A/N: So I'm rewriting my Charmed Series…And here's the first chapter of the first Book

A/N: So I'm rewriting my Charmed Series…And here's the first chapter of the first Book.

Charmed At Last: Unbreakable Halliwells

Chapter One

Fifteen year old Leah Halliwell stared at the torn paper in her hands. 'I'm going to be so screwed when Piper finds out.' "Hey," Leah's aqua eyes turned to her thirteen year old cousin. "are you having second thoughts about this?"

Leah shook her head, chestnut hair falling out of her messy bun. "Cara, I've dreamed of this for so long. I'm just…nervous. What if I can't do it? What if I freeze? What if…" Cara put her hand over Leah's mouth.

"Leah, you're the strongest witch I know, you're stronger than mom and our aunts. You're your mother's daughter; you're strong enough to do this." Cara removed her hand.

Leah smiled. "Thanks, I really needed that pep talk." She pulled her cousin into a hug.

"I hope you know this means mom won't let you get your license anytime soon for doing this," Cara said.


Cara smiled. "Sorry." She pulled back from the hug and held out her hand. "Ready?"

"Yeah." Leah grabbed Cara's hand and moved the spell in front of them. "An unfair card we've been dealt, a life too hard, a love not felt. With these words, with this rhyme, take us to another place, take us to another time." Both girls took a deep breath before being engulfed in a blue light.


Cara and Leah appeared in the foyer of the manor. "Andy no!" They turned around to see the handsome inspector being thrown across the room before crashing into the glass cabinet.

"Prue!" Piper screamed as her oldest sister was knocked unconscious.

"What do we do!" Cara screamed.

"We kill him." Leah waved her hand and watched as Rodriguez hit the wall. "No on messes with this family and lives to tell about it."

Rodriguez quickly picked himself up off the floor and focused on the two young girls. His eyes began to glow red. "Looks like I'll be killing five witches instead of three," he said with a smirk.

Both teenagers gave him a sarcastic grin. "Wow, you're really stupid. The way I see it is we're," Cara said while pointing to herself and Leah. "going to vanquish your sorry ass."

"Go ahead." He taunted.

Leah held out her hand and encased Rodriguez's entire body in a block of ice. She turned to Cara. "You wanna do the honors?"

Cara's brows furrowed. "Don't you want to?"

"Nah, I'll take on Shax." Cara nodded and turned back to the demon. She raised her hand and a beam of electricity came out, hitting Rodriguez in the chest, vanquishing him instantly.

Leah turned to where Andy's body was laying. "I'm sorry Daddy." A tear trailed down her face.

"Prue, come on. Wake up sweetie." Leah and Cara turned to see Piper and Phoebe waking Prue up.

"Where's Andy?" The words made more tears fall from Leah's eyes.

"Prue, something terrible has happened," Phoebe replied.

Prue looked over to Andy's body. "Oh my god." She brought a hand up to her mouth. Her blue eyes suddenly turned hard. "Where's Rodriguez?"

"Um, we can explain that," Cara said. "You see, we vanquished him. We were trying to save Andy, but obviously we failed."

"This time," Leah whispered softly.

Cara turned to her cousin. "What?"

"Yesterday when I stayed home from school your mom and I had a talk. This day was a time loop."

Phoebe looked skeptically at the girls. "I'm sorry, but am I the only one who's concerned with who you two are?"

The teens looked at each other. "Yeah…you see, about that, we can't tell you who we are…Future consequences!" Cara said quickly while avoiding Piper's eyes.

Leah kept staring at Prue. "I'm so sorry." Her voice was soft. "I know how much it hurts, to lose someone you love so dearly."

Prue's eyes went to Leah's. "How could you?" She asked in a broken voice. She turned on her heel and walked into the next room. Quietly she kneeled down next to Andy's body. As the tears began falling she laid her head on his chest.

Leah continued watching. "Trust me, I know that pain," she whispered.

"Maybe we should go into another room," Piper suggested. They quietly followed her to the conservatory. Piper and Phoebe sat on the wicker couch while the girls sat on the coffee table in front of them. "So…you're from the future?" They both nodded. "So how is it you know us?"

"We're…family," Cara settled on.

The foursome sat in silence for what seemed like hours. "Are you girls hungry?" Piper asked, her hands needing busywork. They shook their heads no.

Cara noticed how dark it was getting outside. "Do you mind if we crash? We're kinda tired."

"Yeah, there's a spare room up the stairs and to the left," Phoebe responded.

Cara and Leah walked out of the room hand-in-hand. "I'm going to go check on Prue," Piper said while moving from her spot on the couch.

"I'll go call about Andy."


