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Life Is…

Sakura bust out screaming again. "YOU'RE MY ROOMMATE?!" Her world is suddenly "spiraling downward."

Sasuke widened his eyes a bit and smirked. "To afraid?" Yeah, he was surprised too… but "cool" people showed no emotion, duh!

Naruto raised a brow and stared. "They used to be lovers for sure." With a nod he agreed with himself. He saw the awkward tension between the "lovers" and assumed quite quickly.

Sakura looked at Naruto and threw a book at his head, "SHUT UP!"

Sasuke scowled a Sakura's abrasive behavior. So he mumbled to himself, "Where did the 'nice' Sakura go?" He chuckled, somewhat.

Naruto cupped his hands and spoke towards Sasuke, he, who raised his eyebrow, "What is she your ex-girl friend?"

Sasuke smirked slightly and said, "My girlfriend's sister." His thoughts wandered to a screaming Karin and slightly cringed.

Sakura frowned and said, "STEP-sister." Why, why was she related to this… this… monster? Wait no that isn't a strong enough word.

"Fine whatever." Sasuke sighed and walked towards what was apparently his bed.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Inconsiderate jerk." Naruto shook his head and agreed, "Thank you for seeing my point." Sasuke glared at him.

Sakura smiled somewhat, at the resemblance, and turned her head back to the Uchiha boy, who was currently looking down at his hands. "So, where do I sleep?"

She continued to look around the room, her eyes wandering. She noted that he had on photo turned down on the edge of his bed. It was face down…?

He looked up and shrugged, "I don't know… the floor maybe?"

She looked at the floor. Sure it was carpet, but when she was to wake up in the morning, she knew it would hurt like hell. So Sakura looked at him in disbelief, "Bastard!"

"Or would you rather sleep with me?" Sasuke 'sang' while petting the spot on the bed next to him.

Sakura sarcastically squealed, "Of course, Sasuke-kun! I'd love to sleep with you!" the words rolled off her tongue with a seductive edge. "Actually I'd rather-!"

"SSSSSAAAAAKKKKUUUUURRRRAAAAAAAAA!!" a voice screamed: equivalent to a dog trying to sing,

Aw fuck… Said girl thought. Sakura turned around and twitched, "I'm so screwed."


Tsunade smiled at the guests sitting before her. She smiled and began to rant, "Itachi, Ino, I hope you know your roles."

Itachi rolled his dark eyes, "Yeah, yeah get my brother together with his friend." He threw his hands up to emphasize. "Little brother always did have problems from telling a Bitch from a 'Nice' girl. Example would be Karin." He spat out her name.

Ino nodded quickly, "I hate Karin anyways! This'll be fun!" Ino jumped up and down in a really preppy way. "I love Sakura, too, so…. I'll beat the crap out of Sasuke if he doesn't cooperate." She cackled loudly and que the loud thunder.

Itachi sighed loudly, "Do I really have to work with this... this... this preppy… ditz?" He glanced at her, and hell, she was oblivious to the comment and was jumping up and down…still. "I mean, I heard she used to have a 'thing' for my bro."

Ino stood still and glared, Itachi shivered a bit, "What the fuck did you just blab about me?" He felt the room darken and the temperature drop.

"Hell, girl, you almost made me shit in my pants!" Itachi smiled and patted her head, "I guess your not that bad." Ino blushed and smiled.

Tsunade sighed, "Love between you guys is practically illegal."

Itachi and Ino fell over. They stood up in chorus and shouted (in chorus as well) "WHAT THE HELL??"


Karin strut over -clad in hot pink, practically burning everything dark in this room (which is everything). "SAKURA?" She first turns her head to glare at Sakura and then flips her hair to look at Sasuke. "What the hell is going on here?"

Sakura steps back and bangs her head on the wall. "Why, God? Why me?" Her forehead was throbbing when she stopped and looked at Karin. "Nothing, Karin. Nothing at all." She said sarcastically.

Karin ignored the remark and ran to Sasuke's side. She latched herself onto his arm. "Don't play around me, Sakura, what the fuck are you talking about."

Sakura turned and spat out lightly, "You don't want to know, girl." She started to walk out of the room, with Naruto trailing behind her. "Anyway bitch, why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Naruto cheered.

Karin batted her overly-mascaraed eyes and puckered her lips. "What happened Sasu-kun?"

Sasuke thought quietly, She looks like a fish. What the hell? "Nothing, babe. She's just my roommate."

Karin dropped his arm and screamed.

Neji messed up his hair while straightening.

Hinata yelled out a bunch of curses.

Tenten actually squealed.

Ino fell over.

Itachi's hair curled at the ends.

Tsunade choked on her sake.

Kakashi walked into class a second earlier.

What has gone on in this world?


Sakura smiled wickedly as she walked away. "Hey Naruto kid?"

He winced at the scream but answered back. "Yes Sakura-chan?"

"Do you want to be my friend?"

His eyes sparkled, "Sure!"

She smiled, "Then I got a task for you, buddy!"

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