Forbidden Fruit

WARNING: Contains Yaoi/Shounen-ai (Male on Male Relationships, Boy on Boy/Male relationships) You have been warned. Proceed with your own precaution. Contains Violence.

Rated: M for safety measures only.

Summary:Was it just something that happened? Or was it something more? It started out as an experiment gone wrong. The feelings that have been bubbling up inside ever since, now want to come out. After three years with no contact from the person whom his heart calls out for. 'It's forbidden is it not? If the village was to find out, they would just think I betrayed them, but one can't help the matters of the heart, right?' False or not, how long will this infatuated affair go on? OroNaru


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Chapter 1: Within Me

Naruto's POV


That's what normal people would usually call it. That's what I should've called it as well, but that night something gave different meaning to the usual crude term. It was a different type and now I'm infatuated with him, all because of that one stupid night. Those stupid kisses, and the feeling of his body covering mine. I couldn't get the images out of my mind as I remembered how hot his body was, how his heart sped up with every thrust.

I remember every single movement, feel, and caress that he made. And I couldn't help but like it. I wanted to find him, to do it all over again, yet, I was afraid all at the same time. The feeling that was caused in my chest just from that one time. That stupid one time that replayed over and over again, all in my head. I just couldn't stop the speeding up of my own heart from thinking about it.

He pressed forcefully in my entrance at first, then lessened. I remember how it hurt so bad, how the pain felt like I was being ripped in two. A sharpness of pain like a million needles stabbing, leaving a trail of flames in its wake running up my backside meeting my spine. The nibbling on my ear, the licking of my neck and wiping of my tears, the caress placed upon me as he started to move within. Not caring whether or not that I was in pain as he started to speed up his hard and long set path to bring me absolute pain, and all I could do in my helplessness was cry out more.

Sobs wrecked my body, and I found myself not able take it, not for much longer. I was sure that any moment now, I would pass out from the trauma and waves of pained shock my body was going through.

He rammed into me, pulling out, and continuing his sick rhythm inside. Ripping and tearing as the blood poured from my abused anus. The tears fell unnoticed, my cries and pleas of it all to stop only fell on deaf ears. There was nothing that I could do. All that there was left for me was having to grin and bare it.

He wrapped one of his arms around my waist and held my hips in place, and for once in my godforsaken miserable life, I felt pleasure. My eyes opened wide as I moaned out loud, my body shuddering from the immense pleasure that consumed every fiber and nerve. Confused about what was happening as a new fire awakened, one that lied deep inside me. I didn't know what to do as I lost my bearings almost falling over from that one thrust. He moved once more aiming and hitting that spot, setting my shaking body ablaze. I bit my lip as my legs started to shake.

This was a truly wonderful mind blinding pleasure.

How was I to know that there was something inside of me that could bring forth something so wonderful, so forbidden such as this? I was too naive for my own good, and still am. Pulling out again and thrusting back in, I could feel him hit that spot repeatedly. I kept crying out.

Moving the arm around my waist he moved it to my groin and started to stroke the already painful hardened member. Somehow, moving pass mortification, I arched my back into him, allowing him more access as he hit his mark each time bringing forth such painful bliss. It succeeded in driving me somewhat crazy, making me moan from the bewilderment of it all.

Desiring my own release, my leaking member started to ache more with his slow sensuous pumps. I started to cry again in angry frustration, and sensing this he spoke up. ''What is it that you want me to do, Naruto?" I bit my bottom lip, holding back the painful moan that fumbled pass my lip as a groan as he hit that spot and stroked me once more.

"I want to hear you." His long snake like tongue licked my neck towards my face, tasting all of the salty tears and flesh he craved. "Come on, I can't hear it." Hitting that spot again I cried out almost in a whine.

"P-please!" Sounding more of a whimper, he pumped my member with no mercy. My hips moved on their own accord following the rhythm sat. Bucking forward in a hasty pace, feeling a pressure building in my lower stomach threatening to blind me as I never could go this fast. My face contorted at the familiarity, I could feel the pressure almost reaching it's climax. Everything started to blur, I was about to cum and then everything lost it's focus as the pressure died and I never released.

I whimpered and caught myself, asking why?

"All you have do," My capture whispered sensuously in my ear, "Is tell me is to fuck you." The man ended with a lick of my outer earlobe, fear anew coursing through my body as my mind finally caught up to what was blindly happening to me. My eyebrows furrowed as I knew that I would never say such a thing, I would never-

"There it goes again." My mouth dropped open as he hit that spot once more, causing me to revert back to my state of hysteria. "Say it or else it will never be finished, or pleasurable on your side ever again. You do remember how this started, don't you?" He pushed in again, and I couldn't help but blush at my embarrassed as he reminded me of the pain before switching it back to how I wanted it.

