Forbidden Fruit

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Chapter 34: Gashan/Jaan (Clash)

"Sempai?" It was questioning in all manners. The way the kid referred to him by the honorific meant that he had to know him. "Kid."

"Yes, Kisame-sempai." He answered back innocently, he knew that the man probably recognized him but couldn't tell how or when. He'd not give him the chance of a proper introduction. That would just jog memories and put him at a bigger disadvantage than where he already stood.

"You say senpai, as in you know me." Kisame wanted to raise his sword in that moment, but decided against such cruelty. If the male was referring to him in such a manner, it meant that he once had to know him. Searching his memory, he wanted to know where and when did he exactly see the younger male.

"Tell me something. You say, 'Senpai', but why is it that I don't remember ya." Kisame wanted more to go on, to put a name to the familiar face. Maybe ages ago, or even a few years ago, he'd met him.

"Well," Suigetsu said with his shark-like smile, "That would be cheating. If I told you who I was, you'd no doubt be able to orchestrate some plan in defeating me. I like the odds as they already are." His amusement shone through completely, all he wanted to do was get on with this battle. 'To cut and split things apart.'

"I wonder..." Kisame started, but noticing that he was being the chatty one he finally sighed, knowing that it would be much more fun to tear the younger apart without knowing his identity. It was as the teen-said, if he knew who he were it just might make it more difficult to kill him. Or rip him to shreds that much easier.


Eyes were wide open as muscles strained pass the point of tearing apart. The heat that consumed him wanted to break him as his mouth opened in a silent scream as he came, the orgasm the most intense he ever felt in his life.


It was said suddenly as familiar azure eyes opened fully understanding the situation. A glare of hate crossing over his eyes making the depths of the ultramarine sky darken. Teeth gritted painfully together as the teen held back with everything in him. The coat of dark-red cloaking seeping from around him as pupils turned into animalistic slits. Snarling, Naruto finally pushed it back down.

The transformation a sight to behold, gave the recognition that the silver-haired male needed. Finally, he understood it as the place he finger once entered started to close.

"What was that?" Naruto spoke through clinched teeth as his body began to relax, feeling as if he were being held under the influence of some unknown drug.

"It was an unexpectantacy. Sorry, it's gone now." The medic-nin finally spoke, already seeing that the teen was tired from the toll of the full body examination. His suspicions were confirmed from touching the newly discovered seam.

"Don't worry about it, I'll explain it later." Kabuto smiled softly as if he were a comforting friend in that moment as he watched the pale teen slip into unconsciousness. "For now, Naruto. Just get some sleep." He said steadily as he observed with fascination and aroused eyes at the boy who was out like a light. This was a new development he stumbled upon, and yes he knew that he was wrong for what he just did. But now, it was too late to turn back on his course of actions. And he was sure more than anything that he would have to face the wrath of the teen once he woke, with the blurry memory of it all.

Leaning over, he brushed strays of blonde-hair from an angelic face. His fingers tracing over perfectly shaped lips that he was sure his own would feel good brushing across. There was silence in the once pleasure-filled room as he closed his eyes and kissed a still sweat sheened and heated forehead.


Out of everything that happened they never thought they would go this far. Neither did each one think they'd meet in such unlikely of circumstances. Anger is what the younger male felt, staring at someone he used to admire. Someone he used to try to be, want to be.

But now staring at the face opposite of him, the need to attack greater than any time in his life. To see the demon fall, and feel the blood of retribution trickle down his fingers were pleasurable images to his frantic mind.

This time, he would not be so foolish as to attack head-on without rationality. Not when the day of vengeance was finally at hand. This time the man would not escape.

Boring into each other's eyes, the hate that he felt was losing a battle against unemotional and pity-filled sad glass eyes. It made him flinch just as he was about to grab for his Kasunagi.

Something inside of him made his reaction time stop, suddenly he could see the sickness that was being covered and it made him flinch. Gritting his teeth in anger with himself, he didn't know what form of action he should take as his brother finally smiled at him.

