Title: Session

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M, cuz it's going to be the first time I'll be using curse words so much. And there will be smut later on…hehehehe…

Pairing: Ichigo x Shirosaki

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Summary: Poor Shirosaki has to stay after school for some 'forced' tutoring for his grades but who knew he'd get a hot student for it. Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

N/A: My computer just doesn't want to work with me today. It hasn't been helping me in the spelling and keeps fixing Shirosaki's accent, it's really annoying. And I've been taking major-must-pass-or-get-kicked-back-in-grade tests (three in total, each 3 hours long) left and right. Tomorrow I've got that SAT test too, must pass or else. ARGGHHH!!

Chapter 1

Shirosaki grumbled loudly, wandering over to his destination. Damn pre-calculus. Why'd it have to be so hard and frustrating all the time? Couldn't the teachers make it simple and easy for once? And the large load of homework they gave them wasn't helping at all. It only made things worse and tiring which doesn't lead to decent results. So he had an 'F' in the class, woo-wee doo, big deal. Who cares, really? He didn't nor did his friends and everyone else around him so who really? Well, the school did and so does his guardian, Zangetsu, who seemed quite enraged at him for having this atrocious grade and decided to take matters into his own hand (getting grounded and banned which wasn't good in Shirosaki's opinion).

He seriously wished that he could build a time machine (though he knew that could never happen) and kill whoever the bastard was that invented this crap. It's a pain in the ass. Shirosaki grumbled, walking down the empty hallway of this load of crap school, almost tempted to kick the metal lockers to get rid of his bottled up irritation. His friends had even started laughing at him at his stupidity of actually going for the tutoring (not for the horrible grades, they're really weird). Most people don't bother showing up and just fail for the hell of it. But nooo!! He, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to do that. Damn his bloody guardian. He swears that one day he'll get him back for all the shit he's been forced through.

Slamming open the door to the tortur- he meant, tutoring room, he glanced in angrily, narrowing his golden eyes. There were a few people inside, a couple of them glanced up at him instantly, startled by the crash then twisted away. His black nailed fingers drummed the wall impatiently, not sure on what to do. He had never come here before so how was he supposed to know?! They should put up a god-damn sign for the newcomers!

A teacher that was in the room, stood up from the small group of students she was helping. The woman was throwing a bitter glare at the white haired teenager for disturbing everyone but was clearly ignored. The threat was crumbled up and tossed into the trash, unable to faze him and his stubborn nature. She motioned Shirosaki over, reaching over to grab a sheet of paper that was clipped on a board.

"Name, please." She was stressing the 'please', he noted that, watching her run a finger over the list.

"Shirosaki." He stated plainly with a grumpy attitude, not interested in what the hell was going on. He wondered if he could get out of this by settling the room on fire or maybe killing the teacher before this thing could start. That sounded like a nice idea. But then his guardian came into his mind. Damn him!

"Ah yes. Here you are." The teacher snorted, her obvious ugly fat finger stopped on the billboard then went to the side. She said in an astringent tone that made the albino deride hatefully. "You'll be having Ichigo Kurosaki as your helper from now on or until noted otherwise or until your guardian says it can stop."

"That depends on how long this place will be standing afterwards." Shirosaki smirked, his smile lines going up with his eyes twinkling dangerously.

The teacher winced, taking the hint and kept an attentive gaze on him. "Ichigo should be over there." The woman pointed to the side where an orange haired teenager was sitting by himself with a text book opened in front of him.

The albino snorted, glancing over to the guy, he was hot looking, he'll admit that and extremely toned muscle. But he could tell even from here that the guy was forced to come here by the looks of the face, the permanent scowl on the lips and that this 'Ichigo' guy was really smart, one of those that people could watch but never touch. He licked his lips; perhaps this wouldn't be as bad as he thought. Burning the building could always come later or when he felt like it. Strolling over to Ichigo, he towered down at him, examining the other a little more before stating a "Yo".

The orange haired teen glanced up with an eyebrow raised, pausing in his page flipping and meet the golden ones. "…Yeah?"

The albino went to the side, taking the empty seat next to the guy. He grumbled, slapping his books bag on the ground. "You're Ichigo, right? Th' one that's suppose t' help me?"

"You're Shirosaki?" Ichigo asked with the same intensity as the other, closing the text book.

"That's right, now help me." Shirosaki slapped his pre-cal folder and notes along with some unfinished crap/homework on the table. The papers scattered along the flat surface, interrupting everyone else's concentration. He gave a victorious grin and was tempted to give them the middle finger to piss them off further. How he loved to make people angry, it was just so much fun. The people sent glares his way, silently commanding him to 'shut the fuck up'. Shirosaki ignored it, running a pale hand through his silky white hair, smoothing it out. Ichigo twitched his nose in annoyance, reaching out to grab the dispersed papers, trying helplessly to get everything back in order. His orange pools scanned over the material quickly especially over the graded ones, disregarding the other. He came up to a quiz paper or two of them, that hadn't been taken too long ago, and raised another eyebrow really high, glancing at his trouble maker.

"Are you this bad?" Ichigo shoved the two sheets in the albino's face. Each one was covered in red ink, scratched out and marked all over. It was almost impossible to tell where the white was, if there was any. Most of the corrections were done by the teacher who was trying to explain how to understand and work these problems but by the looks of it, Ichgio himself was trying to decipher this chicken scratch, literally. He couldn't tell if that supposedly letters was a 'two' or a 'one' or some other random word and squinted his eyes to see if he could make it out. Nothing came to mind, who the hell writes like this anymore? "Who's your teacher, for god's sake?!"

"Urahara, the nut-case, why?" Shirosaki gazed over the shoulder to his own papers and saw the mess. How bad they were, even he didn't want to look at them again, it was just that appalling. "Oh, that."

"No wonder you're failing. Even I can't understand this…handwriting." He paused unsure what to say. "Luckily, I know the answer for them since I took the same quiz." Ichigo took one of the spiral notebooks that had been sprawled along the table and opened it. "Alright, if I'm right, you'll be having a test over this stuff by the end of the week, right?"

"Yeah." The albino grabbed his pen, gripping his spiral when it was pushed over to him. It was Monday and that meant he only had a few days to get some sense from this blasted material. Not enough time but, of course, Zangetsu didn't care about that. Shirosaki really wanted to drive the man over with something or at least stomp those irritating sunglasses.

"Okay then, we'll start off with these first. Usually the tests are the same as the quiz but with different numbers and a little mixed up." Ichigo pointed to a problem. "Now try doing this one and let's see just how bad you really are."

Shirosaki couldn't stop the grimace that spread across his face. He didn't want to work, that's wasn't the whole point he had came here for in the first place. Instead it'd be nice if he could just watch and get this over with.

Oh wait.

He sighed in despair; he had to go for tutoring until he could bring that so called 'F' to a 'B' or at least a high 'C'. A snort came from his nose, it was impossible. He just couldn't see himself getting a grade like that. If one day he got an 'A', Shirosaki bet that his guardian would die of a heart attack. That would be the day. But then the albino groaned to himself afterwards.

He was doomed.

It was still unattainable to make such a high grade as that.


Shirosaki glanced to the side, taking Ichigo's looks in. Well, if he was going to suffer, at least, he could have a handsome man beside him. He snickered in amusement at the thoughts, beginning on the frustrating problem.

Ichigo could only eye him suspiciously from the corner.

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