Right and Wrong

When Sasuke saw her number ringing his cell phone, he was more than a bit shocked. Wasn't she supposed to be watching a movie with Naruto?

"Hello?" he struggled to keep his voice listless.



"I-I'm really sorry that I told you that I was busy yesterday. I-I'm not now...and if you still want to we could still catch that movie…"

It was like his mind started to boil.

"I know," there was a hint of fury in his tone now.


"Nevermind, Sakura. Let's not see each other anymore. I really don't see any use in forcing you to like me."

"What?! What are you talking about, Sasuke?! I-"

"Bye, Sakura."

Even after he'd hung up, he regretted it. He felt terrible as he drove home, top speed. Worse, it was raining. Just like that day, three months ago, on their first date. They'd kissed, and it was sweet. But everything was now over and sadly, he didn't even have the right to be angry at her.

She was also speeding, going one-sixty miles per hour. A part of her was confused. Why was he so cold to her? Had she done anything wrong? Well, obviously, she had, by going out with Naruto, but he didn't know that, did he? I was going to confess that to him when the time is right anyway…

And another part of her was very, very worried. What did he mean by "let's not see each other anymore?" It could mean, one, he found another girl, one better than her. Two, he just didn't like her. Three, she did something wrong.

Sakura thought choice one was most likely as it was really easy to find pretty girls, for one like Sasuke. With his looks, he could practically have any girl he wanted. The third choice was second-most-likely. It obviously couldn't be that he found out about Naruto, right? So, she tried to think back on their last date.

Images of him fighting her for the softer pillow in her room came into her mind. They basically had an—ahem—pillow fight. Minus all the kissing, of course. Could it be that he's mad about her hitting with the teddy bear too many times?

"Oh, crap!"

She quickly swerved, avoiding a pole she'd almost hit. No, too much thinking about Sasuke during driving was definitely not good. It was too much like drinking and driving. She'd figure all this out when she reached Sasuke's place.

Five minutes after he'd arrived home, Sakura's blue Yaris appeared in his driveway. He peeked out from the curtains. She looked worried. Serves you right, he thought, then caught himself. He was acting too immature.

His eyes followed her as she moved to press on his doorbell. Soon, he heard the familiar buzz. For the first time in his life, Sasuke did not know what to do when a girl came pressing on his doorbell. Usually, if he liked them, he let them in, and did whatever he liked with them. If he didn't like them, he just shooed them away with a cold, disgusted glare.

The buzz increased in frequency and he started to get annoyed. That woman can be so annoying when she wants to. After a few moments' consideration, he decided he'd tell her what he knew and why she should get out of his life and never come back. Yes, that was the right choice. The logical choice.

Just when she was starting to think that Sasuke would never open his door, and she'd have to forcefully find another way in, the door swung open. There he is. Looking as heartbreakingly handsome as ever, even with that sour expression on his face.

"H-Hi, Sasuke. May I come in?" she ventured.

He frowned.

"You'd better stay out."

His tone was emotionless, but threatening, nonetheless.

Her pretend-casual look crumbled into worried confusion.

"Why, Sasuke? What's wrong?"

That did it. How dare the annoying woman ask "what's wrong?" What's wrong?! You, that's what! You make me so annoyed, and you make me feel terrible! He grabbed her petite wrist and pulled her inside, and shut the door behind her loudly, then spun around to glare at her.

"I saw you going out with Naruto today."

Shocked filled her green eyes, then, shame. She looked like she was about to cry.

"I have no right to be angry, I know, Sakura, because we agreed on this," he hissed, "but I am. Now, can you leave?"

He didn't bother to conceal his anger anymore. Sakura honestly felt like crying. There was no excuse for her actions, even though technically, she wasn't in the wrong. But this was a relationship, not a textbook, not a machine. It was about emotions, not about what was technically right and what was technically wrong.

"I'm sorry!"

Her eyes started to fill with tears.

"Don't be," he told her bitterly, "what you did was already agreed on."

"No! No, I was wrong! Sasuke, I'm so sorry! I—"

He didn't bother to hear the rest, because he couldn't. He also couldn't bear to see her tear-stained face, crying, because of him. So, he swiftly shoved her outside and shut and locked the door in her face. He was not going to be weak because of that woman's tears. Never.

She kept pounding on his wooden door for several minutes, until she could feel her fists throbbing. Bruises were starting to form. The whole time, she sobbed.

"Sasuke! Please, I'm sorry! I know what I did was wrong, and that it was wrong to even hope that Naruto would ever like me! Whatever you say about our terms about our relationship, I was wrong! Please, forgive me just this one time!"

He couldn't keep the tears from falling as he silently cried on the other side of the door as he leaned against it. He wished he could open the door and tell her that everything was okay, and that he'd forgiven her about that little escapade. But he was Sasuke, and had pride, and was logical. Opening the door and forgiving her would only hurt him more. He'd come to like—no, love—her and if she continued to stay by his side while her heart was someone else's, well, he was sure he couldn't take that. Better to stop now than later...

She continued to try and communicate with him through the door.

"S-Sasuke," her voice was hoarse now, from the crying and shouting, "I-I'm so sorry…please. Please forgive me. I don't expect you to come back and be my boyfriend or whatever b-but…"

A hiccup escaped.

"…Please, forgive me. I never meant you any h-harm."

She began to cry again. He'd never stopped.

"…I-I did like Naruto before, that was true. I n-never meant to lie to you. But now I've met you…and when I m-met up with him today…I realized I d-didn't like him anymore."

She paused, Sasuke guessed, to wipe her tears.

"...I-I…I think I'm in love with you now, Sasuke."

She began to cry noisily again, in the midst of her hiccups.

"S-so please, d-d-don't leave me! I-I really l-like you! M-More than N-Naruto! I-I'm s-sure!"

She'd leaned her entire frame on the door, and when it pulled open, she fell over. Without a word, Sasuke kneeled down and hugged her tightly. Surprised, and still leaking tears, Sakura froze.

"S-Sasuke, I-I'm so sorry a-and if," a sob wet his t-shirt, "i-if you d-don't like me anymore I won't give up! I-I'll flirt with y-you until you like me again! B-Because I really lov—"

"Shut up, you stupid woman. I love you too."

He fully dragged her inside and shut the door, then proceeded to kiss her. She felt like she was in heaven. His hot mouth on her, claiming its territory passionately.

"You owe me big, Sakura," he told her when he'd finished.


He leaned down and wiped away a tear-stain.

"A big punishment, Sakura. I can have sex with you now, right?"

She immediately flushed and tried to squirm out of his grasp. He smirked.

"Let's get started, shall we?" he said, as a naughty hand crept up her skirt.


Author's Note: I am very sorry for the long wait for this chapter! Let's say I was in...circumstances where I did NOT have a single moment's privacy. - -'' ...anyway, I am still debating whether to end this story here or not... :) Also, as an interesting fact, I thought you readers might like to know that this story is based on a true story--my own. Unfortunately, I am still stuck on loving "Naruto" and as of now, I have not found a "Sasuke." :( So, this story was made, mainly, to cheer me up, in hopes that one day I might have a happy ending too. :) That's all! I hope you enjoyed!