"Justin, you sure you're up to it?" Brian asked still a bit hesitant going to Melanie and Lindsay's as Justin had been throwing up on and off all day.

"Bri, I'm ill not crippled, besides I don't want to disappoint them, I haven't seen everyone in ages" the blonde replied, stepping out of the bathroom after another bout of vomiting.

"You saw them last week "Brian replied rolling his eyes at the blonde, who was currently trying to pull on his jacket but failing miserably. "Seriously, they won't mind if you skip dinner" he continued concern written all over his face as he helped his boyfriend put on his jacket.

"I'm fiiiinnnneeee, just a bit dizzy but otherwise fine; now let's go or we will be late"

"Sunshine, what's the matter, you look pale" Deb asked concern covered her features while she wrapped Justin up in a bone crushing hug. "I'm fine Deb, really"

"You sure Baby?" Emmett asked over hearing their conversation.

"Yes, I'm positive" he said whilst giving him a hug "Now if you will excuse me I must see Linds".

At the dinner table, everyone was as usual talking about gossip and what happened during the week, everyone that is except Justin; who was currently a deathly pale and refusing to eat, drawing the concerned looks of everyone especially Brain's whose hadn't left since they left their apartment.

Suddenly Justin stood up from the table and after excusing himself literally ran to the bathroom.

"What's up with Sunshine?" Debbie asked the question everyone wanted to ask

"I have no idea, he's been sick on and off all day and said he was dizzy before we left" Brian replied his brow furrowed in concern.

"Then, why the hell did he come" voiced Michael, who had come to love Justin like a little brother. Anyone else's thoughts were cut off when they heard a thump coming from upstairs.

"Justin" Brian shouted as he ran upstairs, everyone else in tow.

"Oh God no" he mumbled as he saw Justin's crumpled form lying unconscious on the floor.

After five minutes of trying to revive Justin turned out pointless. He was lying on the couch still unconscious. By now everyone was in a bit of a panic. "Someone, call an ambulance" announced Brian, holding Justin's hand and trying desperately not to cry.

"I will" replied Melanie, scrambling to pick up the phone.

"Bri, hunni, you alright?" Debbie asked, wrapping him up in a hug. "God Deb, it's like the prom, minus the blood" whispered Brian fighting back the tears. Everyone else was in a similar state- 'What was wrong with their Sunshine?'

Ambulance sirens pulled everyone out of their stupor.

Everyone save Brian scrambled into cars following the ambulance to the hospital that they wished that Justin would never have to step foot in again, not since his bashing.

Brian wasn't really paying attention to what the paramedics were saying, all he was focussed on was Justin. Could you really blame him?

Everyone was shunned into the waiting room, waiting impatiently for the results of the tests they ran on Justin. Brian by now was probably going to wear a hole in the floor from his insistent pacing. 'God, he better be alright' he thought over and over until...

"Mr. Kinney? Please would you follow me, Justin requested you come" A female doctor said checking her clipboard, once again going over her diagnosis.

"Yeah, sure" he stated quickly following the doctor through a corridor and straight into Justin's room.

"Brian" Justin croaked "I'm sorry"

"Why are you sorry?" he replied clearly confused, whilst grasping Justin's hand.

"For worrying you" before Brian could reply the doctor interrupted

"I have the results from the tests we ran, and that's what caused your blackout"

"What is it doctor, am I ill?" Justin said panic rising

"No, well nothing that won't go until nine months" meeting their confused faces she ploughed on "Congratulations you two, you're having a baby" she finished with a smile.

"What?" Brian gasped out, this couldn't be right, could it?

"Justin's pregnant" she stated.

Brian's mind was going a hundred miles a minute, he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, he had to get out. Dropping Justin's hand he ran out of the room and out of the hospital. Leaving a heartbroken Justin in his wake. Trying desperately not to cry Justin hugged his knees and buried his face in them.

"Mr. Taylor, you have visitors, do you want me to send them in?" asked the doctor concern played on her face. Seeing Justin's nod she collected the gang and sent them in.

The sight that greeted them wasn't one they expected; a crying Justin hugging his knees and sobbing. Everyone immediately thought the worst and crowded Justin's bed.

"Sweetie, you okay? What's wrong?" Emmett enquired sitting on the bed. Justin launched himself at Emmett crying into his shoulder all the while saying "He left, why would he do that?" Of course nobody had to ask who He was; it was obvious it was Brian Fucking Kinney. "Why? What did the doctor tell you?" Emmett asked rubbing soothing circles on Justin's back.

Drawing back from the comfort of Emmett's shoulder he announced to the room "She told me I'm pregnant".

There was a long silence until Debbie, Lindsay and Melanie squealed and hugged Justin, trapping him in between them and stopping air getting to his lungs "Guys, I can't breathe" he gasped out. Once they moved out the way Justin could clearly see Michael, Ben, Emmett and Ted "Are you alright 

about this?" he asked nervously, Michael was the big brother he never had and Emmett was like a sister to him he would be crushed if they ran too. "Of course Baby" Emmett stated with Michael nodding his head in agreement.

"We're fine with it too Justin" Ted said gesturing to himself and Ben. Justin beamed and reminded everyone why he was called Sunshine, it might not have been the full wattage one, but it was still bright.

After that everyone wanted to know about the baby and the doctor said "Well you're six weeks along, so the morning sickness should come pretty soon..." and then the doctor rambled about food cravings and about the pregnancy itself.

Once visiting hours were up, a cheerful group left Justin to go and find Brian and castrate him for leaving the way he did. When they did leave Justin started crying, silent tears tracing down his face, and once again found himself mulling over why Brian had left.

"He hates me now" Justin whispered, his back to the door

"He doesn't hate you" stated Brian, from the doorway thinking that he had been a real ass just leaving Justin like that and after coming to that conclusion the gang decided to state it for him as well. So here he was standing in the doorway staring at the back of Justin, whose body posture stated that he was crying.

Hearing Brian's voice Justin whipped round to see him leaning against the door frame.

"Yes you do" Justin replied turning back to face the window.

"I think I can feel emotions myself" stated Brian, coming to sit next to Justin on the bed "I don't hate you, if anything you should hate me, but it was just a big shock that's all. Of all the things i was expecting, pregnancy wasn't one of them" he said stroking Justin's golden locks.

"Really" asked Justin, turning around to face Brian, hope shinning in his eyes.

"Yes really" smiled Brian. With a full wattage sunshine smile Justin launched himself into Brian's arms crying happy tears.

"What's with all the tears?" Brian asked worried that he'd done something to upset Justin again.

"Sorry, happy tears. The doctor said I would be really emotional during the pregnancy and i will have a lot of mood swings" Justin said whipping the tears from his face.

"Oh, so what else did she say?" questioned Brian, eager to know more about Justin's condition

Smiling Justin launched into an explanation of what the doctor said earlier that day. All the while Brian's smile was growing.