Author's Notes: Yeah. Another lame story. I'm too lazy to explain why I write these things. Oh yeah, and the beginning part is the first level of Perfect Dark 64. It was kinda hard to explain every detail so just bear with me plz. Also, this story is based on the game for the Nintendo 64, so don't give me reviews about how Jonathan's new last name is Steinberg or whatever.

The sounds of sirens and hovercars filled the air as Troy Henderson dropped from a cloaked stealth ship and landed silently on the helipad of the dataDyne building. As he rose from his crouch, silenced Falcon 2 in hand, he held it at shoulder height with the barrel pointed to the sky with his arm in close to his body. He looked over the edge and saw a lone guard patrolling and a camera on a corner that scanned the area. He waited and watched to see where the guard would go to, and when the guard walked through a grated door, Troy leaped off of the helipad and rolled behind the wall bordering the one with the camera. He stood up and flattened his back against the wall and waited for the guard. When the waiting was over and he could hear the guard's footsteps, he unarmed himself as he turned the corner, grabbed the guard by the arm and flung him into the railing at the edge of the building, making his CMP150 machine gun fall from his hand and to the floor. Catching himself before he fell off the building, the guard pushed off of the railing and tried to take a swing at Troy. Troy dodged quickly and caught the guard's fist. When the guard tried to punch with his left hand, Troy caught that one as well and kicked him in the chest. The guard again was thrown against the railing as Troy charged him, lifted his feet off of the ground, and threw him into a steel box, knocking him unconscious.

Troy grabbed his Falcon 2 from it's holster and the guard's CMP150. As the camera turned to him, he shot it through the lens. He then proceeded through the grated door and came to another wall that, on the other side, was a guard. Troy looked off from the wall he flattened himself against, and saw another camera. As it turned to him, he shot it through the lens; the guard noticed, and peeked around the wall to be smacked upside the head by Troy's pistol and being shot twice through the chest. The guard collapsed against the railing that bordered the landing, with a lower ground about a foot below it. Troy walked down the ramp but caught himself as he spotted another camera hidden behind something that looked like an arch that jutted out from the wall. He didn't shoot it, instead he carefully went around its gaze. He walked down another ramp and was now on a floor that had a computer terminal to his left along with a suspicious looking cylindrical wall; to his right was a fan behind a grating and three lights with a light switch to its right.

Troy jerked his head to the right as he heard the creak of a door open and saw another guard walk through it. The guard noticed him, but not before Troy shot him in the neck. The guard gagged as Troy proceeded to the terminal and placed an ECM Mine, a boomerang-shaped mine that jammed communications, on the terminal. That took care of jamming the internal comms hub. Now he just had to put one more for the external communications hub. He proceeded through the door, went down the many ramps, and opened a door that led to inside the building. He subdued the unsuspecting guard. He saw the tall double-doors that led to Cassandra's office. His objective was to subdue Cassandra and take her keycode necklace. Simple enough.

He knocked out another guard that had his back to him and pressed the door open button. He heard a click and rushed to the door. He opened it and Cassandra said, "Who are you and what are you--" she was cut off as Troy smacked her in the face with his Falcon 2. A lady next to her put her hands up and said, "Look out! He's got a--" she was also cut off as Troy knocked her out as well. Troy took the necklace and then, as he was about to leave the office, he heard an alarm sound and frantically looked around. The woman he smacked had hit the alarm at the desk. Troy swore under his breath as he rushed to the door and blockaded it with Cassandra's desk, trying to turn off the alarm as he did so. He heard a bang on the door and retreated back. Not knowing what to do, he pulled out a grenade and threw it at a wall. He grabbed the unconscious Cassandra and pulled her under one of the six symmetrical pillars supporting her office. He heard an explosion and peeked around the corner of the pillar to see a convenient hole in the wall. He ran across the room and into it to find himself engulfed in darkness. He then looked around. Dim light shone in through a grating which, for some reason, had cheese on the other side of it.

