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The way which the detective had said it played itself over and over again in Near's head.

He just can't forget about it.

It made him feel so many things at once.

At first, he had felt disgusted. Disgusted that L was sleeping with another male.

Then, he felt a painful feeling in his chest. It made him feel like crying. After trying to deny it, he could no longer do so. It was jealousy.

Finally, a hollow feeling took its place. Near could only thing of it as despair.

L had fallen in love with someone else.

Near wished desperately that he had never got out of bed that night to look for L.


Near had woken up, perspiring heavily.

He had had a bad dream.

In that dream, he saw Kira standing over L's lifeless body, laughing triumphantly. Then there was blood everywhere…

Near shook his head.

The Kira case had been solved nearly a year ago. L had seen to that.

The culprit, a man called Higuchi had been arrested and eventually executed.

Near had been ecstatic when L had returned but his joy was short lived.

L returned with another man.

Light Yagami.

Everything about that man made Near suspicious.

For one, he noticed that L spent a lot of time with Light. The two were always together, either solving cases, arguing about something or playing a game of chess.

Another thing was that the two shared the same room.

Finally, the way Light treated everyone else. Light acted all high and mighty with the others that quite frankly, pissed Near off.

But at the same time, Light scared Near. There was something about the way the man carried himself that made the white-haired boy feel fear.

Anyway, back to the current situation.

Near still felt the fear from his nightmare. He wanted to see L, he wanted to make sure that L was still there, living, breathing and just….well, just see him.

He got out of bed, taking his soft panda toy with him. (A/N: why panda??)

He made his way down the dark hallways of the Wammy House, feeling apprehensive.

There was something in the air that was different.

Near finally stood in front of the door to L's room.

He was about to knock when he heard some strange noises.

Near wondered what was going on in there.

He silently open the door the door just enough to see what was going on.

He wished he hadn't.

L was lying back on the bed. Light was leaning over him, his lower body moving rhythmically, making L moan.

Both of them were naked except for the blanket that covered their lower bodies. They were both sweating, groaning and in L's case, moaning and crying out every now and then.

Near went bright red and froze.

He couldn't take his eyes of the scene before him. It awoke so many feelings inside him.

He didn't know how long he stood there watching, but then Light slowed down and suddenly turned to look at the door.

Near still couldn't respond.

Even in the darkness, he swore the Light was smirking.

Then L murmured: "Light…"

That brought Near back to his senses. The boy fled back to his room.


Now, Near lay in his bed, trembling.

He knew that he had just witnessed something that he wasn't supposed to.

What made it worse was the way Light had smirked in the darkness at him.

The bastard.

Near felt an unfamiliar feeling in his groin.

Glancing down, he saw his manhood standing.

Near had always secretly loved L. what he had saw, made him realised that he wanted L to do to him what Light did to him.

He wanted L to make him moan.

He wanted to scream L's name as L did that to him.

Near was not an innocent boy, he knew of these things but had never been interested in them. Now, he realised that he wanted to experience it for himself badly.

He could never turn back.

Burying his face into his pillow, Near let out an anguished cry.

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