Syd and Sky were married two months later. It was a beautiful ceremony and nearly the entire kingdom turned out to celebrate their new princess, though the other young ladies were disappointed to know that Sky was spoken for.

King Wesley and Queen Jennifer welcomed Syd to their family warmly. Queen Jennifer was especially fond of her new daughter and liked to dote on her. "My son is lucky to have you," Jennifer said kindly, "I see how much you love him and I know the pair of you shall be happy together."

Kat closed her school and came to live at the palace. She and Syd grew closer and closer and Syd came to regard Kat as her second mother, with Jennifer as her third.

As promised, Isabella and Rosalie continued to be Syd's closest friends. The two ladies married knights and spent most of their visits with Syd gossiping about court and the people there. Syd treasured her friends, even though she thought their gossip and teasing over the top.

Syd and Sky had three children. Their son, Prince Aaron, was born first. He came when Syd and Sky had been married two years and looked just like his father. Sky was proud to show off his young son. When Aaron was nearly four, Syd gave birth to twin daughters whom she named Kat and Kristin.

Sky held one of his baby daughters in each arm, looking down at Syd with love in his eyes. And Sydney could not recall ever being happier. She had her perfect family now.

Oh…there is one more thing…

Vypra was tried for kidnapping a young lady of the kingdom. Sky's testimony, which gave many details of how he had found his wife in Vypra's home after she vanished from the ball and how Syd had always been treated cruelly by her stepmother, was enough to earn her a hefty prison sentence.

Elizabeth and Mora were let off. It was determined that they, too, had been forced to leave the palace that fateful night.

In the end, Syd was happy to be rid of her past. Now there was nothing but Sky and their children and ruling the kingdom…

And they lived happily ever after.