The Red Hunger

Summary: I am the creature that stalks you in the night. I am the monster that makes your blood run cold. I am the beast that makes your eyes clamp shut in fright. I am the lover that'll give you feelings untold.

Starry's Corner: After repeated failed attempts at making a vampire fic...I came up with this! Go me, right? Credit must be given to Nero-chan who came up with a lot of the plot and ideas behind this fic...that and she makes a damn good Roxas. Enjoy and Review!

Chapter One: What Goes Bump in the Night

It was rather cold on this particular evening, not completely out of place for this time of year. Not that Roxas had minded very much; weather didn't stop him, hell, daylight rarely did. He simply preferred the evening over the day light hours when rebellious kids snuck out of the safety of their homes and into the hidden dangers that awaited them. Some returned. Other's didn't, but such was life. After all, a vampire needed to feed and thrive too, right?

The smirk on the blond vampire's face widened as his piercing blue eyes scanned over the pages of a thick book, leaning against one of the monstrous gargoyles that adorned the roof of the library of the university he was currently stalking. The wind just barely moving through his spiked blond hair.

"Vampire..." He read aloud, "...a bloodsucking evil spirit: in European folklore, a dead person believed to rise each night from the grave and suck blood from the living for sustenance."

He couldn't help the chuckle that passed his lips as he tore the offending page out of the dictionary he held, he looked at it for a moment longer, "Humans..." He said, still laughing lightly as he let go of the page, letting the wind carry it away, "...they think they know everything."

His blue eyes followed the page's journey to the ground, blowing past a brown haired boy, obviously heading home after the library had closed. The smirk evolved into a full blown smile, laced with evil intention as he watched the boy that would, no doubt, become his next meal.

He closed his eyes for a moment, it seemed as though he was sniffing the air around him, his smile widening, if possible, "A virgin too?" He said as his eyes snapped open after a moment, his tongue running over one of his long sharp fangs.

Axel, the vampire responsible for turning him (a bastard in every sense of the word), suggested that they go hunt in one of the many nightclubs that took up residence in the city. It was easier to lure some unsuspecting prey into their clutches because they were either drunk or high, making them extremely friendly and trusting…among other things. But, as Roxas kindly pointed out, most of the victims in that part of town were void of one thing. The one thing that Roxas craved above all else; their virginity. The humans that were already tainted, for some reason or another, always seemed to make the blond a little sick after consuming them.

Honestly, a university wasn't much better, but at least there was some shred of hope. And, Roxas seemed to have found it.

The fiery red headed Axel declared, just before setting out to find his own meal for the night, that Roxas was the most pickiest vampire he had the pleasure of meeting. But, Roxas couldn't help the fact that he loved the sweet warm blood of a virgin slipping over his tongue as he sucked the life out of them. It wasn't just about the blood though, it was the chase, the breaking of their will. It was everything. Sometimes Roxas wondered if it was the blood or the chase he was after.

"If Axel were here...I'd almost feel sorry for the guy..." Roxas remarked out loud before throwing the book behind him, deciding to hop down from the rather high ledge, landing smoothly and silently on his feet. Axel would have pounced on the boy and would have shown no mercy. Tonight, the boy was just another victim like the ones consumed before, so the blond decided not to waste any more time and proceeded to go after the other quietly...slowly.

The little brunet, better know as Sora, walked along the sidewalk towards the residential area of the university he attended, biting back a yawn but failing at the action. He had, once again, stayed out past curfew at the library to gather research for a paper in English that would be due in the next week and was thirty-five percent of his final grade. He had finally gotten all the research done, now all that was left to put it together in a way the human mind could grasp it then type that up into a paper.

He had no idea of what was stalking him in the moonlight, if he had, he might have ran to his dorm block as it came into view, but he did not. He continued his slow walk, half hoping that his roommate was gone for the night instead of shacking up with another fuck buddy in their shared dorm. Because, that would mean he'd have to go beg a friend for a bed while his roommate got his fill of his current flavor.

