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When Aang and Sokka returned to camp, they saw that Katara and Toph had gotten dressed up. Katara had made some minor adjustments to Toph's outfit so that it looked a little more formal, and fixed Toph's hair up differently. It's style was similar to Katara's, except Toph had bangs hanging in her jade colored eyes.

Sokka stood there with his mouth open until Aang elbowed him. "Ahem." He cleared his throat nervously. "I'm uh. I'm gonna go get ready." Then he whispered to Aang, "Flowers." He walked a few steps toward his tent, then dashed inside of it.

There was a lot of ruffling noises and Katara and Aang turned to Toph to see that she was laughing. "I don't even want to know." Aang fearfully gave one last look at Sokka's tent before leaving for his own. "I'll be out in a few seconds." He promised Katara.

Katara used this opportunity to walk over to their water bowl, and study her reflection. She smoothed down her hair, then turned to Toph. "Ack! I'm so nervous. A date. With Aang." She began to pace back and forth, while Toph sat down with a smirk.

"Sweetness, it's obvious that you're nervous. Your heartbeat is like twice the usual rate. Seriously, calm down. I won't be able to tell if something's wrong with you at this rate." She chuckled to herself.

"You're right, Toph. I should stop worrying. It'll be fine." She stopped pacing and played with her hair.

"I'm ready." Sokka strutted out of the tent.

"Uhm. Snoozles…why do you smell?" Toph covered her nose with disgust.

Sokka looked crestfallen. "Y-you think I smell bad?" He asked, trying to disguise his sadness.

"Yeah. Didn't I just say that?" Toph said dryly. "Anyways. Can Aang hurry up? I want this over with." She sighed. "Twinkle Toes, hurry up."

"I'm done!" Aang walked out of the tent and took Katara's hand. She blushed a deep shade of crimson. Sokka gave Aang a 'Don't-you-try-anything-with-my-sister' look. Aang smiled sheepishly, and led Katara on a path through the woods.

Sokka, blushing, took Toph's hand. "Umm Snoozles? You know I can "see", right?" Toph asked, confused.

"Yeah. I know." Sokka replied.

"So, uh, Aang." Katara began. "Where are we going for dinner? Who's Sokka's date? Is she nice?"

Aang gulped. "We're going to The Spicy Salsa. And uh, Sokka's date, is a little rough around the edges… She's nice. Tough, but nice." Katara gave Aang a weird look before he pointed off into the distance. "We're here."

Sokka stood next to Aang, and elbowed him. "Er, Aang. Where's my date?" Sokka looked around nervously as he tugged at his clothes. Toph came up to Aang and asked the same question.

"Uh, I guess they're not here. Why don't you two go together. Have fun." Aang said quickly. He then pushed Toph and Sokka together, and ran inside, dragging Katara behind him.

Sokka coughed. "Sooo." He mumbled, trying to start a conversation.

"Snoozles, can't you tell? We've been set up by Twinkletoes the whole time." She groaned. "How didn't I see this coming?" She groaned and face palmed herself.

"So, we're on a…" Sokka felt a lump rise in his throat. "Date?" He asked nervously, scratching the back of his head.

Toph looked away, trying to conceal her light blush. "I guess so." She kept her back to him.

Sokka walked in front of Toph and bowed. "May I escort you to your table?" He jokingly asked as he extended a hand to her.

"Sure. Like I need help getting to my table." She walked a few steps before turning back towards Sokka. "Snoozles, are ya coming?"

"Yep." Sokka ran and linked his arm with Toph's. "Table for two." He told the waiter, who looked down his nose disdainfully at Sokka.

"Party's name…?" He said in his nasally voice, continuing to glare at Sokka.

"Fire." Toph spoke in a regal manner.

"I'm Wane Fire." Sokka got a elbow in the ribs from Toph at his comment.

The waiter paused, flipping through his reservation book.

"Well if you don't have my family's name…" She slipped a small sack of money into his hand.

He let out a small "Oh" of surprise as he weighed the sack in his hands. He cleared his throat. "I shall seat you right away madam." He took Toph's hand and led her to a table for two. "The waiter will be over momentarily."

Sokka picked up the menu, casually flipping through it. "So, uh." He looked nervously at Toph. "Whatcha' gonna get?" He asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Are you seriously that stupid?" She asked, clearly annoyed. "I'm blind." Sokka groaned.

"Uh, I'll order for us. TurkeyChicken sound all right to you?"

Toph shrugged. "Sure." She gave Sokka a raised eyebrow. "As long as I order the drinks."

Sokka nodded. "Sounds fair." He leaned back in his chair, and put his hands behind his head. Toph promptly Earthbended the chair so it was back to normal.

"You sit like that, and we're out of here." She rolled her eyes. "Here's the waiter now."

As if on cue, the waiter strolled over. "How may I help you?"

Toph beckoned the waiter closer, and he whispered in his ear. Sokka gave him a worried look. The waiter gave Toph a nod before scurrying off into the kitchen. Sokka shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

"Stop squirming, Snoozles. It's not a poison." Toph joked sarcastically, but it only made Sokka squirm more. The waiter returned in a few moments, with two nice looking glasses full of some clear looking liquid.

"Bottoms up." Toph grinned, and downed her drink in one breath. Sokka took a sip and swished it around in his mouth before he swallowed. His eyes opened wide before chugging the remnants of the drink down. He hiccupped. A fuzzy feeling spread throughout his body, and he shivered.

