infamous Ino, and she knows first hand from rejection from both my lover and I just how much we were in love. Ino is and always has been bitter about Naruto and me.

Naruto looked at the page with a small smile. He remembered when Sasuke had first read the article Ino wrote and how mad the Uchiha had been. The raven nearly went to kill the blonde girl, but Naruto calmed him down. Just as the raven had always been for the blonde, the blonde has always been the only person who could get Sasuke to calm down. It was one of the signs of the love that they shared.

This will be the last story of N and I that I write. What goes on between us is no one's business but ours. What you read of us may or may not be true. From this point on, all I care about is my N, and what other people may say, well, that's not something I care about.

The raven walked into his office where he most often wrote. Sitting on the desk in the office were two CD cases, each with a note.

The first note read: "Sasuke – This is what I felt when you were out of my life, when you were gone, when it was all over."

The raven looked at the CD, it was unmarked and he was curious as to what song was on it. Sasuke put the CD in the computer on the desk and pressed play as the icon popped onto the screen, it was Against All Odds by Phil Collins. The music started and the Uchiha instantly recognized the song, he decided to sit down and listen.

They both knew it was true that the blonde had left the raven, but they also both knew that the raven had pushed him away. Their entire relationship was an up hill battle, no matter how much they loved. The song showed what both of them felt, because at one time each of them felt that way.

The raven then looked at the other note, and his heart started to beat faster of the possibilities of what it could say. It read: "But you did come back. We beat the odds; this is what I feel now. I've read your latest article; well this is my way of saying to you what I really feel, just as you've shown me. The last song is something we have to listen to this time around."

The raven looked at the CD. He smiled. The blonde was never great with words when it came to paper, he could talk an ear off with out really saying anything, but he knew songs and he knew how to show his feelings through them. Sasuke placed the CD in the computer where the other one once was and saw as a few songs popped up to be able to be played.

Sasuke smiled as he played the songs, some of them weren't his taste for music, but all of the lyrics meant something, and that made the raven smile. The first was Baby it's You by Jojo, the next song was Everything I Do by Bryan Adams, the third was With You by Chris Brown, then it was Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, the fifth was Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse, after that was Got It Made by Theory of a Deadman, the seventh was If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys, then there was I Drove All Night by Celine Dion, but the best lyrics he heard were from the last song Hang on to Your Love by Sade.

The raven stood with a sigh, he knew that there was no way he'd be able to work at that point, he had to go to Naruto, the blonde would be the only thing on his mind for the rest of the day.


Hopefully you all like that as the end.