"Hello again, brother." Itachi finally spoke for the first time since arriving, his red and black cloak wavering in the wind as the rain started to pick back up. Itachi was not expecting for his younger brother to say words. He was sure that the younger Uchiha was too consumed with hate to have a rational thought.

A dark-flash of blood lust reached Sasuke's eyes, telling him otherwise. This time it would be different, but they couldn't fight here. Not in this village.

"Kisame, I think we've over-stayed our welcome." Itachi's eyes turned away from the raven-haired teen, without giving the boy a second thought or look.

"Yea, yeah! I get it." Kisame spoke, not really caring about who the village belonged to or was protected by. "I still don't see why I listen to your thoughts of irrationality." Itachi smiled, turning his back infuriating his sibling more. Telling him that he was not worth the time or effort.

"Itachi!" Sasuke's eyes finally changed, starting to swirl but a last look from his brother, one that he didn't expect showed. Flashing an unspeakable word that he thought he'd never think of his formerly-known older brother. "We'll meet again, and when that happens. You will have your vengeance." Itachi spoke while disappearing in the rippling waves of water that took them from sight.

Sasuke's hands finally clenched. "That look..." Turning to stare at his new group finally showing, he let out an irritated sigh. 'Fuck it.'

"We have to go back." Sasuke spoke, making them look at him cock-eyed.

"What do you mean?" Karin spoke, if her thoughts were correct, then she knew where too.

"You can sense his chakra, right?" The raven-haired teen didn't have time to explain.

"Why?" She asked pushing her glasses up her face, knowing full well where the older Uchiha and his companion of Akatsuki were going.

"You already know." He spoke towards her, eyes pleading for her to cooperate with him.

"Yes, I still can." All other looked upon the two, wondering what they were keeping between themselves.

"Which direction are they heading in?" This time the red-haired konoichi smiled, his antics were going back to those of a childish leader, unsure of what to do, or how to lead. It was the same with Naruto, the matters at hand, he couldn't decipher so he just left.

"You already know." She turned towards the way they just came from.

"Then that settles it, we're going back." Sasuke spoke determined to put all to an end.


Finally waking the blonde teen nearly launched himself out of bed. The covers piling around his body and tangling him from any further movement proved that he was safe in his own room once more.

Trying to remember how he'd got there, or if the events that happened actually existed outside of his head plagued his aching mind.

Clenching his fist along the seams of the sheets, he knew that it hadn't been a dream. What Kabuto did to him, what happened between them. It wasn't a dream, and he wanted an explanation.

Untangling himself, he finally stood from his position. His mind already clear on where he stubbornly needed to go, without distractions. Or so he thought, but at the sound of babies crying he almost fell over his own feet. Yes, he suppose that was top priority at the time. They came first, before anything and would remain so.

Sighing on thoughts of revenge that would have to wait, his feet tiredly shuffled to the room where his ears would bleed more, if he didn't feed them.

"I'm coming'." Naruto said as he finally entered the nursery, a smile already plastered on his face covering all feelings of dread as he watched the two newborns already calming down at the feel of his presence.


It was fun.

More fun than he thought it would be as each used and blocked effortlessly water-attacks being thrown. Kisame even found that his own creations couldn't harm the boy as he would just liquify the part of his body the attack was being aimed at while throwing one of his own water-type techniques towards the shark-man's way.

"I gotta say, kid." Kisame finally grinned at the silver-haired teen, already he was starting to figure out who the male reminded him so much of. "How 'bout we use more advanced attacks. I'm achin' to see wha'else ya' got under that sleeve of yours." The teen smiled back expectantly, obviously the need to tear and cause something to bleed was just as great if not equal compared to his own.

"I say that sounds 'bout fun." The silverette spoke as he used one of his more promised and damaging attacks. "Mizu fuusen no jutsu." Kisame watched as bubbles literally formed and floated in the air around them. It seems that now they were getting more serious, and it excited the blue-skinned man to see exactly what they would do.

He smirked at the idea of his bubbles ripping holes inside the tough-skinned man. But he also knew that it wouldn't do all by itself. He needed to get that sword from him, then he would have two after he'd defeat the man who still was someone he looked up to with admiration. But now was the time for admiration to die.

