Title: Session

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M

Pairing: Ichigo x Shirosaki, others may appear later on

Disclaimer: don't own Bleach

Summary: Poor Shirosaki has to stay after school for some 'forced' tutoring for his grades but who knew he'd get a hot student for it. Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

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Chapter 10

"Shiro." Ichigo called out, opening the door to the roof and spotted the said teen at the side, staring down at the people in the courtyard. Shirosaki's two friends were sitting by themselves while Ichigo's were on the other side. So far, no one has found out about their relationship, though the albino had a sneaky feeling that his own friendswere slowly figuring it out. He chuckled at the thought and turned to his lover with a grin, standing up while waving halfheartedly.

"Yo! Ichigo!" He went closer, putting his hands in his pockets. The wind blew by, fluttering through their short hair and tossing a few of the leaves from the trees below around. The orange-haired teen remained where he was at, closing the door behind him. As he was doing that, he felt two strong arms wrap along his waist and was tugged back into Shirosaki's chest. He could feel the warmth radiating off the other and it was comforting. The carrot-top smiled sincerely, shifting around to crush their lips together for a heated kiss.

The albino pushed Ichigo around to the other side and slammed him into the wall, pushing him up. His hands traveled under the clothes, making the younger teen's breath hitch. Their tongues tangled together, both moaning softly while Ichigo wrapped his arms around the other's neck, pulling him closer. Shirosaki shoved harder, making their entire bodies touch and yanked up the orange-haired teen's shirt to get a better view. He leaned back to gaze over his prey, licking his lips in anticipation.

"You really are a beauty, you know. Its no wonder you have so many fans." Shirosaki leered, running his right hand through the silky orange locks. He shifted closer to get a good whiff of the hair and buried his face into the crook of Ichigo's neck. The orange-haired teen collapsed under the weight, now sitting down on the cement ground with his legs spread apart, his lover in-between. His face was deep red, practically burning as he wrapped his arms back around Shirosaki's chest, pushing the other closer. He could fell the warm breath tickling on his skin and sighed in bliss.

It has already been a month from that Friday test and everything couldn't get any better. Zangetsu had let Shirosaki off for making the needed grade and even allowed him to have the choice of staying for more tutoring or leaving. In the end, he chose to stay and hang out with Ichigo (coughmakeoutcough and they had plenty of it). The bruise on his back had already disappeared but the visits to the clinic didn't stop. Shirosaki would skip class every so often and head to the doctor's office to hang out. Most of the time, Ichigo would be close behind and well…what happens next is a secret. Today, however, they decided to meet up at the rooftop during lunch, away from everyone else and to just have some time alone.

"I always liked coming up here. Actually, I always did when I first came to this school but when my friends wanted to eat below, I had no choice." Ichigo mumbled, burying his face into the soft locks.

"Well then, let's make this our place. No one really comes up here anyway since they don't want to bring their trash all the way back down." Shirosaki responded, smiling peacefully though he was hidden from view.

"That's true. And we do get a good view of everything. The town looks so nice from here." The height allowed them to see the entire city, the bright sun shining onto it from above. It was a beautiful sighting and the leaves from the trees below that flew up added some kind of lovely touch to it. The scent of the air was crisp and the breeze just felt great. Everything was quiet; the only sounds were the ones below in the courtyard but that all seemed drowned out.

"Everything in one package, huh?" Shirosaki chuckled, his body vibrating against the other's. He nuzzled deeper into the warmth, finding it comfortable. Their bags were at the side, scattered across the cement floor but were hidden out of view if someone really did come up. His nose caught the scent of strawberries on Ichigo and licked the skin tenderly to taste. The orange-haired teen shivered at the wet tongue, jumping slightly with his face darkening in color.


"You really do taste good. Almost enough that I want to eat you." He leaned up to capture the lips, this time lightly so not to give anything away about their relationship. It wouldn't do well if both of their lips were bruised and red. Ichigo responded back quickly, closing his eyes at the touch. It was wonderful, the clear flavor was so pleasant and he craved for more of it. Shirosaki chuckled into the kiss and parted, licking his lips again while his hands traveled down the bare chest. They came up to the pants and slowly unzipped them.