Roxas watched the boy, his golden blond eyebrow arched, "This is almost too easy." He muttered to himself, toeing a stone before kicking towards the brunet, taking pleasure in watching the boy freeze for a moment before hurrying on his way. A chuckle escaped his lips, watching the boy.

"A little more..." Roxas spoke to himself, kicking a few more rocks in the brunet's direction, hands shoved in his pants pockets as he followed the other, "It's better when they run..."

It had been such a long while since Roxas had to chase down a victim, then lull them into a false sense of security before taking what he wanted and leaving them dead only to hear the missing person's report on the news days later.

Suddenly, Sora got the overwhelming feeling that he was being followed, which disturbed him greatly with the recent disappearances around campus and in the surrounding town. 'I could be next...' he thought, fear clutching at his heart as his pace quickened again, hearing more stones skid across the cement of the sidewalk, some going as far as to bounce off the back of his shoes.

The brunet gave a soft squeak, finally breaking out into a full run, not watching where he was going. Just running. He didn't see the large crack in the cement that was just ahead, the kind of crack that leaves one part of the side walk higher than the other.

If Roxas could cheer without alerting the brunet to his presence, he would have. The thrill of the chase was what he was looking for, it was something he hadn't had in a long time. He missed that rush he got when he finally captured his prey and sank his teeth into the soft supple flesh. Oh yes, virgins were always much harder to hunt then the tainted humans, especially when you wanted more than just their blood.

Forget picking up his feet and running after the boy; when you were a vampire, agility and extra strength was as common as brown hair. The blond decided to go skyward, leaping from campus building to the next. His eyes locked on his prey.

The crack in the cement was unforgiving and it caught Sora by the very tip of his left toe, sending him smashing into the ground with a mind numbing force. He must have blacked out for a moment or two, because when he came around just a few seconds later, he scarcely remembered falling at all.

But, the evidence of his fall jogged his memory in the form of a coppery taste in his mouth. Blood from his busted lip. A sharp, throbbing pain in his ankle and knee. A twisted ankle and scratched knee. Not to mention the burning in his palms and elbows from throwing his arms in front of his face to break the fall.

With no more buildings to leap to, Roxas landed on his feet with a soft thud just a few feet from Sora. That looked like it hurt pretty badly, "You should be more careful..." he remarked finally, walking out of the dark and under one of the lit street lamps to inspect his victim.

"Anyone could have seen that crack in the ground." He finished, stopping to kneel next to the boy, eyeing his bleeding lip with a hungry glint in his eye. There was no use in chasing anymore, for his meal was caught. Roxas wouldn't let him leave if he tried breaking into another run.

Another squeak left Sora's mouth as the brunet pushed himself into a sitting position, looking into the face of the man that chased him, "W-why were you chasing me?" he demanded, fear strong in his voice.

Well hell, things had just gotten a little more complicated for Roxas. Now that he had finally gotten a look at who he was chasing (for he had only seen the back of Sora the entire time), he had to stare. Almost instantly did the feeling of nostalgia come about.


Sora blinked, looking at the blond that knelt down next to him, "Well?" He said, his voice high pitched and pleading as his heart thumped loudly against his chest.

Ignoring the said feeling of nostalgia that had suddenly spread through his being, the blond regained his composure and spoke, "It's my job to catch students who're out after curfew." He replied, thankful for his ability to think quickly on his feet, though it wasn't a very good lie. He wouldn't be surprised if the boy could see right through it, but it was easier than saying, 'Hey, well, I'm a vampire and you're gonna be my dinner. Now, shut up and expose your neck, please.'

Sora blinked, staring at the blond, "I've been out past curfew before..." He said softly, "And, I've never met up with you." He countered. There was something about this person, Sora wasn't sure what it was, but it scared him...but, at the same time he wanted to know more.

"...That's because I'm new." The blond lied again, having made sure to hide his fangs...and stop the grin from appearing on his face after Sora fell for said lie. Though, in the back of his mind, he got the nagging feeling that he was getting into more than he had planned for.

Sora slowly nodded, heaving a sigh, "Oh, still wasn't very polite of you to scare me like that." He said with a huff, not noticing the blood from his bottom lip slip down his chin.

