Troy and Daniel wandered aimlessly around the CI building, searching for anyone. When they arrived there no one was there and it remained that way.

"Where the hell are they?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know. I—wait." Troy replied as he heard a creak. His Falcon 2 was drawn in a flash. Daniel did the same. Then the familiar sound of a rail gun shot pierced the air as Daniel gave a yelp of pain. He fell to the floor as he grasped his right leg in pain. Troy grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him behind a wall. Troy and Daniel then heard rapid fire as they hid.

"What's happening?" Daniel yelled above the fire.

"I don't know. Shut up." Troy responded. The fire stopped. For a moment there was silence, so Troy peered around the corner. Nobody. He readied his weapon.

"Stay down," he told Daniel. He stood and cautiously moved out. He heard a click and with a swift diving movement he was behind another wall. He pressed a button on his watch and heard a blip as the contact lenses he wore turned into X-ray lenses. He peered around with them and saw approximately four figures. Two were in a battle-ready position with their machine guns, supposedly K7 Avengers, aiming at where they thought Troy was. One was just standing there and the last was crouched with a modified Farsight in hand. Troy saw that they thought Daniel was dead and noticed Troy was no longer with him. The rail-gunner brought up his hand, not disturbing his aim, and pressed a button on the gun. It slowly brought its aim to Troy. Troy saw the gunner pull the trigger. The instant he did, Troy flung himself from the wall as the piercing crack blared through the air. He heard glass shatter and didn't dare to look, as he already knew it was the skylight and didn't feel it would be the appropriate time to be blinded by a shard of glass. He felt tiny bits fall to his slightly armored back as he protected his head with his hands.

He heard quick footsteps and instantly picked up his gun from the floor, aimed at the source of the sound, and fired. He heard a yell and saw the masked, armed enemy fall to the ground, clutching his knee desperately. Troy scrambled to his feet and ran to the intruder, whom he proceeded to kick in the face when he tried reaching for his weapon. Troy picked up the K7 Avenger and holstered his now inferior Falcon 2, killing the injured enemy with it before doing so. He aimed around the corner to see the remaining intruders running down the ramp. They turned to run down the other and Troy saw them through the glass. One fired but it was halted but the bulletproof glass that served as a railing. Troy leaped over the glass and landed on one. The rail-gunner and unarmed intruder retreated as Troy pulled his Falcon 2 out and silenced the enemy with a single shot. He holstered it again, reloaded his K7 Avenger by taking the ammo from the now-dead intruder's gun, and ran after the others.

Troy looked through one of the dual vertical windows into the hanger. He noticed that the Jumpship was gone but otherwise no one was there. He opened the door to scan the area thoroughly but was halted by a barrel to the back.

"Move and you lose your spleen," a voice said. "Drop it."

Troy did so and put his hands up. The man holding Troy as a hostage brought him back up the ramp. Troy then heard a deafening crack and the man holding him hostage fell dead. Troy looked at him and saw that he had the same expression on his face except with a bullet between the eyes which deformed it. He looked to the source to see a crippled Daniel at the top of the ramp holding a smoking DY357 Magnum in hand. He lowered his weapon and, through gritted teeth, talked.

"Let's get out of here." He said.

With Daniel over his shoulders and a shotgun in his free hand, Troy brought the injured Daniel out of Carrington Institute and to his hovercar. He opened the door with his foot and dumped Daniel onto the backseat. After he strapped him in and looked up, he saw something on the balcony. A sniper. Troy gave an annoyed expression and stood still. To whoever organized all this, he shouted,

"What do you want?"

"Redemption." A familiar voice said. Troy looked up at the sniper, than down back to the car. He then looked at the doorway to see another masked figure walking with a magnum in hand.

"Is this a combat simulator, Jonathan?" Troy asked.

Jonathan pulled off his shock trooper mask and said, "do you recall walking into the Combat Simulator room?"

"What, are you jealous or something? Mad that I became a special agent quicker than you?"

Jonathan sorta chuckled and replied, "that's not even relevant. This is something that's bigger than you. Now," he raised his magnum. "Drop them."

Troy dropped his shotgun to the ground, unstrapped his K7 Avenger and unholstered his Falcon 2, which he also proceeded to drop it as well. He then pulled out his car keys and gave them to Daniel.

"What are you doing? Do you want a bullet through your head?" Jonathan asked testily.

"He needs medical treatment." Troy replied.

"Why would I allow that?" Jonathan asked.