With no sense of where he was, he felt around until he found a ladder, and climbed up, leaving Cassandra on the ground. He found himself at a dead end, but then got an idea. He dropped down and dragged Cassandra away to a safe distance. He pulled the pin of another grenade, waited two seconds, and threw it up. He made a mad dash to a safe distance as there was another explosion. He climbed upwards to find that he was in the same place that he had placed the ECM Mine. Guards were swarming in through the door across from where he stood, armed with CMP150s and DY357 magnums. Troy shot a few and ran as fast as he could with Cassandra being dragged along. He made it up the ramp, dodging fire and returning fire, until he made it back to the helipad. He stood there, cornered, with his still silenced Falcon 2 pointing at the head of a slumped Cassandra. The guards made their way up and crouched, holding fire. Then, among the masked guards with magnums, came one that didn't crouch. Instead he stood in front of Troy and removed his mask. It was revealed that he was none other than Jonathan Dark. Troy obviously wasn't shocked, as his grip only tightened as he dug the end of the barrel farther into the back of Cassandra's head. Jonathan spoke.

"Well, hate to break it to you, but looks like you failed. You should really know who you can trust: no one."

"Maybe you should do the same." Troy responded as a shock trooper gave him a signal and clipped a grenade on to Jonathan's belt. He then leaped off of the helipad and shot a few of the shock troopers while Troy shoved Cassandra at Jonathan and also leaped off of the helipad and on to the lower portion of the dataDyne rooftop. His comrade landed beside him and pulled off his mask to reveal Daniel, his friend. They covered their faces as they both heard the explosion. Daniel searched the scene while Troy examined the necklace. Suddenly, there was a very loud voice on an intercom: "Simulation terminated. All personal please leave the Simulation Room except for the following," there was a pause, "Troy Henderson, Daniel Meyer. Names stated please report to Agent Jonathan Dark." Then, the world faded back to the black grid of the Combat Simulator room. Their guns faded away as well as the necklace. Jonathan had apparently pulled the plug. Troy was quite annoyed as Daniel tried to sneak out of the Combat Simulator room. He was grabbed by the collar by the massive hand of Jonathan. Troy didn't move, for he was thinking of any possible way of getting out of trouble. Jonathan stormed to Troy as he threw Daniel, who barely caught his balance after being thrown.

"Troy!" Jonathan angrily started, "You failed. Why insist on failing further?"

"Well, y'see, when I realized I had failed, I knew I couldn't unfail. So I decided to add to it."

"You. . .added to it?" Jonathan said, confused. "How?"

"By not just failing, but brilliantly failing." Troy finished smugly. While Jonathan confusingly calculated this, Daniel leaned over to Troy.

"You think we made it?" He whispered to Troy.

"Yeah. Let's do lunch."

"It's five in the morning."



Jonathan continued to fume over Troy's comment as he got even angrier.

"You're very stupid, y'know that? Real combat is no joking matter."

"But this isn't real combat. That's why I was fooling around. Duh."

"You two are a disgrace. Just wait till Mr. Carrington gets here—" Jonathan was cut off as Daniel Carrington himself entered the room.

"Hello Jonathan." He said to Jonathan. He then turned to Troy and Daniel. "Troy, Daniel."

"Sup, Daniel?" Daniel asked Carrington who then gave him a stern look. "Sir!" Daniel added, standing up straight and saluting.

"Jonathan, would you be so kind as to tell me what's going on?" Carrington asked him.

"Yeah. These two failed the mission yet tried to continue it."


"Well, isn't that, y'know, not good?"

"Not necessarily. If a mission is compromised, you may as well try to save it. If you give up on it, then it would be impossible to retry . . . What was it exactly that they did?"

"Oh, er, they were cornered on the helipad of the dataDyne building—Troy, anyway—and was holding and unconscious Cassandra hostage. I was playing a shock trooper. Then, this guy"—he motioned to Daniel with a wave of his hand—comes out of nowhere and clipped a grenade onto my belt. Now, they were doing well until Troy chucks Cassandra at me. They jumped off, I exploded, and Cassandra was technically terminated—

"Yeah, I have an explanation for that. I'm not very fond of her."