Roxas noticed it, however. It was hard not to. And, it took everything within him not to jump the brunet and feed right then and there. He almost lost himself to the beast inside once the sweet aroma of the virgin's blood hit his nose, "It's my job..." he replied softly, still transfixed on the blood. He reached for the brunet, running his thump across the boy's bottom lip to clean the blood off, nearly bringing the digit to his own lips to clean the sweet blood off, but he thought better of it; wiping it off on his pants instead. Hastily standing before he did something stupid like that again.

A soft blush overcame the other, but he brushed the action off, "My name is Sora." He said, pushing himself to his knees, cringing lightly as he managed to get to his feet, but as soon as he put weight on his twisted ankle he cried out, falling into Roxas.

Roxas held his arms out to catch the other in an almost natural reaction to the other, "It isn't that bad, it is?" He asked monotonously, his body wanting substance, but his mind was else where. Like...where had he seen Sora before? It seemed so far off...but, he felt like he should remember this boy...but, that couldn't be right, because he had never met him before this night. Had he?

Sora gave the blond a glare, "Well, gee, I dunno." He replied, pushing away from the blond, balancing himself on one foot, "When I put weight on it, it hurts. I probably sprained it or something."

"Let me escort you to your dorm." Roxas said, snapping out of his reverie at the sound of Sora's voice, "It'll be difficult for you to get there on your own."

Sora snorted, starting to hop along the sidewalk, "Yeah...and let you know where I live?" he asked flatly, arching an eyebrow as he glanced behind him, "Thanks, but no thanks." He added, turning to start hopping again, but he lost his balance and fell against the pavement again with a soft cry.

Roxas heaved a sigh, walking over to the boy, easily lifting him to his feet again, "There are far worse things out there in the dark than me." He stated simply, putting the boy's arm around his neck, "Shall we?"

Sora eyed the blond for a moment, a frown on his face, "Yeah, but, it'd be equally bad if you turned out to be a serial rapist or something." he pointed out, putting an arm around the blond's neck to help support himself.

Roxas rolled his eyes, "I'm not a serial rapist. I like sex, but seriously, forcing yourself on someone just makes you scum." He replied, tugging the brunet along the cemented path. Besides, when it came to the issue of sex, the blond always made it consensual. Because, things were so much better with a willing partner.

Sora knew going on to his dorm room without any assistance could end up resulting in even worse injuries than he already had, "Whatever." He replied, allowing the blond to help him towards his dorm block.

It wasn't long until they arrived, "You do have your key card, right?" He asked, glancing over at the brunet.

"Well, duh!" Sora said, rolling his eyes as he dug in his back pocket for his key card, "Don't you?" He asked, handing his card to Roxas so the blond could unlock the main doors.

"Don't live on campus." Roxas answered with a shrug, taking the card handed to him. He was half way surprised that they hadn't met any guards on their way to the dorm with the recent student disappearances courtesy of Axel's late night runs through the campus.

Sora nodded as Roxas pushed the card into the slot, watching it blink green before the blond pushed it open, helping Sora into it, "What floor's your dorm on?" The blond asked, glancing over at the brunet.

Sora blinked, "The third." He replied.

Sora heaved a sigh, finally stopping in front of a door on the third floor, "I'll let you in so long as you promise you won't try anything." He said, throwing the blond a glare before pressing his ear to his door, listening intently to see if he could pick up any sounds from his roommate.

Now, this might seem like a strange thing to do, but he had no desire to walk in on his roommate with his current fuck buddy in the middle of some not so innocent things, then being asked by the very same roommate if he wanted to join in said activities.

Roxas raised his hands in surrender, "Fine. I won't try anything funny." Of course he was lying, and his fangs were poking into his bottom lip and drawing tiny bits of blood which wasn't anywhere near enough to satisfy the appetite he had currently worked up. He wanted the blood of another. He wanted Sora's blood and no other's would suffice.

Grinning upon hearing nothing on the other side of the door, the brunet slipped the key card into the slot. He glanced over his shoulder at the other, "You'd better not..." He said before pushing his door open, leaving it open for Roxas to come in.

