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Chapter 15


Finding the map had been the break we were hoping for. Whatever vampire had drawn the map had obviously been forgetful, because he had labeled each and every spot on the map with readable names. No code to crack, no indistinguishable pictures, and everything was perfectly to scale.

Our luck ran out however, once we found the place labeled 'Canada Lair' on the map. The door was bolted shut, something similar to what a paranoid human would do. Carlisle and I struggled for a few moments before we came to the conclusion that breaking the hinges would be considerably quicker.

Once that was done, we began to scour the house like wolves for prey, desperately hoping for something, anything, that would point to where the vampire had taken Bella. I had been so absorbed in my thoughts that it wasn't until Carlisle pointed it out that my nose even dared to smell the sliver of scent that reeked of a second vampire.

"Something's up Edward, there's no blood, no personal belongings, no nothing. Almost like they-"

I finished Carlisle's sentence for him. "—Left for good." Running a shaking hand through my hair I let a deep breath out, but to my dismay it didn't calm my nerves in the least.

Carlisle frowned, obviously trying to think this thing out. "They had to have left by car, because there's a set of car keys left in the bedroom under the bed, yet there's no car in the garage."

"Unless they hotwired it." I pointed out as I delicately searched through the kitchen cupboards that were full of nothing but random papers and firewood.

"Unlikely, that's not reliable. These vampires were desperate to get away, they'd want a reliable form of transportation." Carlisle added sifting through a desk that was also close to vacated.

"I guess the question is, where would they go?" My heart began beating faster out of sheer nervousness; we needed to find an answer and soon.

"Somewhere cold, with no sun most likely. Which is in Bella's favor."

"She wouldn't survive to plane ride." Sighing I ran my hands through my hair as I continuously threw papers and random twigs over my shoulder. Who were these people? And what was with the twigs?

"Greenland." Carlisle whispered suddenly, staring at some sort of bill in his hands.

It took a moment for my stress-muddled mind to comprehend the words. But as soon as the initial meaning sunk in I was back out in the cold running towards the main road.

Carlisle wasn't far behind me. He was on his phone calling Esme to ask her where the closest airport to our location was. The others had already given up their searches, having come up with nothing, and Carlisle and I were sure now that these two vampires had to have taken Bella.

The first airport we reached was about the size of a shoebox and I immediately deduced that this would not be and airport offering any international flights soon. Looking at my watch I realized almost an entire day had passed. I'm sure if my heart were still beating within my chest it would have skipped a beat with that realization—we could already be too late, she could be de—.

No Edward, I chastised myself, don't go there, don't lose hope. She's alive, she just has to be. I repeated this mantra in my head while we ran to the next closest airport. This one, also, was a bust because they reported that they had closed almost four months ago for renovations.

Whatever higher power residing in the sky must have been watching over Carlisle and I though, because five miles later we ran across the shell of what looked to have once been a car. And there, not far from the metallic ruins, lay a jacket.

Never before had I run so fast. I must have been going at least two hundred, maybe more. Either way Carlisle fell behind me by quite a few miles after only a few minutes. I was racing against a deadly enemy that would be cruel to defeat—time itself.

I had recognized the jacket immediately. It had been one of Rosalie's favorites until she'd played baseball in it one day and it had gotten ripped slightly down one of the sides. Rosalie hadn't said it was missing but I guessed it was because we were all so occupied trying to figure out what things of Bella's were missing that we never thought to look to see if she had borrowed anything that belonged to either of the girls.

It didn't take me long to come upon an enormous airport just outside of what appeared to be a major city. At this point I didn't care much to read any signs, all I could think about was getting Bella back. I did, however, remember to slow down to a human speed as I approached the drop-off zone.

My feet seemed to have a mind of their own, seeing as they were still moving themselves at a brisk walking pace. Rationally, I knew approaching the desk like a crazy man wouldn't do any good, it would only result in me being thrown out or getting security called on me.

The drop off strip was divided into sections based on the airline you were flying, making everything infinitely more difficult on my part. I knew for a fact that they weren't flying with any company that contained the word 'America' in the name, so that eliminated about half of the airlines present. Contemplating the rest took less than three minutes when, finally, I decided to approach the most logical choice, putting on a charming façade before approaching the woman at the desk.

"Excuse me but I am wondering when the next flight to Greenland is." I flashed her my most dazzling smile making sure to add in a wink for good measure.

The woman flushed, obviously more embarrassed than flirtatious, which I knew would be harder to work to my advantage if she refused to tell me or grew suspicious, but at this point I was willing to try anything.

"Well you just missed the closest one, it's going out to the runaway now. The next one is in—"

If I had been human my heart would have stopped. "Is there, I mean, is there a way to stop it?" The fear was so obvious in my voice I'm sure even she could hear it.

"No sir, I'm sorry but I can book you for the nine o' clock flight—"

I didn't even let her finish her sentence before I was off running at a seemingly human pace. My father fell into step beside me as I pulled out my phone and began dialing.

He gave me a weird look, raising his eyebrows. I shrugged as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "We have a plane to stop."

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