Title : Her Sapphire Eyes

Rating ; R

Chapter: 1/??

Summary:Her father, angry because of his wife's death, despises his only daughter. Not satisfied with that, he decided to raise her as his SON. The first and only son of the Lord of the Eastern Lands. Could anyone restore that which was broken and open her…..sapphire eyes? Sess/Kag

Disclaimer: I get the idea from a Korean manga, INVU. It's not mine at all.

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Chapter 01 The Beginning : 1,317 words

A little girl, carrying a small flower in her hands, appeared from behind the bushes. Her jet black shiny hair, a rarity among her kind, flowed down her back, bouncing slightly with each step. She ran toward the center of the garden, intending to show the gift she got from the villagers.

"Mother….look what Tsuki-san gave me!" The tiny smile widened, showing a glimpse of small fangs among her white teeth, the sitting woman smiled back, accepting the gift. The woman, like the little girl, had long jet black hair, flowing freely and gently across her back and down below to the grass she sat in.

"It's beautiful Kagome." The soft melodious voice escaped her slender lips. The woman nodded, still smiling when the little girl took a seat beside her, not caring that her white flowered kimono would be stained from the grass and dirt of the ground.

"Uh…uh...they're so nice to me, Mother. But…." A tiny frown formed as the little girl looked up at her mother.

"Yes, Kagome, what is it?"

"Why do they not have stripes like ours? I know the tear drop symbol is for father, Mother, and me only…but why don't they have stripes on their cheeks like others in the castle?" The little girl asked innocently, touching said symbol on her forehead.

The woman chuckled. Her Kagome was smart indeed for noticing those small details. However… maybe it was time for her to know the differences between them. "The stripes are not there because they're humans, Kagome. Humans don't have stripes or strange markings on their faces like us, youkai."

Kagome blinked. "So…they can't change like Mother and Father?"

Her mother blinked. "Change?"

Kagome nodded eagerly, "Uh huh…yup! I saw you and Father back then! Both of you are really great and so HUGE!! And those tails...they look so…fluffy!!"

The woman chuckled again at her daughter's outburst. "Fluffy? I guess you can say that. And for your question, yes, dear Kagome, they can't change like us."

Kagome frowned. "So…we're different then?"

The woman nodded, pulling her daughter onto her lap, "That's right. However, you must remember this, dear daughter. We're the same… youkai and humans are the same."

Kagome blinked as the new information seeped in. "Huh…? I don't understand…"

Her mother nodded again, "That's alright. Just remember… humans and youkai are living creatures. Both have souls…and as many differences they have...they should respect each other."

As time passed Kagome became a teenager in youkai terms even though in human years she was actually fifty years old. Growing taller, she became more and more like her mother, Lady Makoto, Lady of the Eastern Lands. Her shiny black hair nearly reached her calves, very much like her mother. Not only that, her sapphire eyes were a mirror image of her mother's, drawing others into their depths. In the youkai world, it was very rare to find a black haired and moreover, a sapphire eyed inuyoukai. Most inuyoukai, which were only those of the royal lines of the Eastern and Western Lands, have white hair and golden eyes. Thus, it was Kagome's mother, Lady Makoto, who inherited those features and passed it on to Kagome. The Lord of the Eastern Lands, Lord Higurashi, was considered lucky to have such beauties as a mate and daughter.

Unlike other youkai, Lord Higurashi held a certain amount of respect for humans, especially those whom lived within his borders. It was well known that the reason he did so was due to his mate. There was rumor that Lady Makoto had been saved by a human from certain death long ago. Because of that, she promised not to purposely harm humans. And now, the Eastern Lands were well-known for its great protection of humans who lived inside its borders. During Lord Higurashi's reign, humans and youkai lived together peacefully in the Eastern Lands.

Kagome, who grew more and more in the ways of her mother, held the same respect for humans. She often went to the village to play and hang out with the villagers. The villagers didn't fear her, knowing that the royal line of the Eastern Lands wouldn't harm them. Kagome was used to the human smell and environment, which could normally be really annoying for an inuyoukai. Even Kaede, her best friend, a young miko, taught her many of the human traits and customs. She also helped by teaching Kagome some miko things and useful spells.

Like most offspring of the royal lines, especially female progeny, must reach a certain age before they are to be presented to the taiyoukai of the other cardinal lands. She could only travel the castle and anywhere within the barrier that contained the Eastern Lands. There was only one exception to this rule, the first son of each lord, heir to their perspective land, must journey on his own into the wild. On this journey the heir is expected to mature and train himself to become stronger. The sole purpose of this journey is to prepare the heir to assume the role as future lord of his land.

Lord Higurashi had yet to have a son, resulting in years or even decades for this rule to come in to effect. Kagome was happy with the condition, as she didn't want to meddle with the youkai council. The politics, the lordship, and all it entailed were too hectic and stressful for her young mind. She was just glad that her father allowed her freedom as a young inuyoukai.

Lady Makoto, her mother, always gave her comfort. She always taught Kagome how to behave, speak, and fight as a lady. A lord must be strong, but a lady must be beautiful and regal in all things. Kagome really admired her mother. Her soft and soothing voice, her long black shiny hair, her breathtaking smiles, her graceful steps, and her womanly figure, everything about her was perfect in Kagome's young eyes. Her father was so lucky to have her as his mate, Kagome mused. If things went well, maybe in a year or two from now…she would get a little sister or brother.

If things went well…………………

If she had only known ……

In a cave, far away and hidden from all, there was a woman sitting in darkness. The light of candles surrounded her, creating a ominous and foreboding atmosphere.

A cruel smirk formed on her pale lips.

"Lord Higurashi……you will pay……for giving this Tsubaki a chance……"

A dark laugh was heard as a shadow of the Eastern Land's castle formed before her.

The story begins ……


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