Another dummy is just what Jamie needed.

Mythbuster Hairspray is how Adam styles his hair.

Missing an eyebrow is normal after a myth.

Jamie wants a big boom.

A room full of gasoline is hard to ignite.

Shrapnel making is a good thing.

Jamie enjoys seeing Adam in pain.

M5's lights contain Mercury vapor.

You should never do what you see on Mythbusters unless you have your won show.

Adam needs to drink more.

Jamie is a quiet drunk.

Duckings are actually quite deadly.

It's called Duck Tape for a reason.

Adam is horrible at accents.

Jamie's shirt stays white because Adam does all the dirty work.

Goldfish eat their own poo.

Cheap cars have dud batteries.

Picking up people with a remote controlled taxi would be fun.

Thermal suits are private.

Nothing happens suddenly.

If you stand right in front of a death ray and don'tt die, it's not working.

Breaking a death ray is worth about 2,000 years of bad luck.

Littering ticket is more expensive than speeding tickets in California.

Buster makes the Earth move.

Adam feels better knowing Jamie's design will fail.

Adam irons his clothes with his Fierro de los Muertos.

There is a patron saint of ballistics gel.

Don't bathe with a toaster.

Adam needs a cookie.

The ground is busted.

There will be no second test.

A hay store is also known as a farm.

Adam's still at it six hours later.

Blowing things up and leaving noxious chemical residue is okay to do in front of the shop.

Adam wants a big boom.

The only thing a pea plant is good for is giving people gas.

80 lbs. Of gunpowder, 22 idiots and one crash-test dummy are priceless.

Buster often catches fire.

Once you release the mysterious blue smoke, electronics don't work.

They have one of everything at Mythbusters.

Failure is always an option.

Jamie was never the big animal veterinarian for the circus.

Think and then act.

You get a radio if you're good.

Wee is warm.

Brick car is the newest kid thing.

Science, plus beer, equals good!

Adam loves aluminum.

Buster could do with a Launch break.

You should never drive with a hatchet in the backseat.

Never French-kiss Adam.

There is no dignity in television.

Arrows in the left nostril are going into the nose.

Adam puts everything on his head.

Ben Franklin was never President.

There are cursed items in the world.

Inexplicably, Adam wears chain mail.

Torturing yogurt is fun.

It was the lard that did it.

You maybe ready to let go of the muffin top, but is the muffin top ready to let go of you?