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Day One


Mica was a nice girl. I liked her a lot. She was nice to me, Ariela. She didn't care that I was sickly. She didn't care whether or not I was beyond bone thin. She didn't care about the fact that I could hardly speak.

I still remember the tragic day when the Tree People attacked our beautiful home. I was in bed, to weak to move. I wanted badly to help, but couldn't. I still remember the fear that threatened to overwhelm me. Then, I heard Marna's voice in the back of my head saying that it would all be fine.

I looked into the future and saw she was right. It wasn't much longer until I heard her arrive. I knew she was just Calwyn, the bee keeper.

I do not recall what happened much afterwards because I lost conciuss for the rest of the winter. I dreamed horrid and great things.

I was awoken by a female voice in the back of my head. When my eyes fluttered open, I was greeted by the face of Calwyn, who smiled and said," Welcome back, sister. We have missed you." Then, I whisphered (unknowingly!):

"Fly 'way lil' birdie,

Fly 'way.

Yer nes' no longer needs ye.

Fly 'way, fly 'way.

'Way ye shall fly

and return no'


Fer lil' birdie,

yer nes' shall need ye so.

Fly, fly, fly.



and return no'


says I,

the Daughter of Sight."

I found out that I had said this later. I was questioned of course! I hated it.

And during it all, away went Calwyn.