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"ARRRG!" Falco's cry of frustration rang throughout the mansion's hangar. "WHERE!?" His voice echoed off of the walls, alerting Fox in the process. Fox dashed over to his friend.

"What is it?" He asked worriedly.

"MY ARWING!" Falco continued to yell.

"Dude, that stain on the seat was so not me. I have proof that it was Pit... or Roy... Or someone else I don't like..."

"What? No! In case you haven't noticed, my Arwing is M-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Uhhh..." Fox stiffened and looked from side to side.



"That spells missing, by the way."

"Oh, I knew that."

"YOU KNEW IT WAS MISSING AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?" Falco raised his voice again.

"No! I mean the spelling... Wait. YOUR ARWING IS MISSING?" Fox's eyes grew wide with realization. Falco slapped his forehead. "I'd kick you in the balls if you had any."

"Wouldn't that be animal cruelty?" Fox pointed out, oblivious to the obvious BURNITUDE.

"Just stop, okay. Jesus, I can't believe I'm from the same game as you."

"Oh yeah... well you're a freaking shit-head! HAH! I said a bad word! Nyaahaa... Wait... Falco. Where's your Arwing?"


"Wow! Dude! You're turning red! Are you blushing?" Fox shuffled around in a circle, analyzing the hangar. "I don't see any cute girls around... Oh my God Falco... ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH ME?" Fox's tail became bushy as he cringed away from his friend. "Er, dude, you know I don't swing that way..." Fox scratched the back of his head. "I mean... You're a cool guy... and...I didn't know--Holy CRAP! Don't come any closer!" Falco advanced steadily towards Fox, fuming with anger. He pulled out his ray gun. Fox squeaked and fled. He was a couple feet ahead when Falco bolted after him, firing his gun like mad.

"No! Falco! YOUR AFFECTION IS PAINFUL!" He howled in pain as a beam of light from Falco's gun nailed him in the backside.

"Die! DIE YOU ANNOYING SACK OF PULP!" Falco pulled out a second ray gun, clicking the triggers at rapid speeds.

Just then, Falco's Arwing crashed through the roof, landing in the bird's path to Fox. Falco gasped, not because pieces of rubble were flying at him, but because his beautiful Arwing was muddy, scratched up, and cracked in random places. He whimpered as the Arwing slammed into his Landmaster, causing even more damage. He expected it to stop there, but the Arwing skidded along the floor, pushing the Landmaster with it. Large amounts of dust and debris rose into the air, blocking Falco's view of his beloved machines.

After a few minutes, the dust cleared, and the hatches to the Arwing opened. Three small passengers tumbled out.

"Woah! Completely awesome!" Yoshi managed to say. He teetered off balance, but then planted both of his feet on the floor.

"Uhh... I think I'm going to puke..." A rather green Ness plopped himself down on the ground and held his head between his knees.

"Meh..." Kirby walked normally, appearing unaffected by his insane joyride. "I've been in better..."

Falco fell to his knees. "Why?!" My beautiful BABIES!" He sobbed uncontrollably. (This is where you cry, or laugh. Depends.)

"Pfft." Yoshi walked over to him. "Wimp..."

"Wait..." Fox suddenly appeared next to Yoshi. "...Falco... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARWING?!"

A/N: Yes. Crap ending. But I wanted to force this idea out before it rotted.