Ichigo reacted quickly to this. "H-Hey! Wait!"

"Hmm?" The albino hummed, glancing up at his boyfriend's face. "What? Is something wrong?"

"We're not… going to do it here, are we?"

"Not entirely." The older teen blurted out.

Ichigo didn't like the tone he was getting. "And what do you mean by that?"

Shirosaki just grinned, spreading the legs further apart and pulled out the orange-haired teen's manhood. His cold white fingers ran over the sensitive flesh, sending shivers down his lover's spine. Ichigo's breath hitched again, biting down on his bottom lip to hold back the moan that was crawling up his throat. He watched as his lover leaned down, getting onto his stomach while hold his erection close to the lips. His face turned away when he felt Shirosaki's hot tongue flicker over his tip.

"S-Shiroo…stop…" Ichigo muttered, his hands reaching down to the albino's shoulders, trying to fight back. The other didn't listen and closed his mouth over the member, sucking on it hard. He skillfully used his tongue around the flesh, causing Ichigo to groan sweetly at the pleasure he was receiving. Shirosaki worked his way around, touching every spot, making sure that nothing was left. A little of pre-cum slipped into his mouth and he quickly swallowed the sour tasting fluid. His fingers wrapped around the bottom part of the member, giving himself a grip as he bobbed his head up and down. He felt the fingers on his shoulders shift, grasping into his hair and grabbed a fistful of it. Shirosaki winced at the pull, feeling like his hair was about to get ripped out. He ignored it and continued on, squeezing his eyes shut to help him concentrate, only opening them to observe Ichigo's cute expression, the one lost in pleasure and with those brown eyes clouded over with lust and desire. Another loud and heavy moan ripped through the orange-haired teen's mouth, bending over.

Ichigo pushed the albino deeper, almost chocking him if Shirosaki hadn't placed his hand below as a caution. A little bit of drool was dripping down the side of his cheek, making its way to the chin. He widened his legs a little more, shuddering as he felt himself reaching his limit. A cold chill of wind blew by, beating against his burning and wet flesh, droplets of sweat dripping. He felt his pants slip further, exposing him fully. Finally, he came, arching his back, flipping his head and let out a cry. Shirosaki made a small sound as he felt the grip in his hair tighten painfully and as his mouth became full. He swallowed quickly, however, some of the cum escaped, gliding to his chin to fall off. It made a splat on the concrete floor, the white obvious to the gray color. Ichigo took a deep breath, his heart pounding away in his chest, he felt like he had run a marathon and still was. He gradually retracted back his hands, slanting against the wall and closed his eyes, resting. The albino chuckled at the appearance, wiping his mouth clean and sat up, folding his legs in an Indian-style. He inclined forward, cupping Ichigo's chin and licked the salvia off before claiming another kiss. Ichigo responded tiredly, setting one hand on the other's shoulder to help himself remain up.

When they pulled back for air, Shirosaki was first to speak. "My, my. Would you look at yourself? Just how are you going to face everyone now?"

"Y…you…" Ichigo sneered; pushing away a bang that had fallen into his right eye. He could feel that his hair was sticky and wet and smoothed it back to its original position. "You did this on purpose…"

Shirosaki just grinned, helping in zipping up his lover's pants. "And why not? You're so cute when you're all red and moaning." His face nearer the other's. "It turns me on."

Ichigo growled and with a sudden energy, lifted Shirosaki up by the collar. He wanted more pleasure and he was going to get it, one way or another. He dragged the albino with him into the building, down the stairs and onwards (completely forgetting about their bags). "Well, since we've already done it this far, why not all the way?"

"Oh?" Shirosaki grinned, liking this new attitude. He watched as they passed familiar hallways, making their way to the one spot they always went to. "You really want me that badly? Alright then, you're on."

And then they opened the door to the clinic.


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