I look down to see the man who should be my father embraced in a kiss with a red headed woman. Did they know? Did they know that I was to come soon? The path chosen?

I look down some more and see the man and woman laughing. So carelessly. They don't have a care to the world. Would they be ready for me? Would they want me, much more will they keep me?

I look down again and see them kiss. They have a glow around them. Tonight will be the night. The night I'm created.

I look down again and see them leaving in a car.
Tonight's the night. No longer will I be in the shadow's. No longer do I need to dream. Tonight's the night.

I look down again they have parked at the hotel. Can't keep their hand's off each other. Will they be ready? Tonight's the night. They've made their way to their room. Still kissing and petting. I wonder if they know? I wonder if they're ready.

I look down again and see them in bed. I see her reaching her climax with him soon following. I hope they are ready. I watch as they sleep in each each others arms. I don't know if I should smile, or frown. I have not known them for long. Only for a few year's now. Are they ready? Will I be?

I look down again. It's been nine month's now, soon I will have to go down.
Soon I will have to meet them. Am I ready. Will they understand? It's almost time now, I must go. I can see my Mommy and Daddy waiting for me now. Mommy in a white gown with sweat on her face, and Daddy next to her telling her to breath. Are they ready? They had better be, for here I come!