AN: Prompt number 27 - "gloves".

"Not now, damn it, Axel."


Roxas turned to look over his shoulder, fixing Axel with his most fierce glare. "I'm serious. I really am. I have to revise because my exams are in three weeks. Either shut up or find somewhere else to go for a few hours."

"I guess I'll see you later."

Pulling on his coat, scarf and gloves, Axel left the house, making sure to slam the door hard on his way out, so that Roxas knew he wasn't pleased. The blond had been working for hours, and Axel was bored. Inside, a framed photograph of the two of them fell off the wall, shattering the glass. Was it so much to ask just to spend time with Roxas? Apparently so.

Inside, Roxas heard the door slamming, and then the glass breaking. Shaking his head at Axel's display of temper, he turned back to his work, but found that the words were swimming in front of his eyes and he couldn't concentrate. Maybe Axel was actually right, and he'd spent too much time on this.


When Axel returned home, in a much better mood, he found Roxas curled up on his bed, fast asleep. Laughing softly, he sat down and started playing with Roxas's hair, messing up the blond spikes. Before long, he'd woken up.

"Axel, what are you doing?"

"You look cute when you're asleep. Adorable."

"Shouldn't have woken me up then. Take your shoes and stuff off and come here."

Axel wasn't going to argue with that, and lay down, wrapping his arms around the blond, holding him close.

"You've been working far too hard lately."

"Hmm, I know."

AN: Kylara is overworked. Kylara is depressed. Kylara is shitting herself because she, like Roxas, has finals in three weeks. Why is Kylara talking about herself in the third person? She doesn't know. Review, please. Make my day a bit better than it currently is.