Love Thy Enemy

Chapter 1

Sparks flashed as steel met steel, and with a blast of pink energy into the blade, Inuyasha snarled as he was pushed back, his boots digging into the concrete warehouse floor. He sunk down to his knees, his black uniform sticking to his skin from sweat. Damn it. This was supposed to be a simple pick-up. He wasn't expecting her to be here.

"Having trouble Inu-chan?" his opponent taunted, clicking the two blades of her weapon together and twirling the combined dual-blade over her head. Her long black hair spun in the wake of her move. Inuyasha smirked. Combined with the light blue blouse and black skirt of the mikos, she was an unearthly picture of beauty. Some things never changed.

"Having fun," he corrected, charging. The woman just smiled and let him reach her before deflecting the Tetsusaiga aimed at her shoulder. Inuyasha silently cursed the woman began her counter-attack, twirling and flipping the twin blades effortlessly to keep him on the defence. The twin-sword had a name, he was sure, it was a miko weapon and those things always had names, but he didn't know. For sure it had be strong, if it could stand up to repeated duels with him and the Tetsusaiga and avoid being broken.

He parried a blade, ducked and tried a thrust towards her gut. She jumped back, narrowly avoiding being skewered, and as she brought her weapon back the blade drew a slash across Inuyasha's shoulder. The red fire-rat cloak he wore in battle tore under the holy weapon, and it would repair itself with a day or so but the wound still hurt, literally; a bright red band of crimson blood had been sliced into his shoulder underneath the fire-rat and white T-shirt he wore beneath.

"Gotcha," his opponent smirked, clicking her blades back apart and taking one in each hand. Inuyasha winced at the slow burn in his shoulder from the purity, but ignored it and struck. The woman's eyes widened in delight as he forced her back, twin blades blocking the Tetsusaiga but barely. The two kodachi blades that composed the weapon were hardly a match one-on-one for a sword the size of Tetsusaiga, but he had only one weapon and she had two. He gasped as a thought came to him, and he slashed. She swung her left sword out to deflect Tetsusaiga, and his other hand came up to slam into her wrist. She cried out at the surprise blow and he flipped the Tetsusaiga in the air, satisfied to hear a metallic clang somewhere behind him.

"Gotcha back," he taunted. The woman grinned and shifted her remaining sword into her right hand. Steel met steel, and she aimed a punch for his head. Inuyasha caught it and twisted her around, wrapping her in his arms and pulling her against his chest with her arms crossed and underneath his. She turned her head to glare at him, and Inuyasha pushed away the memories of the last time he remembered their faces being this close. He inhaled against his will and caught the smell of her ebony hair. Fresh strawberries. How the hell did she still manage to smell so good in the heat of battle, he always ended each of his missions smelling of sweat.

"Fucker," she hissed, squirming in his grasp to get away.

"Now what?" Inuyasha sneered, ignoring the delightful sensations her movements were causing. She narrowed her eyes more, and then grinned. Before Inuyasha knew what was happening, she pushed her head up and kissed him.

By the gods, how long had it been since he'd had her like this? Soft lips massaged his own, and Inuyasha felt something wet and warm brush his lips. He let out a low moan, and her eyes shot open.

Inuyasha tore his head back in a yowl as an elbow drove itself into his chest; in his bliss he had loosened his grip on her. She twisted away and grabbed his arm, flipping him and slamming him into the ground, Tetsusaiga sliding away. Inuyasha grunted as the back of his head met concrete, and he growled and started to climb back up. A boot to the chest kicked him back down, and he glared up at her as she casually stood over him, dangling her sword over his chest by the handle. She lifted her other free hand and wagged a finger at him.

"Tch, lucky bitch," he snapped. She stepped back, kicking him back down against when he tried to get up.

"Horny bastard," she replied, shifting her grip on the sword. Her boot likewise came back up to rest gently on his groin. Inuyasha grimaced. "Can't damage that, can I?" she teased. She gently ran the tip of her blade along the front of Inuyasha's robe, and he hissed as it smoked and gently burnt in the path of pink energy the sword left behind. The tip pushed the two halves of it away, and she licked her lips at the sight of his bare chest. "Nice."

"Inuyasha!" sets of silver and black hair whirled as the door to the warehouse opened. Inuyasha groaned; Sesshomaru's fucking escorts were back. Just in time. She cursed and sheathed her sword. Just when she was starting to have fun...

"Enjoyed the view, but gotta go. It was fun," she grunted. She looked down and blew him a kiss. "Miss me, Inu-chan," Inuyasha began climbing to his feet as she turned and ran to the other end of the warehouse, stooping to pick up her lost second blade on the way.

"Fuck," he groaned, looking down at the slightly glowing wound on his shoulder. "Fuck fuck fuck…"

- - - - - - - - - -

"FUCK!" Inuyasha's eyes snapped open and he yelped as the medical officer peered down at his shoulder and poked it with the tip of a pair of surgical scissors. He didn't know why the old coot had the position, but he did it well enough. But he was a surgeon and a doctor, wouldn't he know better than to poke fresh miko wounds?