Cara glared at the green numbers on the clock. 2:02. "Leah?" She asked tentively.


"What did you mean by 'I know that pain.'?"

Leah turned to face her cousin. "I saw my mother get murdered." Cara gasped inaudibly. "I was really little, about a eighteen months, but I still remember it so clearly. I was supposed to be sleeping, but I was in a rebellious stage and I climbed out of my crib. There were these…incredible noises coming from downstairs, so I snuck down to the landing and I watched them fight Shax. He hit them with a ball or a gust of wind and Piper crashed through the conservatory wall. And then he aimed for Dr. Griffiths. But instead of hitting him, he got my mom. I remember her laying there and not moving for so long. And there was so much blood. Just so much. I was so scared to make a noise because I thought Shax was going to hear me and kill me too. When Leo finally came and healed Piper, I began crying. He tried to heal me, thinking I was hurt, but I wasn't. I mean I was, but not physically. I just wanted so desperately to be with my mom, but I couldn't. Aunt Piper kept holding me and crying and crying. That pain is something that is so hurtful and unexplainable. To see someone you love get murdered, you never forget. No matter how old you are," Leah turned and got out of bed. "I've never told that to anyone. Not even Piper and Leo know I saw it."

"Leah…" Cara said softly.

Leah shook her head. "I think I'm going to go get a glass of water. I'll be back." She turned on her heel and walked out of the room. The hallway was dark. Her footsteps echoed softly on he carpeted wood floor. A small beam of light shone from under a door. Leah opened the door slowly.

"I'm sorry Andy. I couldn't save you." Prue wiped a tear from her eye. "This is all my fault."

Leah stepped into the room fully. "It's not your fault, Prue. If it's anyone's, it's mine." Leah looked to the ceiling then back again. "I mean, I'm from the freaking future and I couldn't save him! What the hell kind of witch does that make me?"

"It wasn't your job to save him; it was mine. I should've saved him." Prue looked to the picture of her and Andy on her nightstand. "I could have saved him."

"Prue…" It felt weird saying her mother's name.

"The one guy who accepted me and loved me for who I was gets killed by the one thing I was trying to protect him from." Tears began falling from her eyes. "Why couldn't I save him?" she whispered brokenly.

Leah cautiously walked over to the bed and sat beside her mother. Hesitantly she put her arms around Prue. Leah could feel the tears soaking her neck. She sat like that, holding her mother for an hour until Prue finally succumbed to exhaustion. Leah gently laid her mother down and covered her up. "I'm sorry Mommy." She tiptoed out of the room and back to where Cara was sleeping. Leah quietly slipped in beside her cousin and fell into a restless sleep.


Cara woke up to sunlight shining through the windows. 'This is so not my room,.' she thought. Cara felt a pillow hit her back and she groaned. "Get up! We need to stop Andy from dying! The time loop reset itself!"

Cara sat up and stared at her cousin. "How are we going to do this?"

"You're going to talk to Phoebe while I am at the Park." Cara quirked an eyebrow. "Can you orb me to the park, please?" Leah asked sweetly. Cara nodded, waved her hand and watched her cousin disappear in whitish-blue lights.

"I hope Phoebe believes me," Cara murmured. She got off the bed and wandered downstairs where she heard Phoebe talking to Prue.

"Well, you've got to go warn Andy. Keep him away from our house at all costs. Meanwhile, I've gotta dig through the Book of Shadows, find a way to vanquish this time demon before he can kill Andy."

Cara heard Prue walk out the front door. She orbed out then reappeared in front of Phoebe. Phoebe let out a yelp of surprise. "Oh my god! Why do you people always sneak up on us?!" She put a hand over her heart, then squinted at the girl. "Aren't you a little young to be a whitelighter?"

"No time for that right now! We need to save Andy first!"

"Got any ideas on how to do that?" Phoebe asked.

Cara scrunched up her face. "No, that would be where Leah would come in…"

"Who's Leah?"

"She's my cousin," Cara replied. "So I guess we wait until everyone else gets home…"

Phoebe smiled. "Why don't you tell me about yourself while we wait?" Cara smiled nervously.


Leah stood behind the tree watching Andy pace back and forth in front of a swing. She saw Prue coming over and a pang of sadness swept over her as she remembered how heartbroken her mother was when Andy died. 'I have to save him,' she thought.

"Andy, we have a problem. A demon problem," Prue said as soon as she got to him.

"What kind of problem?"

"A time loop."

Andy scratched his head. "A time loop? You mean demons can actually do that sort of thing?"

"None that I've ever seen before. But if it is a demon, it's the most powerful one that we've ever come up against," Prue replied.

