No explanation dudes… just popped up in my brain

No explanation dudes… just popped up in my brain. Just tell me if I should continue or not.


Life is… CRAP!

Chapter 1

Sakura opened the door, but when she saw who it was she was tempted to slam it back closed.

But instead she used a cool, relaxed demeanor that rivaled his.

She smirked and leaned on the doorframe.

"What the hell are you doing at my house, Uchiha?" she smirked.

"Is this really how you treat your best-friend and your sister's BOYFRIEND?" her smile fell.

"This is exactly why you are my EX-best friend."


Little Sasuke and Sakura played in the flowery field.

"I bet you can't catch me Saku-chan!" He squealed speeding away.

"I bet I can!" Sakura hopped up and ran at him, "Sasu-kun!"

Sasuke smiled and slowed, best friends always let the other win…

Sakura smiled and tackled him in a huge hug.

They rolled around in the grass, laughing, giggling and having a hell of a time.

"Ya know I bet we're gonna be best friends forever!" Sakura chimed.

"You bet!" Sasuke tickled her.

She tickled back.

They were tight like this for a long time…

Up until Sakura's father married again, but the worst part was the wife was H O R R I B L E!

Actually the worst part was that her father died.

So Sakura was alone.

Her new sister never let her talk to Sasuke ever.

Which is probably why she got him.


Sasuke smirked, "We were friends?"

Sakura scowled, "I'm gonna slap you if you don't shut up."

"SAKURA!" A high pitch squeal called…. It was the equivalent to scraping a chalkboard with your nails.

They turned to see… Sakura's GORGEOUS sister…


Sakura rolled her eyes in annoyance, "I'll leave you two 'lover's' alone now."

Karin latched herself onto Sasuke.

"Before I throw up!" Sakura says with a snicker.

She runs into he room and slams it on the wall.

Karin screams and throws her purse at the door, "BITCH!"

Sasuke smirked and said, "Let's go, babe."


Sakura slid down her door and sat on the wooden floor.

"Sasuke you are an inconsiderate bastard." She smiled through the tears she had shed.

She pulled out a picture from her pocket and held it close.

She sobbed, "But I miss you so much Sasu-kun!"

She cried into her sleeve.

It was bad enough to see him at school with her sister, but know she has to see him everyday?!

She slumped and wiped her eyes. "Dammit, I'm so weak."

"SAKURA!" that squeal was the equivalent of hearing a cat get run over.

"Yes, mother?" she hollered back.


Sakura scrambled up to her feet and went downstairs.

She ran down the stairs so fast that you'd think she was a ghost. But being as graceful as she is she stumbled and slipped forward.

"EEK!" she closed her eyes ready for a head-on collision, instead she fell into steady, firm arms.

She sighed and got up, "Thanks." She mumbled, she spared no glance because she remembers that familiar touch.

The softest touch imaginable comes from the hardest people.

She glided toward "mother."

She stood before the red-haired woman and asked, "What is it you need?"

The woman waved her hand and said, "I need nothing at the moment –insert Sakura twitching- I just need to speak with you."

Sakura nodded and sat down across from her. Karin and Sasuke also walked in and sat down. Sakura took note that Sasuke sat next her… close enough for her to smell his husky boyish smell.

"Sakura I don't need you around the house anymore." She started.

Sakura blinked… is she disowning me?

"So you are going to live in the dorm at school."

Sakura sighed… Crap…

"Is that all?" Sakura asked standing up.

"Yes, -she sits back down- you are leaving today… right now." The woman stood up and left.

Sakura rolled her eyes and got up. She headed for her room, "Hey! Haruno!" Sakura looks back to see Karin sneering at her. "I have to stay there too, so don't go making a loser of yourself!"

Sakura was tempted to flick her off, so she ran away. She ran back into her cramped room and threw all her crap into a large suitcase.


Sasuke grabbed Karin around the waist and stuck his head in her neck, "I'll take you and your 'sister' to school."

Karin sneered, "Can't we just ditch the bitch here?"

Sasuke for some reason let go of her immediately, and felt a pang at his heart. Why does this hurt? It hurts more than not being friends…. What the hell is this?

"No, I can wait." Sasuke leaned against the wall, "Go pack up."

Karin trotted away singing "Girlfriend."

"Sakura… you have no idea… how much I miss you…"


Sakura sat in Sasuke's jet black Ferrari. The rain was sliding down the windows. She watched with a smile as Sasuke tried to jam Karin's five large luggages into the small car. Sakura only had two.

She giggled to herself as he sat down wet, and turned on his car. Though she was crammed in the backseat with suitcases threatening to crush her… she was laughing. Karin, of course, got shot gun.

She was in a happy mood because she is using her ipod to listen to the "Emo version of Umbrella." (By Vanilla Sky) she could just imagine Sasuke in a dress dancing around.

She ignored the "shut-the-fuck-up" glare Karin was giving off. She began to sing.

Now that it's raining more than ever

Know that we'll still have each other,

You can stand under my umbrella!

You can stand under my umbrella!

She sang it full out rock and then looked back out the window. The rain flew down the window and she sighed. A smile curled up on her face.

Sasuke looked into the mirror and saw Sakura spacing out by the window mumbling the lyrics of a song. And telling by her twisted smile, he could tell she was thinking about something… twisted.

Sasuke stopped the car in front of the school, when it had just stopped raining. Sakura was the first to step out of the car. "I go to the office to find my dorm right?" She spoke as she hulled out her two suitcases.

Sasuke just nodded. Sakura shrugged and walked towards the office, usually no one dare go in there for the fear of their drunken principal.

Sakura strode in and banged on the desk, "Dorm please!"

Tsunade smiled at her confidence and then frowned while looking on her list. She looked up and whispered, "We have no more girl rooms."

Sakura arched a brow, "So…?"

"You'll have to stay in a boys dorm."

Sakura fell over and sighed, "Okay… room number please…"

"#345" Tsunade sad with a smile plastered on her face.

"Is it anybody bad?" Sakura asked scared.

"No, but- never mind." Tsunade waved her to leave. So Sakura left.

As she walked through the hallways she thought…

What if it's LEE?!

I would die a little then…

She said it wasn't anybody bad…

Who knows…?

Sakura found her room and went in. First thing she saw was blonde. "Naruto…" He's my roomy?! Oh fuck no!

Sakura laid her stuff on the floor, failing to notice the lack of TWO beds. (There was only one king-sized) "So Naruto… you're my room mate?"

The blonde looked up confused, "No I just snuck into Teme's room…"

Oh dear… there is only one person Naruto named Teme….

"Dobe how the hell did you get in my room, again?"

That voice… AW FUCK!

"You're my roommate?!" Sakura threw up her hands and screamed so loud the birds flew away… Shikamaru woke up… Neji drew a heavy line down his page… Ino messed up her hair… Tenten missed her target… Lee fell down… Hinata fell out of a tree by the dorm…

And Tsunade smiled wickedly, "Time to get Sakura and Sasuke back together!"

Okay… So was this good? I think I'm gonna keep throwing plot bunnies like this out and see which is best… so was is good? Bad? Review to answer.