People always call you when you're busy tying pig stomaches into skeletons.

Barrels are strong things.

Nobody has lead balloons.

Tory has lost his mind.

Adam hides in the toilet.

It does not get better than crashing cars into a rubber moose.

Red paint is red and smells like blue paint.

Holy bleeping bleepity bleep.

It may be nice and sunny, but it is still a torture chamber.

Adam ate a radio for science.

It's always a good day when you start it at the bomb range.

In San Francisco, it snows in plastic bags.

You need the Mythbusters Concerto in C4.

What happens to Buster is creepy.

The Hyneman prefers to live in an extremely clean enviroment.

A robot stuffed with tuna underwater is just another normal day.

Danger is Adam's middle name.

A tumbleweed is not a pirate thing.

Pillaging might not be legal in California.

Toy monkeys are hideous.

Adam can talk way to fast.

Sixty pounds of force across the knuckles is going to sting a little.

Adam shot Grant right in his left nostril.

It's donE with a capital 'E'.

Spraying bees with vodka makes them drunk.

It is weird talking without any oxygen in your system.

At 110 psi you would lose a footbal but gain a hat.

Tory loves ballistics gel.

You don't need ears to test the leathality of falling bullets.

It may look like salami, it may smell like salami, it may even taste like salami, but it's rocket fuel.

If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

Friends and family of Buster should look away.

Liquified cardboard tastes uncannily like cardboard.

Bubbles are a fine way to sculpt.

Paramedics are nowhere to be found.

Jamie's tanks are filled with complaining geese.

The only thing that differentiates Adam from a couple of fourteen year-old pyromanics is ballistc glass.

Blur is very dangerous. You don't want to mix blur with blur.

Next on Discovery: The World's deadliest pinata.

High explosives and electricity = Wooooo!

Behave or Jamie will turn you into a coat.

It bleeds.

Shrapnel in trees is how you know Mythbusters have been around recently.

Whales go Mooooo.

You would expect a bull in a china shop to be like a bull in a china shop.

A grappling hook is essentail for Nocturnal-Echo-Locating-Flying-Mammal-Man.

Tory is the one written all over it.

Buster wonders if Mike Rowe is hiring.

Grant predicts pain.

Tory's been a baaad pirate.

Adam does not like stepping on octopus.

Airplanes tell you not to think.

Jack Russell Terrier urine will do it.

Trombones still work after being blown up.

When in doubt, add something heavy.

There is poo everywhere.

Buster's face smells like memories.

Adam finally smells foul.

You never get pulled over for going six miles an hour.

Buster is going to die, but it's going to look great.