"Hmm. I don't really see anything wrong with that." Carrington stated.

"Well, Mr. Carrington, he just kinda gets mad when he loses." Daniel said, slightly chuckling.

"I agree. Jonathan, you're just too self-centered."

"What? You're taking their sides again? Pfft! Why do I even teach them if they don't need to or want to learn?"

"Hmm. Good point. Troy, Daniel, I think it's time you become Special Agents."

"Agh. I'm gonna get a beer."

"At five in the—"

"Yes! At five in the morning!" He finished and stormed out.

"Wow!" Troy said to Daniel when they got to Danny's, Daniel's restaurant that his brother co-owned and managed. They had ordered and were sitting down, discussing hilarity at Jonathan's expense.

"I can't believe Carrington finally made us Special Agents!" Troy finished.

"And we barely did anything!" Daniel added. They high-fived. Carrington said they could grab breakfast but had to be back by seven for briefing of Daniel and Troy's first REAL mission. They ate breakfast when it came but took their time, talking about various weapons they hated or liked and about what might be wrong with Troy's Golden Retriever's kidneys.

"But really, I wish they would give us better guns than that crappy Falcon 2. I mean, really. I know it's accurate, but it seems so weak. I can't wait till they let us pick our own. Which pistol would you prefer?" Troy was asking.

"Dunno. Maybe a DY357-LX, if they let me have it or I steal it. And why does it matter if it's weak? Don't you nail 'em in the head anyway?"

"Hmm, I guess, but it's harder than it looks. OK, not really, but for once I'd like to NOT see brains and guts every time I kill someone. Also, interesting choice, Daniel. I would prolly want . . . let's see . . . Phoenix?"

"You sure they'd let you? That can be a pretty evil weapon, y'know, with the explosives and all. And I thought you were tired of seeing brains and guts when you kill people?"

"Eh, I dunno. Isn't Foster making some new rail gun based off of the Maian's technology for the FarSight XR-20?"

"Yeah, I think so. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I heard that they were allowing Maians to hold Combat Training at CI."

"Yeah . . ."

"Well, if that's true, why'd they pin us with ol' stick-in-the-sand Jonathan?"

"Dunno. Maybe they thought we needed discipline. Nah, couldn't be that."

"It's just kinda annoying that we're gonna be going solo from now on."

"Not necessarily, they DO have some co-op missions. You can't do everything alone, y'know."

"Yeah, I guess."

Daniel checked his watch. 6:31. "Should we be getting back now?" He asked Troy.

"Maybe. I have to run by the house real quick, though."

"Alright. I guess I'll see you at CI?"

"Yep. If Jonathan explodes or Carrington says something important, tell me."

Troy picked up the check and both friends left.

Troy sipped his cappuccino in his classic '12 Chevrolet Corvette sports hovercar. The sun was already out, and there were multiple other hovercars on the move already. Troy reached his apartment, on the 42nd floor of a very large building of apartments, where he lived alone with his dog, Bandit. Troy decided to park on the roof's parking lot as it wasn't too many flights of stairs away from of his apartment. He unlocked his door, unfamiliar with Bandit not scurrying up to bark and scratch the door. He was still at the Vet.

Troy grabbed the morning paper as well. He sat down in his recliner once inside and sighed as he thought about what Bandit might be doing, trying to remember what he came home for at the same time. When he remembered, he got up quickly and bolted for his bedroom closet, from which he took a Tool CD and a titanium watch. He donned the watch on his left wrist and checked it to find he had 8 minutes to get back to CI. No hurry. He left his apartment and headed back to Carrington Institute, being fashionably late by two minutes. He entered Carrington Institute and Daniel was waiting for him the silver statue of the Carrington Institute insignia.

"You're technically late." He said.

"Tool was worth it." Troy replied, showing him the CD he held in his hand. Daniel shrugged as they both went up the elevator and into Carrington's office.

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