Ino peered over Sai's shoulder. Pretending not to notice her, he hunched over his drawing so she couldn't see it. She'd made out the outline of a person, though, before he had hidden it. But still...

That's weird... he usually lets me see his drawings.

She went around and peered underneath trying to see. She didn't see the drawing... but she did see that he was smiling his real smile while sketching it. He looked up and it vanished.

She ignored the pang of heartbreak that gave her.

"What do you want, Beautiful?" he asked, pulling the drawing to his chest. She tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach that always arose when he called her that. (Ino! It's only because he thinks you're ugly and that you want to hear the opposite of what you are! Don't fall for it again!)

"What're you drawing?" she asked.


"You were smiling," she pressed, and she saw his eyes widen. Good. A reaction.

"No, I wasn't..."

"And it was a person, too. Tell me, who makes you smile?"

He frowned and shut his mouth, sulking.

"Aw, come on..." she pouted. He shook his head violently.

"Is it... one of the rookie nine?"

After thinking it over, he nodded.

"All right. So there's... Chouji?"


"Shikamaru? Sasuke?"

Another head-shake.

"Forehead? Naruto? Hinata? Kiba?"

Again, he shook his head 'no'.

"...Shino?" she asked finally, absolutely confused.

"No," he said, raising an eyebrow at her.

Of course, Inner Ino was yelling out the obvious answer to her. But she hadn't wanted to hope... in case it wasn't true...

She decided to go for it. She was going to say it boldly, like any of the other names, but she couldn't, and it came out as a whisper.


He appeared to be debating with himself. Evidently, upon reaching a conclusion he turned the sketchbook around and handed it to her.

"Knock yourself out, Beautiful."

There, on the paper, was herself, but prettier somehow- long light hair floated around a dancing girl- apparently herself- in an elegantly patterned and shaped kimono. Soft-looking flower petals graced the air around her- Ino found herself reaching out to touch them due to their lifelike nature. And... that was a fan in her hand, gracefully spread and lifted upwards. The pattern was exquisite.

The only word to describe it was beautiful.

"But... I'm not that pretty..." she said slowly, amazed that he would draw something like this and smile like that while doing so.

He snatched the book back.

"Of course not... you're Beautiful."

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