"Really kid, and here I thought you were anxious to tear me to pieces by fighting me hand to hand combat."

They both smiled at that comment.

"So, I see you've grown well from the last time I seen you, Suigetsu."


"A full body scan?" To the blonde-haired boy it seemed cryptic, he was getting a weird vibe from the silver-haired medic-nin in his presence as he finally laid his little one's down to sleep. And he was hoping to catch some himself, but it looked as if it would have to wait.

"Alright, just nothing funny." Naruto agreed tiredly, he was beyond exhausted, and as he recalled from the past. He didn't quite fully trust himself around the male lately, and he felt in his gut for good reasons.

Reasons that he was sure he would find out, as he prayed nothing would happen during the examination. He inwardly shivered at the thought of the older man touching him, as he started to follow along. Naruto's pace slowed as he realised that it disturbed him so, because he didn't know why?

Was it fear? Or excitement that he might actually want the male to touch him in all the wrong places in all the right ways?

The latter made him doubt himself even more, as his fears flashed before his eyes. Breathing slowly, he picked up his pace as he stared at the man's back. His thoughts wandering back to the dreams he'd been having recently, and if it really was so bad if he desired them to become true.

Finally reaching their destination the male hesitated as they came to a stop inside of the medic-nin's corridor equal to a small hospital wing. No one was around, and it seemed the hideout was emptier more than ever on this day.

"Can we make this quick? I would like to get some rest before the little one's wake again." Naruto spoke as if the presence of the male annoyed him, and to Kabuto's amusement it just made him smile devious as he reached for the gown and threw it to the body.

"Here if this will make you more comfortable than actually getting naked around me." Kabuto coughed at the mortification the boy was showing, "Like I haven't seen you naked before." This time he held back on his perverse nature and using all his will-power to not attack or frisk the boy or laugh out loud at how pale he'd become.

"Turn around." It was a demand and the silver-haired man did just that.


"So, I see you've grown well from the last time I seen you, Suigetsu."

"Nice of you to remember."

"I never forgot." Kisame spoke smugly, waiting to see how advanced the boy he once knew had become. "Are you really gonna use water type attacks."

Suigetsu released a sigh, knowing well that now the man remembered who he was that they'd have no affect.

"And just let you touch me? I don't think that would be a good idea, sempai. I know your attacks well, but you've not been aound long enough to see how I've formed my own. You're not the only one who uses brute force and sheer endurance to withstand an opponent." He smiled sheepishly, only half his teeth showing as his hand went to the back of his head, rubbing it in a guilty manner.

"If you know them so well, why not attack with all your might."

"And tear this village apart? As entertaining that would sound, it seems our partners are coming. I guess the next time we meet, no holding back."

"Careful what you say kid, your not on my level yet, you might get hurt beyound the point of repair if you're not careful." Kisame gave a hostile warning, but the kid was right he could feel the the brat approaching, following his own partner's chakra that was approaching fast. "Damn Uchiha's." They both smiled as if in casual circumstances.

"Good luck kid, you're just like him. Just be careful no endin up dead til I tell ya' so. Until the next time I can rip you to shreds." He spoke as the two willed thier techniques to go away.

"Fine, and I'll take that as a compliment, though it sounded more of an insult bastard."

Suigetsu tried everything he could as to not show his excitement. They were heading back to the hideout where Rin was sure they were heading to. How'd they find it, he didn't care or know. All he cared for was the fact that he would have his second chance with the blue-skinned man that his brother and himself once hooked up with, and left as to not sacrifice them for unlawful reasons.


"How much longer is this going to take?" The male asked as he laid back and let the medic-nin do his exam.

"Not long I hope, but I must be thorough so I can't promise you an ending soon." Kabuto said while pushing his glasses up with his index finger.

"I just need to see what we missed during the time of your giving birth to now. As you can tell your body had adapted so that you can feed your new-born's. So, I'm just going back over everything to make sure there isn't any more oddities; or medical miracles we're unaware of."

"Everything?" Naruto gulped down slightly more nervous than he was before.

"Don't worry, I'll report my findings directly to Orochimaru."

