I was thinking about Debbie and Darren…and his death. All these thoughts I thought of were thought during PAP English class, which is the class we are reading Romeo and Juliet in. Well, this is a one shot of Debbie comparing her love with Darren to R&J, since her mother used to make her read the classics. I used the title "By Desmond Tiny" because he was pulling the strings…and made the title seem like Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare. Lol. Btw, I might make a small story of Debbie's and Alice's stay at Vampire Mountain; it mostly describes the vampires (mourning for Gavner, Seba, The Princes etc. approval and thoughts) Tell me if I should. I OWN NOTHING.

Debbie was sobbing relentlessly when she heard the news. The fight in the stadium had lasted only a few more hours after her beloved Darren ran off to fight Steve Leonard, the evil monster! They had won, losing only Alexander Ribs and having several injured. Evra was unscratched besides the cut on his unscaly shoulder. That reminded Debbie of how he got it, in the town where she met Darren in.

Oh Darren…

Alice came over to her at first, silent and mournful. Debbie had been expecting such a thing; she knew when Alice had good or bad tidings. Spending several months in a mountain full of vampires, living harshly and such allowed her to notice her emotions, recognize them. But to actually be receiving the news of Darren's death…oh it was horrible. Debbie had nodded, quiet but dry eyed, before excusing herself. When she slid into a bathroom, she went all out and sobbed.

She knew from the very beginning that Darren was a Prince who put his clan before his love. She accepted that, even admired him for it. She had been ready to die by the hands of that crazy R.V. if it meant Darren winning. But she couldn't help but curse him and his dedication.

She loved him with all her heart. Ever since they first met, she felt like she was missing something. When he disappeared so suddenly, she felt empty all her life. And now…now he was dead! Now she would never see him again, feeling empty the rest of her life.

So as she attended his funeral, she wondered about love. The casket they were staring was empty for the stabbed remains of Darren Shan had been washed away by the rivers. Her first thoughts were 'what a tragedy'. Then she remembered a book she read.

When she was younger, before she met Darren, her mother used to make her read 'classical' books. Sometimes it was Three Musketeers, The Secret Garden, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet.

It was almost common knowledge that Romeo and Juliet were of two different families that hated each other. Darren was a half vampire, Debbie was human. Romeo fell for Juliet the first time he laid eyes on her, sneaking around to see her. When Juliet was being forced to marry Count Paris, she faked her death, unknown to Romeo. So when Romeo found out, he went to see her…and drank poison. At that moment, Juliet awoke from her fake death and found he was dead…so she killed herself.

Of course Debbie would never do all that but the story of her first love with Darren followed the outlines of such a story. As she placed a white rose on Darren's empty casket, she whispered a line that came to mind,

"For never was a story of more woe,

than this of Juliet and her Romeo."