"Ah, quit yer whining, its only a flesh wound," Totosai scolded, whacking the hanyou in the head. Inuyasha turned his head on the table, glaring at him.

"She sliced me with a miko weapon! That fucking purity is still tingling," Inuyasha grumbled.

"Bah, you can walk it off," Totosai replied, cutting a length of surgical tape and placing a strip of cloth with youkai-strength painkiller on it over the slash. "It was a miko weapon so it'll take longer to heal than usual while your system fights off the purification, but you'll be fine in a couple days." He taped down the cloth with the surgical tape as he spoke.

"Whatever, thanks for nothing," Inuyasha said, sitting up on the table and hopping down.

"Don't sass me," Totosai ordered, slapping the hanyou's shoulder hard. Inuyasha yelped in pain again. "Anyway, I've been told to have you leave your clothes with the armory once you're done, they'll fix up the fire-rat fur. In the meantime, Sesshomaru wants your report."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Inuyasha groaned, picking up Tetsusaiga from the chair and marching out of the medical center.

The complex of the camp surrounded a large circular park with trees, ponds and an artificial river for the youkai who were old enough to crave the outdoor areas that the modern world didn't have readily accessible anymore. To the north was the medical bay and library, to the south was the barracks and training grounds, to the west was the officer's quarters for the grunts and other lower-ranked members. To the east was the commander post where the higher-up members of the youkai militia were stations. Inuyasha turned and headed across the grass, getting yelled at by an old racoon-youkai on the way for not respecting the foliage. Inuyasha marched up the white stone steps of the center and pushed its large doors open, heading for the front desk.

"Good morning, Inuyasha, how are you today?" Kagura asked dryly, stamping some piece of paper work and sliding it into a tray behind her.

"Great, until I was told I had to come here," he replied. "Sesshomaru wants a report?" As he spoke, Inuyasha leaned over against the edge of the wall on the desk. He turned his head to see a thick stack of forms and picked up the top one. "What's this?"

"Careful!" Kagura snapped, snatching the form and putting it back. "Those are the weapon and armor requirements for the new cadets and I spent three hours last night alphabetizing all four-hundred and twenty-two of them myself."

"Whatever," Inuyasha snorted. He had no love for Kagura, at least no more than he did for his brother. He didn't have or particularly care about the whole story. Promised, dating, fuck-buddies, the rumors said Kagura and Sesshomaru were all of the above at some time or another. All he knew is that they were still tight in a professional way with her as the receptionist of the headquarters and she did her job well. Sure, she was a bitch to him, but to be fair he was an ass to her. He didn't seem intent on changing, and neither did she. What was there to do?

"Where is he?" Inuyasha asked, looking around the lobby at two kitsune kits playing with a large ball half their size. He smirked at the toddlers, glad to see someone having fun in the building.

"Main office, fifth floor. He's awaiting the arrival of a general from overseas while your father is off," Kagura supplied. Inuyasha nodded and walked towards the elevators. "So, heard you lost to her again!" Kagura called after him.

"Fuck you," Inuyasha growled.

"Lose again and it might slip to the cadets that you're getting beat by a girl," Kagura laughed, going back to her paperwork. Inuyasha stopped and looked to his left as the two kitsunes chased their ball across the lobby. He stopped and picked it up, careful not to puncture it.

"Hey, can I borrow this?" he grinned. The left kitsune nodded, and Inuyasha looked up, measuring the angle of his shot. He took three steps left, and drew the ball over his shoulder. "Kagura!" he yelled, flinging the ball at her. Kagura looked up, cried out and ducked. The ball whipped over her head and smashed into the weapon and armory forms, sending them scattering across the floor and into the air. She looked at the paper floating through the air and screamed.

"Asshole!" she shrieked, getting up with all intent of maiming the hanyou who had thrown the ball. Inuyasha flipped her off as he walked into the elevator, door sliding closed behind him.

- - - - - - - - -

"Yes…he just walked in…I'll handle it." Sesshomaru finished his conversation and hung up the phone as Inuyasha pushed open the oak doors of his office, walking forward and sitting in one of the four chairs lined up in front of Sesshomaru's desk. "I have a new assignment for you," Sesshomaru said, clasping his hands together and leaning back.

"Really?" Inuyasha asked. This soon?

"Yes. Once our meeting is concluded you will return to the lobby and re-alphabetize all four hundred and twenty-two pieces of paperwork you carelessly scattered in your immature prank," Sesshomaru explained. "And if for any reason Kagura sees a need to cause you bodily harm during this process, that is up to her discretion."