"Like that'll make me trust you." Naruto said in anxiety, not sure if he could trust his own voice to make any further comments. Kabuto just chuckled as if he'd just made a joke, but it was nothing to joke about when the man who's persued you from the very beginning was no longer looking at you like a potential and miraculous lab rat. To now looking at you like a piece of meat that just fell on thier lap and were ready to feast.

"Don't worry, I won't bite...much." Naruto sat up quick from his laying position, alarm bells ringing as he tried to decipher the best possible method of escaping the ill-darkened fate that awaited him.

"Chill, Naru-chan...I'm just teasing you." The silverette spoke scaring him more with the emphasis he made on using the nickname he was dubbed with upon arrival.

"Okay, this is so not helping me right now!" Naruto about yelled as he made to escape but was pulled back into the body of the other.

"Okay, you have a deal." The teen looked wide-eyed in that moment. Was he hearing him correctly?

"I won't try anything, promise." Still, disbelief as Naruto recalled the last time the male made a promise like the one he was making now."Also, I'll stop with the gestures I'm making towards you. I see they are making you uncomfortable. So, I'll stop and I promise not to do anything except for what I need to do professionally. A full body scan, so please lay back down and relax."

Turning to stare at the man, he could see that the other was sincere. Exhaling slowly, he nodded his head and took his place with his back on the table. "You promise, right?" It was said as an after thought.

"Yes." Kabuto spoke back, a look of seriousness coming about to play across his face, and if Naruto was reading correctly he could tell that it also shown through his eyes.

First he started with the usual, looking for anything out of place and making sure the teen was healthy, looking over his upper-half. Then he stopped to look over the male's chest, running his fingers over his left nipple, he stopped in the examination, taking note to the way the boy shivered.

Running his finger over the right he noticed how the blonde stiffened, his fist clenching as if he was trying to suppress a moan. Staring up at that face, he kept the air of professionalism about him, doing everything in his own power not to attack the body laying at his mercy, literally.

"There seems to be extra sensitivity, but I'm sure that is caused from the production of milk that is building inside your chest. They're also a little swolen, but that too will go away with time. The more your body gets used to the feeding, the less pain and swelling there should be." He spoke as if he weren't interested in the boy's body at all. This pleased and perturbed Naruto at the same time, and the reason seemed unknown to him.

"Okay, so now I'm going to check on other regions of your body. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, let me know and I will stop immediately to give you time to recover before we continue."

Naruto nodded his head at this, "Sounds good to me, just so you know. I think I prefer a serious you over the well...other you that I usually see." Kabuto raised an eyebrow at this discovery, somewhere inside he was happy to have received the compliment. But also a little offended that the boy was trying to say that he saw right through his fa├žade so easily and found it creepy. Instead of voicing this, he smiled but in a non-creepy way.

Still, even that sort of dissatisfied the teen staring up at the silver-haired ninja. Now, he felt that he was wrong about Kabuto. And it seemed that when the time came, towards him he could be serious and not stalking around him like some sex-starved freak. That idea however sort of made him smile as he closed his eyes, trying not to think about where those hands were going any second now.

"Okay, so the next part to this examination is-"

"It's okay, I already know. Don't remind me, because I can't trust you as it is." Naruto spoke cutting the male off, preferring not to hear his voice after-all. He knew what was coming, and as much as he didn't want or like it. He just wanted them to continue in silence, he felt like the quieter they were the quicker it would go. "Please, if you don't mind. I'd like to continue in silence."

Smiling, Kabuto took the blonde's wishes to heart.

Tracing his fingers down Naruto's belly, he looked for any indicators of any other problems that the pregnancy may have caused. Or anything new to happen to the perfect body to exist.

Inside, Naruto was screaming at himself, trying to get a grip on how his body was reacting. He would've chuckled out loud about his earlier comment as he was the one now acting like a sex-deprived freak. The feeling of fingers tracing across his stomach sent chills down his spine as he resisted the need to bite his lip. There was no way he was going to let the older male know that he was affecting him this way.