"It serves as a distraction," Troy said, smiling. Receiving the cue, Daniel rolled out through the other door of the backseat with a Superdragon set to its secondary grenade mode. He fired it over the car and on to the balcony as Troy rolled over the front of the car and ducked. The resulting explosion made the balcony collapse. Smoke and debris flew in all directions as Troy and Daniel leaped into the car. Troy turned the keys that Daniel had put in the ignition as Daniel painfully climbed back in and strapped himself in again. They took off. Jonathan attempted to fire at them but the smoke distracted his aim. Once Troy was on the road to the ER, he called Carrington. He didn't answer. Troy saw the ER and lowered the hovercar. He parked and carried Daniel inside.

Daniel was given a room and received treatment for his leg. Troy was informed that the shot hadn't gone all the way through, being stopped by the femur. Unfortunately, it caused his femur to shatter. Putting the worry of Daniel's inability to walk aside, Troy thought of Bandit. The ER had reminded Troy of Bandit and caused him to worry about his only companion. But he didn't have time to worry, as Jonathan was probably either chasing him or getting more followers. Troy quickly stopped by his home and picked up some artillery: a Mauler stolen from Foster's Lab along with 10 cases of ammunition, a few grenades and an RCP-120 with extra ammo in case he needs to use the cloaking device. He also brought a few poison-tipped combat knives which he concealed in side-pockets on his boots. He strapped the RCP-120 to his back and clipped the Mauler to his side. Despite disliking it, he wished he still had his Falcon 2. The Mauler, though he was fascinated with it, didn't have the aiming capabilities or the stealth that the Falcon 2 had. Regardless, he brought it with him along with his other weapons. He didn't plan on going back to CI, since that seemed stupid. Instead, he tried calling Carrington again. After 7 rings, it went to a recorded message. It was Carrington's voice that said,

"Hello, Troy. If you are calling me than you are obviously still alive. I would have assumed so. Unfortunately, Jonathan has turned on us. Do not underestimate him. We have been informed that he has been plotting this for some time and is very heavily armed. You must immediately rendezvous with us at the emergency base. Agent Michaels will pick you up and bring you to it. Meet him at the abandoned hanger out west. You'll receive a GPS location of it in a moment. Carrington out."

Troy's phone vibrated and he tapped it on to see that he had received the GPS location, and proceeded to follow it.

The hovercar's thrusters pulsed silently as Troy landed in the hanger. He cloaked it just for safety, and had his Mauler ready just in case.

"Hey, Troy," a gruff voice said from his left. He aimed his weapon at the source to discover it was Devon Michaels, here to pick him up. He holstered it again and walked over to him. He and Devon knew each other, but that was about it.

"We should hurry," Devon said, "Jonathan can be very stealthy, believe it or not."

They both got into the slightly modified hovercar and swiftly took off. Troy looked out the window as they took off. He was sure not to leave anything in his car, so he had brought his Tool CD and Superdragon. That was pretty much all he had of value, despite the car itself. As they flew, the thrusters seemed to gain power and they tilted upwards. It didn't take Troy long to figure out were the new base was.

Jonathan's dropship hovered over the Emergency room where Daniel Meyer was. The cloaked dropship waited in the polluted sky as Jonathan casually readied his Crossbow with Instant Kill bolts. He stored a few knives in his boots and had his new, stolen DY357-LX in his right holster and his other magnum in the other.

"You about done?" his sharpshooter asked impatiently, while toying with his sniper rifle.

"What do you care? You're gonna be sitting here till I'm done, anyway."

The sharpshooter laid back and sighed, bored that he hadn't been able to test his new, deadly rifle. Jonathan put the Crossbow on his wrist and jumped from the dropship. Landing with a roll, he stood up and rappelled from the top of the building to the hovercar entrance. There were two guards at the entrance, but at the cue, Jonathan's sharpshooter took care of them. He entered to see the receptionist calling for help, resulting in an Instant Kill bolt through her neck. Jonathan knew where Daniel's room was, and when he got there, he replaced his Instant Kill bolts with Sedate ones. He opened the door and saw Daniel. He was awake, with a plexi-glass cast on his right leg and a Falcon 2 on the nightstand. Daniel proceeded to grab the gun and fire at Jonathan, who disregarded it with a nonchalant dodge. He shot Daniel in the arm with the crossbow, immediately sedating him. Jonathan slung him over his shoulder and walked out. The dropship uncloaked and Jonathan loaded the sedated Daniel onto it. After he got in it took off.

Troy and Devon were already outside the atmosphere when they received the transmission from Carrington. Devon clicked on the receiver and Carrington spoke.

"Troy, we've got a problem. We've received a call from the hospital—the one where Daniel was being held—that someone broke in and captured him. Assuming it's Jonathan, I want you to investigate."

"But doesn't that seem expected? What if it's a trap?"

"Would you rather Daniel be tortured to death? He knows nothing of the Space Base. He's innocent."

"The wha—?" He was cut off by Carrington.