"Whatever, the bitch had it coming," Inuyasha replied. If Kagura had spoken about what he had done, did she mention what she in turn had done to provoke him? Inuyasha didn't need Sesshomaru on his back about this again.

"I've already spoken with the four escorts I sent with you. Now, how did the shipment go?" Sesshomaru asked.

"The cargo was extracted safely into the vans, but as we were packing up three fucking mikos showed up. The escorts were taken out of the warehouse while I dealt with one of them inside. My opponent escaped, I'm not sure about the other two."

"I see," Sesshomaru said, studying his half-brother. "Anything else of interest?"

"The one I fought had a holy weapon, some sort of twin-bladed sword that could split into two swords," Inuyasha continued.

"The Naginata of Kenkon," Sesshomaru nodded.

"You've heard of it?" Inuyasha asked.

"It's one of the stronger and more versatile miko weapons, but it is not particularly exceptional," Sesshomaru replied. "What else?" Inuyasha growled. There was more?

"Uh…got a gash on my shoulder…my fire-rat was torn but they'll both repair themselves…got a bit of a headache thanks to the miko weapon she got me with…"

"And?" Sesshomaru pushed. Inuyasha glared.

"And I got a rash on my balls, wanna see?" he snapped. "Fuck Sess, there's nothing else!"

"I see," Sesshomaru murmured. "Very well, you may go." Inuyasha nodded and stood up as Sesshomaru turned to his computer and began typing. Inuyasha's claw wrapped around the doorknob and he began to turn.

"So how did Kagome beat you this time?"

Inuyasha's shoulders slumped. Figures. He turned and obediently marched back to his seat and sat down under Sesshomaru's molten gaze.

"Well?" the youkai muttered. Inuyasha's face screwed up.

"I had her Sess, I fucking had her!" he raged. "She only had the one weapon, she attacked, I got her wrapped up against me with her arms pinned…"

"Only you would deliberately get that woman in such a position," Sesshomaru stated. Inuyasha glared.

"She was stuck, I had her right there, helpless and I could have…and she kissed me."

"Kissed you?" Sesshomaru asked, raising a thin eyebrow. That he had not been expecting.

"Yeah, and I…ya know, and she elbows me and slams me to the ground. And then she starts slicing my shirt apart and drooling over me with her boot on my dick."

"How disturbing," Sesshomaru snorted, genuinely appalled. "And yet not surprising, as per usual around that woman you started thinking with the wrong head."

"Fuck you," Inuyasha groaned. "I know, alright, I let her get to me."

"You always let her get to you, this is the third time is as many mouths you've faced her and she's defeated you again!" Sesshomaru roared. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for me, for father, for you to keep getting bested by a miko because you can't stop thinking about getting your hands down her pants?!"

"You know what she is to me Sess, shut the hell up! Are you telling me you wouldn't have trouble fighting Kagura if she kept looking at you like a piece of meat?"

"My relationship with Kagura on a romantic level is no longer existent, and that is a different matter," Sesshomaru grated. "Kagura is a youkai, Kagome Higurashi is a miko, the enemy, the scourge of our kind. The very type of being we are waging war against! I know what happened before the truce ended and I frankly don't care. When you're on a mission you stay focused and do what needs to be done. Do you honestly think she would pause to purify you if she had the upper hand?"

"Considering she has every time she's beaten me, yeah," Inuyasha nodded. It was true, no matter how many times Kagome got him on the ropes she either left or let him go. Why he wasn't sure but he was sure he didn't want to know. He had no desire to kill the woman unless it was needed, and so far it wasn't.

"And because she shows you mercy you in turn must show it to her?" Sesshomaru shook his head at his brother's naiveté. "And what of the other forty-three youkai she has purified, what of them? I suppose they should have paused too. Or perhaps they did which is how they were defeated."

"Screw you, you know shit," Inuyasha grumbled.

"I know you're letting your emotions get the better of you," Sesshomaru whispered. "I understand your reluctance to kill her, but the truce is over. Kagome is a miko, you are a hanyou and thus one of us, even if only half. The two of you are enemies now, you fight, and you'll fight until one of you kills the other, that's the way war works. Unless of course you wish to defect, in which case state so and I'll finish the job she started."

"Whatever," Inuyasha sighed. He had heard this lecture before and it didn't mean a thing to him. Sesshomaru just didn't get it, how could he. "Can I go?" Sesshomaru sat back and thought for a moment.

"Return to your quarters and focus on healing. Return in two days when your strength has returned and I shall have another assignment for you. I also advise you use that time to clear your head." Inuyasha nodded and turned to leave. He once again reached the door. "Inuyasha," Sesshomaru called. He rolled his eyes and turned.

"Now what?" he snapped. Sesshomaru stared at him.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned," he recited. Inuyasha snorted.

"Well unfortunately for me I'm dealing with both," he replied, leaving the office.

That iconic "woman scorned" line is quoted from the 1697 play "The Mourning Bride" by William Congreve.