No abnormalities were found, as he pressed his hands down adding slight pressure. Next he looked to see if the line they made across Naruto's stomach during the procedure they operated for the caesarean section was fully healed. The indication of no scar found was proof that it was trully gone,' No trace left behind.' Kabuta thought as he moved further down, tapping the teen's leg giving him the sign he needed to open his legs a little more.

Taking in a deep breath, the idea of the male being between his legs sent his head reeling. The dreams that had haunted him came back in full effect. His body started to fight against him as the male begin to touch his nether regions, Naruto's inner voice of what his body wanted and needed begin clawing at his insides. Taking in a shallowed breath, he battled within, trying to keep his body in check as the rational side of him began to sink into the darker parts of his mind.

Looking, he didn't see anything wrong. Pulling back, his eyes squinted and he pushed his glasses back up his nose with his middle-finger as he looked once more. Breathing in and out in slow deep breaths, Naruto had to will his body from shaking as he kept his eyes closed tight. Inside, his head was tossing from side to side. He was hoping there would be a quick glance over, then he could close his legs before he lost control over himself. But another tap suggested otherwise and he did as he should. Lifting his legs and placing his feet on the table his knees bent as he gave the male more access.

Looking closer, Kabuto moved the male's vexing parts out of the way. There was something odd about the spot he poked, the area where the boy's g-spot could be reached.

Doing another test, he found it. Another oddity that they didn't notice. Debating whether or not to tell the male what he was about to do, he went for it hoping to not get kicked in the face as his finger brushed against the entrance to the male's ass.

Ready to catch whatever came his way, it was unexpected that the boy stiffened a moan his head tossing to the side as he ass lifted off the table, back bending in an arch. Laying back down on the table his breathing was already becoming erratic, a light panting could be heard as Kabuto stared up at the blonde teen. The scene that graced him only led him on, his inner-self screaming at him to take the boy then and there.

At that moment however he was wondering what this display was, and if Naruto couldn't even catch his breath then surely he couldn't consent, on top of that get any words out to form the question he wanted to ask. He too wanted to know just as bad as the dark-eyed male staring up from between his legs what it was. Shutting his eyes tightly, he felt as if a small heat was starting to pool at the pit of his stomach. The voice in his head questioning when was the last time he had a blow-job? And not just any kind of blow-job, but one that blew his mind and body away to the levels of ecstasy that the heights of euphoria sent him into another world?

Not knowing why the male closed his eyes and was now becoming flustered, a thought occurred to him. Kabuto refused to fight a losing battle with his inner-demon whispering in his head any longer.

Rubbing his finger on the outside of the entrance again, he waited for signs of protest to escape from the boy but none came, and he took that as proof enough to continue with his exploration. This time he slowly slid his index finger in the heated passage, loving the way the male seemed to grab a hold of it, longing as the tight space within didn't want to let go.

Naruto's reaction was a thousand fold as he became completely aroused from the contact.

This is what he wanted, right?

This feeling flowing through him making his blood rush faster as the heat coursed through his veins. The white searing heat taking over, wanting more contact.

Not believing the chances of what was happening, Kabuto became bolder adding another finger as his eyes dimmed in the lust he was feeling. Searching for what he knew desperately needed to be found within Naruto's body, his body lifted from off the table once more, his head thrashing from side to side at the ministrations being down, the only sign that he was right on the spot.

"Naruto?" The silverette started off questioningly, curiously awaiting an answer from the male as he enjoyed finger-fucking him.

There was no protest just unhinged moans escaping pink lips becoming bruised by teeth biting into them to keep some kind of a noise control in this lost of self.

Smiling almost evilly to himself, it seemed Naruto was too far gone as he moaned out a panted, "More," instead. Adding another finger he continued with the same actions, watching as those lips became red from the blood shed being induced from the male's teeth digging in. His own dick completely hardened at the sight that feasted his eyes, and his free hand found his aching member. Slowly he started to move along his erection, pumping it to perfection as he took what was happening as a sign from the universe. Kabuto allowed himself to be carried away in his own clouds of lust that rolled in. Removing his fingers temporary from inside the puckered cavern he pulled the male closer by the legs. Then inserting them once more, he continued his sick rhythm never letting up, liking the feel of the muscles encircling his fingers, and tightly clamping down on them as if they were the mere instruments that gave him life. Howling out loud as the thrust became more powerful the teen came hard in a frenzy that he didn't think possible. That was the quickest he'd ever come with someone playing inside of him.