"So, uh, Toph." The room started to spin a little. "What," he hiccupped. "What was the drink?" He clutched onto the table as he began to sway in his chair.

Toph smiled innocently with a small hiccup before saying, "Cactus juice."

Sokka's eyes widened.

"Bu-why?" His speech was starting to suffer from the drink. Toph's eyes looked glassier than normal.

"I s'pose it's 'cause it uh looked fun in the d'sert." Toph swayed dangerously and toppled out of her chair. She giggled. Sokka smiled and held out a hand. "Thank you sir." She slurred all three words together. She blushed and took his hand.

"No problem miss." He kept one hand on the table, keeping him up. "Just how much juice was there?" He blinked at Toph, who looked like she was swirling around. "You 'kay?" He asked her.

Toph shrugged. "Guessso." She hiccupped. "Waiter!" She waved her hand wildly, and he came rushing over. She cast a devious look at Sokka before she spoke.


Aang and Katara were seated in a small, cozy booth. "What do you want?" He peeked over his menu at Katara, who was thinking the same thing. Their eyes met, and both blushed.

"Uh…" Katara nervously flipped through the menu. "What?! They serve cactus juice here? Oh no. Sokka-"

Aang cut her off. "He'll be fine. He has Toph." They both exchanged a mutual worried look. "We should go check on them." Aang ducked under the table.

Katara lifted the tablecloth. "Aang, what are you doing?"

He flashed her a childish grin. "Being a spy. Come on." He grabbed her hand and pulled her under the table. She giggled, and went down to her knees. He leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Follow me." He turned away from her and crawled under the table cloth and out into the room.

Katara put a hand to where Aang kissed her, and blushed.

Aang popped his head back under the table. "You coming?" He asked and then as quickly as his head appeared, it was gone. Katara smiled, and crawled out from under the table.

From Aang and Katara's point of view, it seemed like everything had tripled in size. "Aang, what if we get in trouble?" Katara asked, worried.

"Don't worry. Me and Bumi did stuff like this all the time when we were little." Aang looked back and smiled reassuringly at Katara.

She sighed. "You and Bumi. That's reassuring." She muttered to herself, as she trailed behind Aang.

"I see them!" Aang crawled forward, nimbly dodging waiters.

"Sorry, sorry." Katara mumbled to the waiters as they tripped over her. One was holding a plate of food, and it splashed over the customers, a sour looking elderly couple. Katara winced.

Aang dived under a table near Toph and Sokka's. Katara bit her lip, then followed suit. "Sokka." Aang tugged on Sokka's pants.

"Ah hah!" Katara and Aang were pulled out from under the table. Aang gulped and smiled sheepishly.

"I can explain!" Katara looked up pleadingly at the man. He raised an eyebrow then nodded. "Uh. I dropped uh, my purse! And he-" She gestured towards Aang who nodded up at the man "was helping me look for it."

"OUT!" Aang and Katara were roughly thrown out the door and onto the pavement. Katara groaned and picked herself up, while Aang simply air bended himself into a standing position.

"At least we didn't have to pay for the food." Aang laughed.

"Aang, we only had waters." Katara crossed her arms. "And Toph and Sokka are in there, probably drinking cactus juice." She walked over to a nearby tree and slumped down. "We're doomed."


"Let's go outside." Toph suggested with a small hiccup. Sokka linked arms with her, and they staggered out the door, and onto a small porch. The moon's gentle glow illuminated Toph's face.

"Wow." He breathed.

Toph crossed her arms. "Whussat?"

"You're pretty tonight." Sokka began to sound less and less tipsy as he spoke.

"Uh huh." Toph "looked" off into the moon. "I didn't mean it." She swayed lightly.

"What didn't you mean?" Sokka asked, placing his arms on Toph's shoulders to steady her. She took a deep breath.

"I didn't mean it. You smell good." She hiccupped. "I like it." Toph leaned back and put her head on Sokka's chest. He turned her around, and lightly brushed his lips against hers.

She looked shocked. "Whuts dat all 'bout?" She asked, giving him a hug. "Cactus juice…?" Her knees shook a little bit as she began to cry, praying he liked her too.

Sokka grinned smugly. "Nope."


A breeze whipped through the trees, sending a shiver down Aang's spine. "You cold?" Katara looked over at him, and gave him a hug.

"Uh Katara…?" He asked, as a blush crept up on his face.

Just then, an uproarious laughter met their ears. "Sokka?!" Katara jumped up, leaving Aang confused, on the ground. She took note of the way Toph staggered out of the restaurant, clinging to Sokka's arm. "Cactus juice?! You ordered cactus juice?!" Katara said cactus juice as if it were a disgusting vile thing, which in her mind, it was.

"Nope. I'was me." Toph waved her hand in the air. "Sokka's fine."

Sokka laughed and doubled over. "You two got kicked out." He pointed at them. "That's rich! What did'ja do? Cuddle so much the staff got sick?"

"No." Katara said defensively. "We were spying." Sokka was quiet for a moment.

"Where's Aang?" Sokka looked around. The air bender returned as if on cue.

"Here." He stuck a bouquet of flowers in Katara's face.

"Aang, are those Swamp Roses?" Katara's eyes got wide. Aang glanced down at the flowers.

"Yeah, why?"

"I'm allergic! Get them away!" Aang dropped them like they were something suddenly revolting.

Sokka face palmed. I guess advice won't work on that kid.


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