Disclaimer: It's a little depressing to know that a mouse owns more than I do, but alas, it is true. It ain't mine, I'm just playing in someone else's universe.

Prompt: Rip
Characters: Jack Sparrow
Rating: G


He could scarcely believe his luck! There, lying on the dirt road in the middle of Tortuga, was a shiny gold guinea!

Better yet, a shiny, unnoticed gold guinea.

Jack didn't much care how it got there or where it had come from; all that mattered was that it was his now.

As he bent to retrieve the coin, he began imagining how many pints of rum it would get him. He might even have enough for a cozy room later -- female company provided!

The silly grin was wiped from his face instantly as a dull Shriiiiip sounded from behind him. Jack glanced cautiously around, eyes wide with shock as he checked to see that no one had seen the incident.

Assured that he was thoroughly ignored, Jack straightened slowly, clutching the money in a tight-fisted hand, grateful that he never went anywhere without his coat.

Perhaps he could risk sacrificing rum for the greater good of his dignity.