Deciding not to question the brunet's strange habit of listening into his own dorm room, Roxas followed the boy inside, arms crossed over his chest. His stomach began to growl out in protest from it's lack of substance. If he continued to draw things out, if would only growl louder and louder, which would result in eventual embarrassment. 'Just a few minutes longer...' He told himself.

Sora hobbled into his small dorm room, setting his things down on a small table before hopping over to a bed that Roxas assumed was his, "I'm shocked he isn't here screwing someone's brains out..." He muttered to himself, making an attempt at pulling the shoe off of his twisted ankle, cringing slightly as he did so.

Roxas blinked, arching an eyebrow as he walked over to the brunet, sitting in the computer chair that sat in front of a computer desk that was between the two twin sized beds, "What do you mean by that?" he asked, turning the chair to face Sora, "Let me." he said after a moment of watching Sora struggle with removing his shoe and sock from his injured ankle, reaching for said ankle.

Sora looked up at the blond as his ankle was grabbed, immediate sensation shot up his spine, "Cold!" He gasped, leaning over to grab Roxas' hands, "Why are your hands so cold?" He asked, looking at the other before heaving a sigh, leaning back against his bed, "My roommate has no self respect or decency and loves to fuck a different person in his bed every weekend without forewarning me so I can find another place to stay the night."

"Talk about crossing boundaries and disrespecting you." Roxas replied, shaking his head as he pulled the shoe the rest of the way off, taking care not to cause Sora anymore pain than he had to.

"Tell me about it." Sora said, rolling his eyes as he watched Roxas pull his sock off, hissing at the blond's cold fingers on his skin, "Seriously, your fingers are as cold as death!" He said, frowning lightly.

Roxas gave a shrug, "It's cold outside." He answered, absently rubbing the boy's ankle as he spoke. Really, it was to dull the pain at least...that's what he told himself.

Sora gave a sigh, "That feels good." He murmured lightly, closing his eyes for a moment, "My roommate even tried to talk me know..." He said opening a single blue eye as a light blush appeared on his face.

Roxas blinked, looking up at the brunet, "What? Having sex?" He questioned, setting the boy's foot on his lap, "What, are you a virgin or something?" He asked, barely able to keep the smirk off his face at the thought of the delicious virgin sitting across from him.

"Apparently the only one in this damn school." Sora said with a huff, "And, I'm sorry, but I'm proud of the fact that I'm the only one. It's nice to be something that everyone else isn't."

If that didn't make Roxas' stomach growl all the more, and something else twitch. Virgins were always the best prey. So much to take from them...their blood, their will, their life...their virginity. All the more reason for Roxas to pursue Sora.

"You don't have to do all this." Sora said after a moment, "You barely know me...and you've already helped me to my room, I'm capable of cleaning my self up."

"It's my fault you fell, the least I can do is treat your scratches and cuts." Roxas said, setting Sora's ankle down gently, "If you'll tell me where the first aid kit is, I'll wrap your ankle and clean up your knees."

Sora nodded towards the bathroom, pulling his leg onto the bed where he continued to rub his own ankle, "In the bathroom in the medicine cabinet." He said after a moment, watching Roxas walk into his bathroom to retrieve the first aid kit.

Roxas was careful to close the door behind him so Sora wouldn't catch his reflection, or there lack of, in the mirror. Because that'd ruin his entire plan of seducing the boy and taking his virginity and blood.

Roxas returned back to Sora after a moment, scooping up the boys foot once again and placing it in his lap to wrap it, "You don't have to worry about the cuts and scrapes." The brunet said lightly, watching the other boy wrap his injured foot.

Roxas shrugged, finishing with the brunet's foot, "It's no problem. It is my fault, after all." He said, taking a cotton ball and wetting it with alcohol to clean the boy's busted lip.

"I know, but-" Sora began, but was unable to finish when Roxas pressed the wet cotton ball to his lip, cleaning the dried blood off, "You hardly know me." He finished when Roxas pulled the cotton ball away, throwing it in the small trash bin next to the bed.