"Go now." The transmission ended.

"Why would you argue with that? Isn't Daniel your closest friend?" Devon said.

"Of course; but think about it. If we go, than they'll probably capture us as well."

"If you could escape him before—"

"That was with the help of Daniel."

"Who was wounded. Now you have an even better chance."

"OK, first of all, my surroundings helped a bit. Secondly, the chance is probably either equal or less because Jonathan's probably gotten more followers."

"We can stay here and argue while Daniel is probably being tortured or we can go rescue him."

Troy sighed. After a bit of thinking, he said "'kay, let's go" quickly.

As they descended back onto the planet, Troy popped open the glove compartment out of boredom. He spotted something and pulled it out. It was an old-fashioned pair of Uzi submachine guns. He pulled them out and played with them.

"Ooh, nice. Can I have these?" Troy asked hopefully.

"You have a frickin' RCP-120. And those are all I have." Devon responded in an annoyed manner.

"Trade?" Troy asked in the same hopeful tone. Devon sighed and said, "Sure."

Troy pulled a bunch of ammunition out of the glove compartment and stuffed them in the ammo pouches on his thigh. He then unclipped the RCP-120 from his back and carefully set it in between the seats. He loaded his new weapons and set them on his lap.

The two finally arrived back on Earth and headed towards the ER. Troy realized Jonathan would probably see them, if he was there, and said,

"Does this thing have a cloaking device?"

"It does now." Devon responded as he pulled a jack from a compartment and plugged it into the RCP-120. Almost immediately, the ship was cloaked. Troy was dumbfounded.

"I didn't even know you could do that."

"We'll have to be quick so it doesn't run out of ammo. Let's scan the area."

They brought the hovercraft around to the entrance. Once it was high enough, they looked around. No one there.

"Use the IR scanner; maybe they're cloaked," Troy said. Devon pressed a button on the dashboard and the computer screen showed the area ahead in a red tint. They turned slightly and a figure was then visible. It was a Jumpship.

"That's Jonathan; what should we do?" Asked Devon.

"Dunno. Shoot him?" Troy responded.

The ensuing "Maybe we should—" from Devon was halted by a piercing shot that would end his life. It shattered the glass and continued through his sternum. Troy's immediate reaction was kicking open the door, pulling a grenade out, holding down the acceleration lever, and pulling the grenade. He pulled himself and Devon out and leaped to the surface of the hospital. Meanwhile, the car flew into where he suspected Jonathan's ship was and exploded. Troy got up and saw the falling ship try to come towards them. It failed to reach them and fell an unknown number of stories. Troy then rushed to help Devon, who was lying on his back losing a large amount of blood. Troy looked at him and saw he was dead. He sighed and walked to the edge of the platform to see if Jonathan's dropship was visible. It was gone. So was Daniel. Troy didn't have an idea in the slightest of why he made the ship explode; it just seemed like an instinct that Daniel wasn't on it. But he obviously was. He called Carrington. Carrington picked up on the first few rings.

"Troy! What the hell is taking you so long?" Carrington shouted.

"Devon's dead. So is Daniel. But I think Jonathan went down with them."

"Oh. . .I'm. . .sorry to hear that. Damn. I should have seen this coming. Where is Jonathan?"

"In his dropship plummeting 15 stories."

"Well, no chance of his body turning up. It's time for you to leave. I'm sending another agent to bring to to the Space Base."

"Will it be another rookie that will get us ambushed?"

"No, I think Agent Dark will know what she's doing."

"Joanna? You're sending her?" Troy asked in a half-amazement, half-annoyance tone. It wasn't that he didn't like Joanna, he just felt inferior around her due to her obvious superiority. He sighed and looked over the edge again. He saw a figure. At first it looked like a bird, but the altitude was too high for a smart bird to be flying. He unholstered his Mauler and flipped the switch to charge. The barbaric weapon glowed red with power as he aimed at the ascending object. Then, it disappeared. Startled, Troy frantically looked around the slightly foggy area as he heard a low humming sound. Then a click. The thought of Jonathan being behind him with a gun made him kick his right leg behind him. He heard a snap and a yelp of pain. In the successive reaction he continued by smacking Jonathan's falling face with the side of the Mauler. Jonathan's startled expression was matched only by the blood coming from his mouth and his broken leg.

By the time Jonathan had realized what had happened to him, he had been maimed, defeated, and disarmed. Troy twirled the DY357-LX in his free hand and then, done playing with it, threw it as hard as he could at Jonathan's face, resulting in a yelp and more blood. Troy kicked both magnums aside and, holstering his Mauler, pulled out dual Uzis and aimed them at Jonathan's bloody, broken face.

"Now. Where is Daniel?"