"P-please." I got the first word out. I swallowed deeply as to say the next words. But really wanted to tell him to 'Fuck Off'.
"Oro-Orochi..." It pushed from my lungs, not completely making it past my swollen and bruised lips. I realized that I didn't want to say his name. In return he showed his disappointment by pushing in causing me to release a groan of pain as a chill went down my spine.
"I could always just broadcast it to the village. You wouldn't want them all to find out about how you willingly let me play in your body. Would you?" I stared angrily at him, livid at the face that after-all he was just one merciless prick.

"Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time." There was a distorted smirk on his face, "I'm actually being kind here, I'm not usually as merciful." Something in his eye flashed coldly, making me realize my disposition even more. The look he gave me suggested that I wouldn't stay alive long enough, even if I did it.

A part of me didn't care if I should die, but the other part couldn't bear the shame of the village finding out. A disgrace, an embarrassment, a name to be completely wiped out. As if they already hadn't done that, but now they would have just cause.

"What are you waiting for? Stop wasting my time here, I'm patiently awaiting for your answer, boy." His voice deepened towards the end, a lustful look recognized again could be seen coming to cloud over his snake like eyes.

'Dying? Or, dying?' That was my choice as I thought it over, blood rushing towards the opposite direction as whatever he was thinking of for a suitable punishment was making him extremely hard. 'Dying in a way that he chooses? Or dying in a way I choose, with a little bit more of fun, as in actually cumming?'

"Fine." I said, my lungs finally releasing the air they needed to make a sigh of a complete loss. "Please fuck me, if it's the last thing I'll ever do!" I said with total sarcasm, coming to terms with what might be the final moment in life. I guess it's true what they say then, death and sex go hand and hand with each other. After all, no one wants to die alone, or as a virgin, do they?

"Is that the best you can do, boy? Say it like you mean it." He sounded dissatisfied, not wanting me to give up all hope. After all, Orochimaru probably considered himself a good fuck. So it had to count on my end for something, right?

"Please, if you wanted me to say more, then you should have said so. But if you're going to kill me, then I suggest we get it over with. I'm tired of waiting to die, Orochimaru." I don't know where it came from, but the defiance just came out. There was no fear of anything anymore.

With a quick movement of his wrist, he had our positions switched. A small trail of blood escaping from my lips at the sting that was felt momentarily afterwards. "I like your attitude, but you forget who you talk to." He said as he was now between my legs having me completely laid out on my back. "I, not only hold the key of your life in my hand, but the key of many others'. You wouldn't want me to hurt them in your absence, would you?" He laughed evilly, eyes piercing through me as if I was an obscurity that needed to be eradicated.

Orochimaru started back up the pace harder, and faster than what it was before. Moving my hips down to meet his own, while slamming hard inside of me, not missing the bundle of nerves that were wrapped up inside, being consumed by the ongoing flare of discord.

The line started to blur causing me to writhe in pain and pleasure, and without knowing it. I started saying his name over and over, hoping to gain some kind of forgiveness to be shown through him.

Holding my body in place with his hands he slammed harder and harder, flipping our positions once more, liking the feel of me on the bottom as he moved my hips more and more because somewhere I got lost inside and stopped. My breathing was erratic, sweat pouring from our bodies, and body shaking.

Crying out of frustration, he kept up the pace, both ignoring the blood that poured from my abused passage. I felt like screaming, felt like saying something, but my thoughts were jumbled. The only thing repeating silently was me encouraging him to continue on with his ministrations with my moaning gasps.

His head dipped down sometime during these thoughts that I repeated like a mantra, his lips capturing my already hardened nub, fumbling with them between his teeth yanking on it sensuously. I didn't want any of it to stop as that tongue found it's way inside of my mouth, kneading my own tongue half forcing me to follow his example.

Very pleased with the reaction that he was getting, he reached back to my hard groin gripping it and doubling the pleasure. Shoving two fingers in my mouth as a way to get over the painful ache that was building pressure again, I drew blood from his fingers unexpectedly.

Pushing my hips back to meet his forceful thrusts, the temperature had gotten hotter, chills ran up an down my spine. My eyes closed, vision becoming blurred once more, I screamed out this time finding my release as I came, coating our stomachs' with my essence in the euphoria I felt.

Orochimaru still moved inside of me, pulling on my hair lightly, until he too came to a release. My body shook, breathing still uneven but not as hasty as before. Collapsing on top of me, he seemed to relax there for a moment collecting himself. I could see the gears moving in his head a kind of creepy smile being emitted.

He slowly pulled out of me, and I knew that it was the time for my inevitable doom to come. Like I could run, even if I wanted to I was pretty sure that my legs possibly didn't work, not being connected to my spine anymore.

