By Hiro Konobu

Ch. 1: Notable Beginnings

"Notably I've never done a pokemon and/or pokemorph fan fic before so I'll try to do my best with this concept-ish fanfiction I should note the actual transformation will happen in chapter 2 this is just to set the story up, and as always I only own my fanfiction."

(At a semi-undisclosed base in Johto)

"So is the DNA sample ready yet Johnson?" The first guy said.

"Yeah, though it's just some Vaporeon DNA." Johnson said.

"Ah, well that still pretty good, you know finding some popular pokemon DNA." The first guy said.

"Well what if the strand was from a female Vaporeon?" Johnson asked.

"Doesn't matter, why do you ask?" The first guy asked towards Johnson.

"Well I just wanted to try something different...if it's okay with you." Johnson said.

"By different you mean…" The first guy said.

"Yes, I mean that, a gender change while morphing the subject." Johnson said.

"You know that's a novel idea, go ahead with the idea if you do decide to forge ahead with it." The first guy said.

"Of course I just don't why those other pokemorphing scientists in the other regions try it." Johnson said.

"They probably have something against it, despite the factor of already transforming the victim itself." The first guy said.

"You know that just made no sense, Mr. Huge." Johnson said.

"Yeah, but what I'm trying to get at it is that we scientists win in two ways, one we get to see the reaction on the victims face, and two we learn more about the opposite gender, in relation to what gender they are now as opposed to before." Mr. Huge said.

"True, so who are we looking out for to test the DNA out on?" Johnson said.

"Well, this computer program I recently bought at an undisclosed location called "SlaDiS" will explain it all and who that person is." Mr. Huge said.

"Who's that?" Johnson said.

"Hello I am SlaDiS a computer program that's a one shot joke in a fan fic, also I'm an inserted excuse to introduce a new character without interrupting the story or even actually getting started with it…mostly." SlaDiS said in its parody-ish voice.

"You know she's right more fanfiction authors should do this…" Mr. Huge said.

"What do you mean by "fanfiction authors" boss?" Johnson said confused.

"Nothing, just a little fourth wall humor being shown here, anyway would you continue please SlaDiS." Mr. Huge said leaving Johnson confused.

"Gladly, the subject you see on the screen goes by the name of Ace Kasigo, his hometown is in Goldenrod City, he's 16, his pokemon are as follows: Meganium(F), Nidoqueen(F), Raichu(M), Delcatty(F), Vaporeon(F) Medicham(M)…as for the subject's personality he's a bit laid back than most and is experienced in pokemon training, battling, and coordination, but has never really won anything big, he's also been recently located near Vermillion city on a boat that was about to land...and that's the end of the profile." SlaDiS said as some clips of him battling with his pokemon.

""Really, anything else you'd like to point out about the guy?" Johnson said.

"Not at all but there are sandwiches in the back room since this profile is now done." SlaDiS said as Johnson went into the backroom.

"…You know I kind of know where this gag is going to go to…" Mr. Huge said.

"The sandwiches are a lie!" Johnson said loudly in the back room as Mr. Huge just sighed as we skip to a person in Vermillion city.

"Ah, Vermillion City finally here after having some trouble getting here, I should note that I really hate drunken captains that drabble on about sandwiches, also I should note to bring flying types along with me next time." Ace said as he entered the city, not expecting to "accidentally" push someone.

"Hey watch it buddy!" A guy that was much taller than Ace said.

"Oops, that was my bad I'm sorry." Ace said trying his best not to seem like he was intimidated by the guy.

"Oops nothing…let's go, Ariados!" The guy said as an Ariados came out.

"I guess this shouldn't be too bad, go Medicham!" Ace said as he brought out his Medicham.

"So that weird thing is going to fight my Ariados?" The guy said.

"Why yes it is. Say you don't mind going best two out of three, single battle rules do you…err…what's your name?" Ace said.

"It's Rick Stroud, another pokemon trainer and traveler, and I don't mind, also Ariados attack Medicham with shadow sneak." Rick said as his Ariados did so and striking Medicham with it kind of hard.

"You know I for one thing I know I heard that name somewhere, and two, I did deserve that, after all I did choose a pokemon that was weak in regards to the particular attack, but I can counter with this…use psychic." Ace said as his Medicham emitted a strange purple looking background came out and hit Ariados hard.

