I watch in fear as they hover above me, yet the duo smiles down Smiling as though everything had forever been perfect.

I watch in fear as Amy reaches to stroke my cheek. Her hands are so cold, so cold. It is then I remember Krissy.

My mind moves elsewhere remembering her smile and the warmth around her.
She had always wanted me to fit in, to be one of them. Apart of her family.

My mind moves elsewhere as I remember on, memories of the happy family they were.
Even some happy moments with me. Dear God, what have I done?

The cold brings me back, the coldness of the room and everything inside it.
Death by the cold, why does that sound so comforting?

The cold brings me back, back to the bed I'm laying in and back to Amy.
I know my eyes ask that simple question, because the look in hers flash's over with pain. That simple question. Why.

I look up to Shane, searching for answers. There had once been a time, a time that I trusted him. He had been a loyal friend of my fathers, yes loyal indeed.

I look up to Amy, wanting to plead with her, just to let me go. Yet I remain silent in fear.
Fear of knowing the answers questions bring.

I sigh deeply as they begin to leave the room, leaving me there, all alone.
Alone I should be, forever and ever more alone, but first I must escape Amy.

I sigh deeply and watch the door close. Surely they have this place rigged. Knowing I would attempt to escape.
Quickly I stand, wanting nothing more then to escape, escape into an open land.

Frantic I become, grasping the closed window. Growling deeply when it refuses to open.
Should I break it? I ponder that very thought, coming to the conclusion that they may hear

Frantic I become, racing to the door and grabbing the knob. No matter how hard I twist, it doesn't budge. I'm locked inside.

Falling back onto the bed, I'm beginning to realize how strong destiny takes a hold.
No matter how many times I try to fight it, I'll always be stuck inside.

Falling back against the pillows, I now know where my destiny lays.
I was born into this life from hate, therefore I should die in sin.

I think to myself how right it shall be, welcoming death with arms wide open.
Now it's just a matter of time, I lay back into the bed and listen to the soft ticks, knowing soon I'll be hearing my final one.