Finally staring at the male his darkened orbs spoke volumes of gratitude but were still dissatisfied. It wasn't enough for his shaking body as hips began to move again all on their own accord. Lusting for more than just what had been given he greedily took it in, practically begging for the male to continue.

The heat that surrounded him was like a blaze now, consuming him from the inside out. Like a wanton whore he moaned out, egging the male on further.

Kabuto could tell that he was still stuck in a blind bliss fluttering in lust, a heat that started and consumed him was one he hadn't felt in a long time. Meeting the thrust of fingers implanted perfectly inside of him filling him, a growl was released.

Naruto was unaware as his body declared that this wasn't going to be enough to satiate his undying hunger. Taking up some of the essence from the male as he grabbed hold of the weeping member standing hard at attention in front of him, he sampled it. He wanted to see that face when he finally took it into his mouth. Needed to hear more than just pants and breathy moans. Kabuto needed for the male to scream, to completely lose himself and know that he was the only one who could make him do this in pure ecstasy.

Running his tongue along the underside of his willing victim's member. Releasing a long throaty moan, he watched as Naruto's hands balled into fists, clawing the metal beneath. Needing to hear more, he trust without mercy into the boy's body rocking it violently as he took the head inside of his mouth for a greedy suck. This he liked the most as he could see the boy completely lose it, being trapped inside the world of sweet delirium indefinitely.

This he was certain sealed it, he could do anything to the body withering beneath him and get away with as much as he pleased. Lapping at the sack of soft and firm skin, he aimed at another angle. He removed his hand from inside his pants and replaced them with the firmed skin beneath.

Rewarded with more than just grunts and moans, the lithe body was near screaming out at the state of rapture he met. Kabuto continued down this path, finally taking the male completely into his mouth, his hands stroking along the male's member, Naruto thrashing violently his muscles tightening as the heat that pooled in the lower-pits of his stomach reached an all time blaze and he came inside the heated mouth waiting. Licking all of the white substance up, he pulled back fingers slowing to a more steady and painstaking pace for the male writhing beneath his touch.

"Ka-uhnn..." Naruto tried to say something to the male but couldn't as he became aware of the pace slowing, and the heat becoming more intoxicating drowning him in its flames. He was on fire, his body ablaze as he couldn't fight back any longer. All his muscles beginning to strain against the painful pace set, he needed more. Wanted the man to bring back the frantic pace that the male was fucking him with. Alas, it seemed that it wouldn't happen, so he took matters into his own hands.

Gripping the wrist of the owner to those deliciously buried fingers, and touching himself he put on a show as he masturbated with the hands that didn't belong to him. Kabuto's eyes watched with amused enthusiasm, this was something he thought he'd never get to see.

Allowing the boy to set the pace, he still fought against the pace the blonde wanted to go as he tried to get Kabuto to go faster inside of him. And if he were evil, truly evil he wouldn't let the boy have his way. Again, another evil smirk fell across his face as he tugged his fingers from out of Naruto's entrance causing him to whimper and whine.

Laughing, he quickly stuck his fingers back in going at an even slower pace than before. His fingers buried deep within as he played with the boy's sweet spot wanting to hear him break.

His own hard began to long for the comfort and confines the male's body had to offer, but he knew that would be pushing it too far. The Naruto laying in front of him was not the Naruto he knew.

Not the one he wanted.

This one, was only a fox in false heat. Kabuto wanted to take the boy when he was fully aware of himself, his surroundings, and his desire's. He needed Naruto to need him, to want him in clear-mindedness. Without mercy he picked up the pace. A pace so wild and strong the blonde couldn't hold on to the male any longer as his body gave in. Eyes were wide open as muscles strained pass the point of tearing apart. The heat that consumed him wanted to break him as his mouth opened in a silent scream as he came, the orgasm the most intense he ever felt in his life.


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