'So…Ichigo's in another world fighting some sociopath because you tried to play God

'So…Ichigo's in another world fighting some sociopath because you tried to play God?' Mizuiro asked the strange shopkeeper who'd opened the hole in the air.

'It was for the greater good, but it was a mistake I regret.'

Tatsuki snorted and dubiously picked up the tea she'd accepted. 'If you regretted it you'd be doing something yourself.'

'And they get awesome swords and get to kick evil butt! Why didn't they tell us?' Tears rolled dramatically down Keigo's face. He wasn't really interested in the 'possible death' part, just in how cool he thought he'd look with a sword in his hand. Mizuiro rolled his eyes.

'They bleed for the privilege. Do you want to help them?' The fan was back over the shopkeeper guy's face, waving back and forwards.

'What do we have to do?' Mizuiro asked calmly, nervously fidgeting with his phone.

'Yeah, what kind of stuff can we do?' Keigo asked, still enthusiastic, but slightly more cautious after the shopkeeper's detour into creepy.

The fan waved again. 'Excellent! If we just go down to the basement, we can get started with the training! Lesson one is-'

He was stopped abruptly when his fan was snatched from his hand, and it was used to hit him in the face. Right across that irritatingly cheerful grin.

'Hey, asshole. Look, I don't like you and I don't trust you. You tell us now that we can help our friends, who are probably walking right into a trap, fight supernatural ghost-thingies, you want us to fight and bleed so that you can fix your 'mistake' and you don't tell us your name? Or ask us ours? Do you give a shit about anything other than yourself? Do you care about our friends?' Tatsuki snapped, springing up only to be restrained by Keigo.

'If I didn't I wouldn't be in this much trouble in the first place.' The annoying smile was gone, and Tatsuki could see his eyes for the first time. A strange shade of blue, pale like the rest of him, and surprisingly serious. He bowed from the waist, taking the hat off. 'Urahara Kisuke, former captain of 12th Division, now humble shopkeeper. You are?'

'Asano Keigo.'

'Kojima Mizuiro.'

'Arisawa Tatsuki. Now, you sneaky bastard, how do we help our friends?'

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