"Nice one, but I'm not going to waste precious story time in explaining why the move hit so hard. Now Ariados use, agility and then when you're up close attack with fury swipes." Rick said as his Ariados did so, but as it got up close…

"Medicham use Reflect!" Medicham does so blocking each one of the fury swipes through using the move. "Now counter with a Strength attack!" Ace said as hi Medicham obviously did so.

"Ariados counter and attack that normal-type boulder with pin missile." Rick said. Now it should be noted that the attack gets through and it also hits Medicham, and knocks it over on its knees due to taking so much damage.

"Maybe I should switch you out…" Ace said as he gets interrupted by Rick.

"Not so fast, Ariados use spider web." Rick said as his Ariados did so.

"Hey what was that for?" Ace said somewhat confused.

"That's so you can't switch out, Ariados finish him off with Bug Bite!" Rick said as his Ariados began to do so.

"Medicham "last ditch" the move with a Fire Punch since I can't switch you out." Ace said as his Medicham did so in what seemed to be blast of smoke that came after it.

"…Obviously they've both been knocked out…" Ace said very dryly as both his Medicham and Rick's Ariados were laid out in a fainted position.

"Yeah, so let's just finish it here, go Mightyena!" Rick said as his Mightyena came out.

"In that case go Vaporeon." Ace said as his Vaporeon came out.

"So you want the first attack this time or shall I take again." Rick said.

"Well I'll go first this time Vaporeon water gun!" Ace said as his Vaporeon.

"Mightyena dodge and then use dark pulse on Vaporeon." Rick said as his Mightyena used said attack, and hit Vaporeon with it.

"Vaporeon use aurora beam on the Mightyena." Ace said as his Vaporeon actually connected with the attack while Rick's Mightyena.

"Lucky shot…anyway Mightyena use take down on the Vaporeon." Rick said as his went up close for the attack however…

"Vaporeon use attract now!" Ace said as his Vaporeon surprised Rick's Mightyena and basically made the Mightyena fall in love with the Vaporeon, as a result this got Rick pretty angry with Ace.

"…What in the name of the great ice cream salesman was that? Is your Vaporeon gay?" Rick said, as that got Ace very angry all of a quick sudden.

"No it isn't gay why do people and trainers always assume my Vaporeon is male?" Ace said then sighed right after it. "Vaporeon, attack the attracted Mightyena with an iron tail." Ace said as his Vaporeon did so.

"Mightyena dodge it." Rick said but to no avail, due to the attract it was unable to move and Mightyena gets hit with the iron tail. "Mightyena snap out of your attraction and use your take down again." Somehow Rick's Mightyena was able to snap out of it and attack.

"This move again, let's finish of this semi-long battle with a hydro pump attack!" Ace said as his Vaporeon blasted both the Mightyena, and Rick out of the area.

"You know were going to get sued by SNK for this, at least for the name referencing." Rick said as he got shot out of the area.

"…No we aren't as long as the actual characters aren't used we can get away with it…" Ace said as put his Vaporeon back into it's pokeball. "Now to recover my pokemon and check out the city afterwards." Ace said as he went to do so, however we skip back to those two scientists who seemed to who more speaking roles so far in this fic.

"Well that was an interesting battle wasn't it?" Johnson said eating some popcorn.

"Why yes it was, so is she ready?" Mr. Huge said.

"Oh you mean "26" I think she is." Johnson said.

"Well, contact her." Mr. Huge said.

"Actually she told us to wait till the next chapter." Johnson said.

"I'd say something about it but this was only a developmental chapter anyway…" Mr. Huge said as the chapter closes out.

End Ch. 1

Author Blurbs Ch.1: Hello and welcome to the after chapter talk about the chapter and development, as you can see this is chapter one originally it was supposed to be longer but, I felt it would have taken me too much time. I should note, originally this story was going to have three starting protagonists, but I scrapped that idea due to it possibly being too hard for me to write for so many characters, as for the SNK suing reference made near the this is stated by the name Rick Stroud, as that was a character from an old SNK game, also Mr. Huge is name is also spoof/reference, and please leave a review for this ok. b