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Red X: A Day in the Life

"Leonard, it's X. I'll take the job." That's what he had said two days ago. And he regretted it now that Batman and Robin were between him and the only exit to the Xynthonium storage facility. He couldn't teleport out with the Xynthonium because the room was insulated with Xynthonium dampers that made it more stable and completely neutralised its special properties. He'd have to fight his way out if he wanted to steal it.

Sometimes it sucks to be a thief of my word.

He rushed the two heroes and quickly gained the upper hand, launching volleys of punches and kicks at Gotham's dark defenders. However, fighting two well trained and experienced martialartists wasn't easy and Red X was soon exhausted. He started accessing his suits Xynthonium based capabilities only to have his various X themed weapons fall uselessly to the ground. He made a reckless break for the door. If he could only get passed the two vigilantes he'd be home free. No such luck. Batman caught him by his tattered cape and threw him back into the room. Red X skidded across the floor, coming to a stop mere seconds before Batman hauled him up by his collar and glared that frightening glare of his.

Not being one to back down from a challenge, even in defeat, Red X looked right into the lenses of Batman's cowl, and what he saw surprised him. He could make out his own reflection, only the Red was disappearing from his suit, slowly being replaced by the color Blue.

That's right, Gizmo made that power source for me. And it is obviously different from Xynthonium. Maybe this room's damper won't affect it.

Red X kicked off Batman's chest and flipped gracefully to the ground, breathing heavily.

"Well it's been fun, but I have to be up early for work. Later." And he activated his suits teleportation. The suit began to glow and hum, and he felt like his entire body was licking a nine volt battery. Then every thin went dark.


Robin was shocked. Red X was almost totally exhausted but he had somehow managed to not only escape Batman's vice like grip, but execute a perfect back flip AND stick the landing. And now his suit was acting weird. The Red X on his face and chest were being replaced with Blue, the two colors swirling almost hypnotically as the Red slowly vanished.

"Well it's been fun, but I have to be up early for work. Later." The now blue X's began to glow, then his eyes, and soon his entire body was encompassed in a blue tinted light. Red X began to flicker and shift rapidly, almost like he was being viewed in a strobe lit room. The humming was becoming deafening, and with a loud boom, he was gone.

The room began to shake as sparks flew from panels in the walls and ceilings, and a digitised female voice came over the intercom.

Warning, Xynthonium neutralization field has been compromised, all personnel please evacuate the area. Warning....

Batman and Robin turned to leave before security and various technicians arrived. They were on the roof top when a pale blue ball of light began to grow in intensity, seemingly from nowhere. And suddenly Red X was standing with his back to them.

"I made it!" he screamed with exuberance "I'm home." He dropped to his knees, his shoulders sagging in exhaustion. Batman and Robin were still and silent and ghosts, no point in giving a target a jolt of adrenaline when he looked to be on the verge of passing out. Red X reached for his mask, and screamed in joy when it slipped over his head and to the ground.

"It's off! I can take it off again!" he was laughing hysterically, pulling wildly at his costume. He was almost out of the top half when wind picked up, causing Robins cape to flap before he could stop it. Red X turned and looked right at the two crime fighters. Robin was shocked to see that his eyes were a pale blue, completely void of pupil or iris. The glow intensified and he vanished. Leaving a dumb struck Batman and Robin trying to decipher what they had just seen.

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