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"Take Cover!" screamed Shepard as a squirt of acid came rushing forwards, melting through what was left of the barricade. There was screaming and death surrounded him, one stood out though.

"Toombs!!" Kyle Shepard watched as one of his friends was pulled down by a thresher maw.

"Keep going men back to the evac point now!" Kyle woke up sweating next to a concerned Ashley

"What's wrong, as it another nightmare?"

"Yeah Akuze again I don't know how I keep dealing with it" Kyle replied. Silence enveloped them before long Joker came over the comm.

"Commander, were arriving at the planet you asked me to go to but sir its not here." Just as Joker finished the ship shuddered

"Joker! What in hell was that!"

"Commander where under attack by a Alliance dreadnought, don't ask me why but there firing on us you may want to get up here"

Kyle swore as the ship shuddered again "Alright Joker I'm on my way up."

Kyle just reached the bridge as another shot pounded into the barriers "Status Report Joker!" Kyle quickly barked "Uh 30 of our barriers left and it seems that they have some upgraded sensor equipment because i got our stealth systems online and they can still see us and target us fine."

"Joker get us to the Relay and get us out of here now!" But just as Kyle said the order a phasic round tore through the Normandy's shields and punched right through the engines, disabling the ship.

Kyle swore, they were sitting ducks for whatever else the enemy decided to throw at them.

"Um they moving to board us Commander" joker replied with a scared look, Alliance dreadnoughts carried a lot of people and a ship of the Normandy's size would be flooded with marines very quickly. "Joker put me on ship wide" Joker hit a button "Crew, were about to be boarded by a Alliance Dreadnought suit up and meet me at the bridge on the double!"