Sora ran his tongue over his bottom lip, cringing at the bitter taste of the alcohol that was left behind, before he turned to glance at his alarm clock to check the time, "Shit!" He squeaked, it was almost two in the morning and Sora had to be up at five to get ready for his first class, "You can leave if you want." He said, glancing back at Roxas, ignoring the intense feeling of wanting the other to stay because that was just...weird.

"...You can trust that you haven't seen the last of me..." Roxas replied, slipping his fingers under the boy's chin to turn his head to face his own. Their eyes locked. Something came over Roxas, and he just couldn't help it. It was like his body took over and told his brain to fuck off. He leaned forward, closer to the boy caught in his gaze before pressing his lips against the other's. Knowing he shouldn't have felt...well, it felt right.

Sora's ocean blue eyes widened in shock at the sudden kiss. Yeah, yet another thing to add to the list of things he didn't normally do with strangers but seemed to do with this blond haired boy he had only just met tonight.

But, what shocked him even more than being kissed, it that he actually started to kiss back! Almost in a desperate fashion even, like if he let go, the blond haired boy would never come back.

Well, that certainly wasn't the reaction Roxas had expected for his unexpected action. But, boy did Roxas feel a little more at ease...which, might not have been a good thing. He pressed harder against the boy, his tongue coming out to brush along the boy's bottom lip, more specifically the clotting wound he had on his lip, barely able to hold back a moan at the small amount of the boy's blood he got. But, it wasn't enough. He he needed more.

Sora hesitantly grasped the collar of the blond's jacket, pulling him closer as he open his mouth to Roxas' searching tongue.

Roxas was so consumed with the need to taste more of the sinfully sweet blood that he couldn't help but to nip Sora's lower lip. Effectively opening the wound back up with a new flow of blood that he immediately sucked into his mouth, lip and all.

That's what snapped Sora out of his daze, pushing away from Roxas. His eyes wide and his hand coming over his lip, "You bit me..." He whispered, staring at Roxas.

The blond heaved a sigh, running his tongue along the length of one of his bloodied fangs, in full view of Sora. Might as well let him know...since he already bit him, "Sorry." He replied, breaking the intense eye contact they shared.

"Y-you''re a v-vampire!" Sora said, fear flooding his veins as he pushed himself farther away from the blond, "Are you going to-"

"You got lucky tonight..." Roxas replied quickly, "Very lucky, Sora."

His body was screaming at him to finish the job and feed on the boy...but something ...was preventing him from accomplishing what he had originally set out to do that night. He couldn't bring himself to bring death upon this boy. And, he wasn't sure why. And it pissed him off. Looks like he'd have to pay a visit to Naminé later tonight.

"You mean you were!" Sora said as his hand fell away from his mouth, his voice still high pitched and laced with fear and it hurt Roxas (for some reason) to hear the boy's voice like that. The blond leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to the boy's lips, "Yes, I was..." He replied, "Just know that there are worse things out there than me." He pulled away and stood.

Sora panted softly, looking up at the blond, "I think you should go." He said quickly, his voice still shaky...but, the kiss seemed to calm him for some reason that was unknown to him, "B-but, I want to see you again."

"...Fine." Roxas stated, walking to the door, but his feet were heavy as he moved, "You'll see me again." He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay. If he stayed, he'd have more time to try to get over these feelings and feed on the boy...and maybe, just maybe find out what in the hell was so intriguing about the brunet before him.

Sora felt almost empty as he watched the blond walk to the door, "Wait!" He said, "Tell me your name before you go...please."

Roxas was never one to believe in love at first sight, even when he was a human. This wasn't love, he was sure of it. It was nostalgia and confusion at first sight. But, there was something relaxing about. Something that warmed Roxas to the core.

"Roxas." He replied before walking out of the dorm, closing the door behind him softly.

A heavy sigh escaped Sora's lips as he stared at the door a moment or two longer. His eyes drifted over to his alarm clock again, "Damnit!" He cried, falling back against his bed. It was three am. Today was already shaping up to be a great day! Hint the sarcasm.