Standing, he gathered his clothing, putting them on as he left me alone in the cool air for the moment. Taking the kunai knife out of the ground that had lied forgotten besides my head, the rope that was once tangled around my arms starting part of what was left on the ground. I continued to look at it, tracing it's weaved pattern all the way to where it was cut. That place to me represented myself, as I could feel his eyes on me, his body coming back towards mine. Closing my eyes in some kind of beratement towards myself, I could feel myself giving up. There was no point in fighting your end, then again...

There was a kind of smile on my angel of death's face, his grip touching my arms bringing me to face what was left of the sky. His finger's brushed through my hair, before his lips covered mine again, and I briefly wondered 'Is this the kiss of death I so dreadfully heard of?'

Covering over me, he laid on top of me, staring into my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to look at him, wanting to focus only at the darkness resting behind him. Coaxing my legs open, he settled there, finding warmth in holding me, as if to comfort me. All that I knew was that if he was going to kill me, well at least I had some kind of happiness with me if he did. False or not.

The silken like tongue caressed my neck, taking in the scent, marking me a prey. I closed my eyes trying my damnedest to not enjoy the incantation of a sweet death. Too exhausted to protest, I didn't bother to sit up as he moved to place a kiss on my forehead, and instead I found myself looking up at a flawless white chest.

"What to do now?" The words were spoken with amusement, but dread on my side. The friction slightly being caused on my body by the warmth of another, threatened to swallow me up. Closing my eyes, I just wanted the darkness to come and take me.

My hands were switched so that it would be in a position in which you could hold both wrists' in one hand, while moving the other hand down to play with my member. "But why?" The question came as a surprise to me, wanting to know if he'd mercilessly continue on with his earlier ministrations. Wanting to see me give in to shame before killing me.

Orochimaru's lips cut into mine, biting on my bottom lip, tugging it until blood was drawn. An opening being presented for a tongue to slip inside at the sight of a groan, and gaining the entrance that was needed.

The kiss I didn't know at the time was hot and passionate, unwillingly I pushed back eagerly, as he explored my mouth, and a moan escaped to disappear between lips. "You bastard!" I hissed out, now knowing what it was that was being done. There was only a brief chuckle as lips made connection to the sensitive skin on my neck. Hands still playing skillfully with my member, my eyes closing in an effort to not give in.

I opened my mouth to plead more as I could feel the pressure coming back towards my member. Pressing fingers to my lips in a hushing moment, the hebi tracing my jawline as if we were lovers. ''Don't speak." It was whispered from a hot mouth sharing promises that trailed kisses down my neck, to my navel. Kissing and licking, leaving love bites to match the multiple hickies and bruises that already littered my body.

The lining of my hips were being traced by a slick tongue, running across many intersections to dip in my belly as if being kissed like lips. My arms were released, staying where they were placed.

Holding my hips down was the first priority, then unexpectantly my legs clinched shut. My hips being lifted off of the ground, the pressure of the hotness of a mouth surrounded me. Instinctively, my hands moved to hair, the pressure around gathering tighter. Eyes still shut, my body stiffened and pressed tight against what helped me.

Clinching my mouth shut, noises escaped still to collect and make throaty moans. My body concentrated on the brilliant tongue being worked, and my mind reeling not thinking on it at all. Many fingers were getting tangled in black silk, vibrations were sent, being processed until quiet moans presented itself in my throat. I couldn't breathe, my body tensing, giving out huge gasps of breath for little to be sucked back in again.

Moving fingers out of hair, hands moved to either side of shoulders, trying to pull back as the pressure built getting closer to release. Fingernails digging into skin, leaving crescents marks, marring skin, and mixing with smeared blood.

Deciding to put an end to it, I screamed at the intensity into my second orgasm. I was blinded once more by euphoria that I didn't see the next movement that was made as my high was interrupted.


It shot through my body from my inner thigh all the way up to my head, until I could feel it in every fiber of my being. It was too much, my half scream being cut off, Orochimaru pulled back licking my inner thigh, and enjoying it.

"Don't say, I didn't do anything for you." My burning body was lifted, still in a state of paralysis, I could feel the coolness of the stream. Hair covered over half the man's face, a smile showing a brief sign of endearment kissed my sweat covered forehead softly. "Now, Sasuke and you are more alike than you'd think."

There was a moment of faint laughter, the cold water mangling in with the heat that was overcoming my body. A kiss full of hunger was presented, left ignored in the burning heat that was taking control. I felt hot, hot and sticky.

Grabbing my ripped up jumpsuit, I hardly noticed as it was submerged next to me, being half placed on my body. Hands stroked my hair lightly, amusement being well played in the eyes that looked like death them self, cutting through my soul with their piercing glare.

"Take care, Naruto-chan." He left without another sound. Leaving me to stay there, a fever overcoming my body as I slipped away from consciousnesses. And in that moment I thought, I died.


AN: Well, this is the last time I re-read and rewrite this first chapter.