Bleach Fanstory: After the War

Bleach Fan story: After the War

By Michael Xu

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Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo

This is purely a fan story and I don't own any of the characters in it, apart from OC I may create.


Aizen Sousuke has succeeded in creating the King's key, and has taken his place as God of all Dimensions. The Soul Society is in ruins, with Karakura Town completely obliterated. The survivors of Karakura Town and the Gotei 13 have retreated back to the real world, merging into normal society, in the hopes that one day; they may truly overthrow Aizen for good. The story begins four years later, with Ichigo continuing his double life as a substitute Shinigami.

Chapter 1: A Shinigami's job

"KON! Stop the loud music!" Kurosaki Ichigo shouted. The target of his abuse was a small, stuffed lion plush doll with stitches everywhere. Nothing was unusual about

this doll except for the fact that it could move, talk and even feel pain. It also liked loud music and peeping at girls.

"Why should I? I have to drive this car as often as you do! Besides, this is my favourite song! Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh-"Ichigo knocked him out with the his spiritual badge. A tiny green ball dropped out of the plush doll's mouth. Ichigo picked it up and placed it in his pocket. This was Kon's true form, for Kon was a mod soul, which Ichigo had obtained when he had just begun his career as a Shinigami. In a strange way, he was Ichigo's best friend, for he knew Ichigo, and his body, more than any other person. The streets of Tokyo were abuzz with activity. Not just normal human activity, but countless spirits as well. Since Karakura Town's destruction, the locus of spirit power in the real world had shifted into the metropolis itself. As a result, every day in the city was a chaotic mess. All of the sudden, Ichigo's car radio came to life.

"Kurosaki-san, is that you?" the voice on the radio asked.

"Yeah, I'm here Mizuiro. What have you got?"

"There's a disturbance in the downtown alley district, sector 15. Keigo's already on the scene, but you know what to expect with him.'

"Of course. Keigo's such a doofus he's likely to cause a big mess. I'll be there as soon as possible." Ichigo stepped on the pedal. Mizuiro and Keigo were two of his classmates when he was still in Karakura High. They had long followed in his shadow, in awe and sometimes terror at his accomplishments. Naturally enough, they followed him when he joined the police academy. Fifteen minutes later he arrived at the alley district. There was a crowd of people about, all screaming frantically. The intersection of the two streets was completely gridlocked with cars. In the middle of it all was hapless Keigo, frantically waving about and directing traffic, as the lights had all gone out. He stopped at the street side and got out.

"Hey Keigo! What's up?" Ichigo asked.

"Oh hey, Ichigo. I'm just directing the traffic."

"I can see that ya dumbass. Just tell me what's really going on!" Keigo was about to raise his finger. He didn't need to. A sudden loud explosion nearby caught Ichigo's attention. He saw it. It was a hollow. A huge hollow. Some sort of menos, with tentacles flying everywhere. Ichigo sighed. It always had to be a modified hollow or a Gillian clone. Sometimes he became sick and tired of it. He wished for a change just to go back to killing low level hollows again. He plucked Kon from his pocket and gulped it down his throat. In an instant he was separated from his body and into his Shinigami robes.

"Kon! Go help Keigo with the traffic!" he shouted.

"Okay, but be quick! I hate doing your dirty work!" Kon teased. Ichigo grumbled and jumped into the sky. With a swish of his wrist he unsheathed Zangetsu and prepared to face the hollow. He glanced down at the crowd of people below. He noticed that there were several plus souls amongst the living humans. This was going to be trouble. Normal humans couldn't see him, but the souls definitely could. He didn't have time to deal with it, for upon seeing him the hollow immediately started up a cero. In a reflex he raised Zangetsu and blocked the beam as it hit him. Cancelling or deflecting the cero was dangerous, so he continued to block it until the hollow stopped firing. He then flash-stepped in front of the hollow and sliced through its head. It dissipated with the trademark hollow scream.

On the ground, there was much confusion over what just happened. Many people swore they had seen a large monster and a black-robed samurai in the air, and some claimed that a large missile had exploded in the air above them. Kon and Keigo weren't having much success controlling traffic, as almost all of the cars in the intersection had stopped to see what was going on. Ichigo landed on the pavement and walked over to the first plus soul he saw. It was a middle-aged man. He was sitting on the ground and shivering from head to toe. His soul chain had been half eaten away. He screamed as soon as he saw Ichigo.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you," Ichigo said, as he raised Zangetsu over his head.

"What…What are you doing?" the soul asked.

"I'm sending you to the afterlife. You'll be better there. You won't be in danger from the hollows," Ichigo said. Although in his heart, he knew in some ways he was lying. He had no idea what Soul Society was like at the moment. As soon as he pressed the seal on the soul's head, he had no control over its fate. He repeated the Konso process for all of the souls in the vicinity. Then he walked over the Kon and knocked him out. He returned to his body and placed the green pill into the plush doll.

"Ow! I told you to handle me with care!" Kon yelled.

"Sorry, I'll try to next time," Ichigo said. He placed Kon back in the car and went back to help Keigo direct the traffic. A while later more police cars, the ambulance, the fire department and repair crews arrived to survey the damage.

"Ichigo!" Mizuiro called out soon as he stopped his police car.

"Hey Mizuiro! You missed out on all the action," Ichigo laughed. Mizuiro inspected the area all around.

"Seeing the damage you caused, I'm glad I missed it. What happened here? Looks like a bomb went off."

"It was a hollow, a large one." Mizuiro's eyes narrowed. He and Keigo were both able to sense spirits, as a result of being touched by Ichigo's enormous reiatsu. Memories of the war still haunted them greatly. Horrific images of destruction, of women and children being raped, of people literally reduced to dust.

"Man, the sixth attack in two months. What do you think Ichigo? Are they planning another attack?"

"Who knows?" Ichigo looked up at the sky. "I scarcely think that god cares about any of us right now, whether we live or die is beneath his concern." Someone Mizuiro was amused by this quip.

"That's a strange view about god that you have," Mizuiro laughed.

"I know, but the sad thing is, it's the truth." Ichigo sighed. It had been a long day. He wanted to get back home.

This is the first chapter of the story. I apologize if it sounds rushed. Most of the good stuff happens in the next few chapters.

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