It was another day at the Cullen household. My wedding was in a few months and much to my surprise I truly couldn't wait to be called Mrs. Cullen. Edward and I were in the living room cuddling on the couch, just enjoying each other's company.

All of a sudden, Emmett and Alice came running into the room.

"I'm sorry Bella but this will end as a good thing for you, trust me." She whispered so only I heard her.

This made me nervous.

"NO! Emmett that is stupid, dangerous, and there is no way I'm letting you do that." Edward, my personal hero, said.

"Oh come on! It will be fun! Bella will have fun too, even Alice said so." Emmett was pleading.

Alice must have told Edward what was going to happen because he looked like he was about to laugh.

"Fine, but only if Bella agrees." He told Emmett.

"Bella?" Emmett turned to me with the puppy dog eyes. Could all the Cullens do that?

"What?" I asked knowing that eventually I would say yes.

"Ok so I had a brilliant idea…" He was saying, when I interupted.

"Oh no that's scary. All of your brilliant ideas always end very bad." I said and as I did he put on the hurt look that, once again, most of the Cullens have used on me to guilt me into something.

"Anyway," he continued as if I had said nothing. "I thought it would be fun to make a fun little bet." He was grinning as he said this.

"What type of bet?" Now I was curious.

"Well I want to see how long you can go without tripping or getting into accidents." When he said this I knew something was up. He had on a smile that said there was a catch.

"Ok what's the catch?" I asked.

"Well we will be having a little family game that we like to play every so often." He replied."

"And this family game would be what?" I was getting sick of asking so many questions.

"Well see we split up into teams and then it's kind of like a mini war against each other. There are two rules. One is don't break or damage anything and two is Alice and Edward can't be on the same team, for obvious reasons." He looked so much like a little kid. When he was like this you could almost forget that, technically, he was over 70.

"Ok so if I were to play whose team would I be on?" I said.

"Edward's," He said this as if it was so obvious. " Usually we would split into two teams but now that you'll be playing we'll go by couples."

"How did you split into two teams before?" I was trying to think that through because Edward would've made on team uneven.

"Edward really doesn't like this game." He said.

I turned to face him with a curious look on my face.

"It's a stupid game and I saw no point to play." He replied easily.

"Now you get to protect me." I laughed. He laughed too.

"Yes I do my love."

"Ok Emmett so if we're going in couples shouldn't Rosalie and Jasper be here?" I hadn't seen them yet.

"Well they are off hunting with Carlisle and Esme. So I'll be working with Alice." He knew having Alice was an advantage.

"So here's how it works Bella, it's pretty much capture the flag Cullen style. And that means working with psychics, mind readers, and maybe a few twists." As he said this, the sly grin appeared and nothing good could come from that. "We each have a flag and the other team tries to get it and we each have separate floors." He told me. "So are you in?" He asked. And just as I was about to say no, Emmett interupted.

"Before you say no because you think Edward doesn't want to play you should know that some of the funnest times he's had was playing our crazy games." He said looking over at Edward. Edward looked like he was remembering something good because he had a far away look and a smile.

"What do you say Edward? Are we in?" I asked look to him for an answer. I wanted to play the game but not as much as I wanted to spend time with him.

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