"And he's going through all this just to kill me. No way, Prue. If he's as powerful as you say, then he's got to be after you."

"Just let us handle this. Whatever you do, you have to promise me that you'll stay away from the manor," Prue pleaded.

"I can't promise you that, Prue. If you're right, and Rodriguez is the demon, then it's a trap."

"Then I'll have Piper and Phoebe there to back me up, all right. The Power of Three."

"What if that's what he wants, all three of you together? What if that's the reason he set the time loop?"

"We'll just have to take our chances."

"You could get killed, Prue."

"I mean it. This is not your fight. Don't make me use my magic on you. Andy, I would die if anything happened to you. I love you."

"I love you, too, Prue."

Andy pulled Prue to his chest and held her tightly. Prue closed her eyes and tried desperately to not think about Phoebe's premonition. He gently ran his fingers through her hair. "Please stay away," Prue whispered quietly.

"I will," he promised. Prue turned to walk away, but Andy grabbed her wrist, pulling her back to him. He gently kissed her lips before whispering, "I love you."

"I love you, too," she whispered back. She gave him one final look before walking away.

"You're still going to her house, aren't you?" Leah questioned while stepping out from behind the tree. Andy continued staring at the young girl. "I understand you're weary when it comes to magical things, but you can relax, I'm not a demon. Although you probably don't believe that…"

"Who are you?"

"I'm the girl who's going to stop you from dying."

"And how are you going to do that? You're just a kid," Andy said.

"I have a plan. All you need to do is watch through the windows and when the demon is gone, you can come in," Leah said. She turned around and yelled, "Cara!"

In a flurry of whitish-blue lights a blue eyed blond appeared. Leah clasped hands with her cousin and disappeared. "I'm not going to watch Prue get murdered," Andy said before walking to his car.


The girls arrived back at the manor to an exuberant Phoebe. "You must be Leah!" She exclaimed while hugging her.

As soon as she was let out of the hug, Leah turned to Cara. "What did you say?"

"All I did was tell her we're from the future and our last name is Halliwell!" Cara said quickly.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me!" Phoebe reassured. Leah laughed nervously as Piper and Prue walked in the front door. They both stopped walking when they saw the girls.

"Phoebe, who…" Prue began before being interrupted by Cara.

"Okay, we don't have time to explain. All you need to know is I'm Cara, she's Leah, we're vanquishing Rodriguez once and for all."

"How will you do that if this is a time loop?" Piper asked.

"We accelerate time so Rodriguez can't come back, then we vanquish him," Leah said. "As soon s that door opens," Leah pointed to the front door. "Piper will freeze Rodriguez, we'll say the spell and by that time the freeze should wear off and then we will vanquish him." 'And Daddy will live.'

The front door opened and Andy walked in. "Andy what are you doing here? You need to leave!" Prue said frantically.

Leah nodded to Cara and the blond witch orbed to Andy then reappeared behind the sisters with the inspector just as Rodriguez opened the door. "Piper now!" Leah screamed. Piper threw her hands up and froze the demon. "Prue, repeat after me. Winds of time gather round, give me wings to speed my way. Rush me on my journey forward, let tomorrow be today." Prue recited the spell and the five witches watched the hands on the clock spin.

Rodriguez unfroze. "No! What have you done!"

"Just making sure you can't tear my family apart." Leah raised her hand and slowly began to curl it into a fist. Rodriguez put a hand over his heart and cried out in agony before bursting into flames and finally exploding.

Cara's jaw dropped. "I really want that power. The vanquishes are always so cool!" Leah turned around the face the rest of the Halliwell family. She smiled when she saw Prue hug Andy tightly.

"Mission accomplished!" Leah said to Cara. They began giggling.

"LEAH PARKER AND CARA EMILY!" A voice boomed throughout the manor.

The girls turned to each other. "Uh oh…"

A swirl of blue lights appeared in the foyer and out stepped and older looking Piper. "You girls are in so much trouble." A resounding gasp came from the Charmed Ones. Older Piper turned to them. "Damn! This is not going to go how I planned…"

"Are you…are you really me from the future?" Piper asked her future self. Future Piper laughed nervously and then growled at the two youngest Halliwells.

"Aunt Piper, please let me explain…" Leah began.

"No! I don't want to hear it." She sighed. "I take that back, I do want to hear what your excuse is for traveling back to the past and screwing with the timeline!"

Cara looked around at all the people in the room. "Uh, mom, I think we should go sit down for this…"

"Fine, but you damn well better have a good excuse for this!" Future Piper walked into the living room and everyone else followed her. Once everyone was settled future Piper noticed that she hadn't acknowledged her oldest sister. 'What do I say to her? I can't exactly announce that she's dead in my time!'

