1 Road Obstacle

Sakura walked down the slippery road. Lights. Street cats. Rain. More Rain. That was all she saw that night. Somehow, she ended on the ground, her butt totally wet. She tilted her head up towards the sky and smiled as she felt the raindrops fall on her face.

What in the world is that drunkard doing sitting in the middle of the road? Sasuke had beeped his car at least ten times, but the crazy woman was still grinning up at the rain. He got out, and slammed his car door impatiently.

"Get out of my way, woman."

He kicked her slightly with the edge of his polished black shoes. She looked up and him and smiled dreamily. Now, that did it. He was so not in the mood for this right now. He didn't want to touch the alcoholic, but now he'd have to. He sighed and grabbed her roughly by the arm, planning to throw her onto the side of the road so he could go on his way.

The woman screamed. Shit.

"That hurts! Let go of me! Pervert! Rapist!"

She swung her red Balenciaga bag at his head and stepped on his toes. Hard.


He pushed her and she fell onto the ground again, water splashing everywhere. She started to get up again, her bag ready to strike a blow.

"Don't even think about trying to hit me, woman," he threatened. "I don't go easy on women. I won't hesitate to beat you senseless, rape you, and lock you in that trashcan if that's what it takes for me to go on my way."

"I'll scream."

"Oh, don't even think about—"

The angriest, most shrill scream he had ever heard in his entire life filled the damp air. Panicked, Sasuke closed his hands over her mouth and forced her up by holding the neck of her shirt.

She squirmed and kicked all the way to his car. How he managed to drive off without her escaping, he didn't know. All he knew was that a lady who lived on that street had peered out of her lighted window, and appeared to be dialing 911.

"Let me out! Let me OUT! LET ME OUT!!" screamed the crazy drunk woman from inside his bedroom door.

"Argh! SHUT UP for a moment, will you? Just for one moment! I am so sick of you!"

Sasuke kicked the mahogany door.

"Then let me OUT! NOW! OR I'LL SCREAM!"

"No, I won't! Stop being fussy and shut up already! I can't let you out now anyway, because you'r friggin drunk! SO SCREAM ALL YOU WANT!" he shouted back.

So she screamed all she wanted. After about twenty seconds, Sasuke couldn't stand it anymore. He unbolted the door and went right to her.

"So you want to be out there in this thunderstorm? Can't you see you're drunk?!"



He grabbed her by the hair and led her down the stairs, all the way to his front lawn.

"Ow! Stop! Stop pulling my hair! Stop, stop!" she began to cry.

He released her.

"There. Happy? Now go away and never come back."

Mahogany doors slammed in her face. Sakura continued crying. In the back of her mind, she knew she was being stupid. She'd wanted out of the house, but now, she wanted in. That guy was such a jerk, but at least he cared enough for her; he didn't want her to go out alone in a thunderstorm. Now, even he'd left her.

Sakura leaned against the beautifully carved doors of the jerk, and slid down onto the floor. She bawled. For what reason, she could not identify. Flashes of blonde hair and blue eyes came into her mind. A girl with pale eyes. That graduation party. A searing pain shot through her heart, and Sakura thought she was ready to die.

"Everyone's left me. There's no reason for living. God, please have mercy on me and kill me now…"

She opened her eyes again to see black, polished shoes. She looked up. It was the jerk.

"You left your bag," he held up her bag to her.

Tears filled her eyes. She was so happy to see him. She didn't take her bag. For a minute, he stood there looking at her. She looked so lost, so torn, so…hopeless. Something shifted in his heart. Instead of the red bag, he now held out his hand to her.

"Get up, woman. You can stay the night."

When she didn't get up, he bent down and carried her up. He leaned into him and sobbed like there was no tomorrow. He put her onto his white sofa when he got into the house. Then, he stood back to take a look at her again.

Crazy drunk woman had an extremely pretty face, surprisingly. Her wet, white, cotton lace dress clung to her—again, surprisingly—full curves. Sasuke realized he hadn't fully observed her until this moment. Before then, he'd thought she was a crazy, alcoholic, rude, ugly hag. Now, he knew that she was a crazy, alcoholic, rude, attractive hag. Now, if she wasn't drunk, and she hadn't screamed at him, and she wasn't emotionally depressed, and she was one of his countless admirers, he would have definitely taken her to bed. Definitely. He smirked.

I definitely could do it, but since I'm such a moral guy…naw.

"I'm wet," she remarked.

The smirk immediately disappeared from his face. Crazy drunk woman was making being moral too hard for him. He had to stop thinking dirty thoughts.

"You need to go shower," he decided aloud.

She looked kind of sober now. She nodded.

"The bathroom's upstairs. Go take a shower."

She didn't move.

"Gosh, woman."

He scooped her up again and carried her to the bathroom. All the way, she snuggled against him, her soft breasts against his chest. If he could have his way…

They reached the bathroom at last. Sasuke placed her on the floor and quickly grabbed a towel and one of his shirts from the wardrobe, and threw them at her.

"Now, go shower."

He closed the door on her. Then, he stood listening, to see if she was even making an effort doing something. She wasn't. He knew she would have taken a shower at some point, but he just couldn't resist one last, not-entirely-innocent remark. Even if the only one who'd realize it would be him.

He opened the bathroom door and stuck his head in.

"Take off all your clothes," he said purposefully.

What shocked him was that she was already obeying his "order." Her white cotton lace dress lay discarded on the floor. She was sliding down her panties. Her look was one of confusion when she saw him.

Without saying a word, he immediately shut the door again. Breathe in, breath out. That was definitely worth it.

Author's Note: Don't know if continuing…but would like to hear comments. :)