"Aunt Piper, when you and I had that talk the other day about the past it made me think that maybe I could go back in time and save the people we lost," Leah replied to her aunt.

Andy looked between the Charmed Ones and the three witches from the future. "Am I the only one who's confused?"

"No, I'm pretty confused myself," Prue stated.

Cara and Leah looked to future Piper. "I guess we mind as well tell them everything. The past is already altered with what the two of you have done."

Leah cleared her throat and began. "Well as you have already guessed, we're from the future, fifteen years in the future to be exactly. If we wouldn't have saved Andy today then I would still be going back to the same future; the one without my parents. I mean, it wouldn't be so sad, I had mom for a little while, but it's so much harder when you don't have a dad around. Yeah I've got my aunts and uncles and cousins, but they can't replace parents." Leah turned to future Piper. "Right Aunt Piper?"

Piper nodded. "Right kiddo."

"If Andy and I are your parents then that means…Oh my god! I'm pregnant?" Prue screamed.

Cara leaned over to her mother while Prue was freaking out. "Think we can call dad and have him dust them?" Piper smiled and nodded.

Leah watched intensely at her parents interaction. Andy placed his hand on Prue's arm and tipped her chin to him with the other. "Calm down, we'll get through this, together. I meant it when I said I love you. I love you, Prue Halliwell, witchyness and all. That includes our daughter too." He turned to Leah and winked at her. Leah smiled back at him.

Phoebe looked to Leah. "What did you mean when you said you had your mom for a while?"

The three witches from the future glanced at each other. Future Piper looked down at her hands. "Prue was, um, she was killed by a demon about a year before I had Cara…"

Both Piper and Phoebe looked to their oldest sister. "You mean we're going to lose her in a year and a half?!" Piper asked.

"No!" Cara yelled. "We changed the past. Maybe by saving Andy it will save Prue. Or for all you know, the demon might not even be sent out to kill that doctor."

"Cara!" Her mother said.

Cara looked to her mom. "What? It's not like we didn't mess with the past enough as it is."

"Well if this demon shows up, he's not killing Prue. We won't let that happen," Andy said confidently.

Leah smiled at him. "Right."

Silence fell over the manor. "So, what do we do now?" Phoebe asked.

"Now, we leave and unfortunately for you, you won't remember meeting us," Future Piper said.

"Wait, why can't we remember this?" Andy asked.

"I guess so you don't interfere with something that is supposed to happen…" Leah said. "Although if you ask me, I think it's stupid. Why not let people know what bad stuff is going to happen in their lives so they can change it."

"That actually makes a lot of sense," Prue said while smiling at her daughter.

Cara jabbed her mom. "Don't you think you need to call dad right about now?"

"Yeah, I know." Future Piper rolled her eyes. "Leo! I know you can hear me and I know for a fact you're watching us this very minute!"

A flurry of orbs filled the room. "This is something the Elders do not train you for…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We need you to dust them," Piper said while pointing to the four other adults.

Past (or present depending on how you look at it) Piper stared at Leo. "We end up together in the future?" She asked in awe.

Future Piper nodded. She placed her hands on Cara's shoulders. "That's where this one comes from!" Cara smiled.

"Uncle Leo, can we say goodbye before we leave?" Leah asked. Leo nodded. Leah reached out to Piper and Phoebe and hugged them both. "I'll see you guys soon!" She said with a grin.

Leah moved away and let Cara and Future Piper hug them. She turned to her parents. "I…uh…"

"I understand," Andy said while smiling. "I'll miss you too." He pulled Leah to him and hugged her tightly. He wrapped an arm around Prue, pulling her into the hug.

"I love you," Leah whispered.

She moved back from them. "We love you too," Prue said.

A tear slipped out of Piper's eye as she stood in front of her big sister. Prue hugged her tightly. "Maybe things will be different now," she whispered in her sister's ear. Prue felt Piper nod and pull back.

Leo smiled at the witches. "Okay, I've got to do it now."

The three girls nodded and stepped back as Leo blew dust on them. "You won't remember the girls ever being here. You will go to bed and not remember this."

The Halliwells and Andy slipped into a magic-induced sleep.

Piper grabbed Cara and Leah's hands and began to recite a spell. "A time for everything and everything its place, return what has been moved through time and space."

A blue vortex opened in front of them. As they were stepping through the light Leah asked, "Aunt Piper, are we in trouble?" Piper smiled.

"That depends on the future, doesn't it?"


And that's the end of chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not sure when I'll update next, I'm actually not sure where this is going, but it's definitely going somewhere! Hopefully it won't take long to write!