Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"It begins"

July15 2069 4:00 AM

As we drove for the station she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek "this is going to be fun".

July 15 2069 5:00 AM (aboard the D.S.S dauntless)

"captain something on radar" "report contact" "cargo ships with escorts heading our way." the captain leaned back "they must be the ruskies, let 'em through." The radar man went back to his normal duties.

Meanwhile on the D.S.S unreal

A red warning light went off "sir! Long range bombers, headed for Salt Lake City" the captain stood "get those flak cannons up and running, he turned on his radio "call the air force, high level bombers headed your way" the port master sounded bewildered "what!?" the captain got angry "HIGH LEVEL BOMBERS CANT YOU HEAR? Now call the air force!!" the port master was scared "yes s-s-s-sir"

July 15 2069 5:30 AM

"Dear from what I can see the train is 30 minutes late, what is wrong with that?" she looked at me frustrated "but your leave ends in 3 days and that's 30 minutes of time I wanted to spend with you" I chuckled "but you are spending it with me." She smiled and said "that's true." She gave me another hug "I wish this wouldn't end" I turned to her "I'm going to get a snack from the store, want anything?" she looked at me "how about a cola?" as I walked to the store as distant horn sounded "that's the train!" she yelled, "ill just be a second." I yelled back, but as I listened closely more of horns went off, and I also heard the distant sound of dragoonias pride fighter jet the f-19A "bomber killer" and I thought "that's not a train…" then it hit me like a ton of bricks, "it's an air raid siren" I ran outside and my girlfriend yelled "here it comes" I ran but was too late, the station was destroyed by a bomb blast.

July 15 2069 1:00 PM (at the white house)

The secretary sat and waited for the president to finish his phone call, "just what in gods name is happening" the voice on the other line said "an unknown force of high level bombers has attacked dragoonia" the president sat in his chair "we will call for an emergency conference with congress to see if we want to send military forces to help" he hung up, he laid eyes on the secretary "yes?" she handed him an emergency e-mail from pearl harbor Hawaii, it read: Chinese forces invading can only hold off for a week or two please send reinforcements.The president looked up "send the 101st airborne to help the dragoonians, and send military aid to Hawaii. "Yes sir" and the secretary left as the president thought "why is this world falling apart"

July 15 2069 2:30 PM

I looked at the station, Jessica was under there somewhere, but I wouldn't be able to move all that rubble, and I had to fight back, so I took a look around the surrounding area. Many craters dotted the land, a few destroyed houses and buildings here and there, one crumbled. I headed for the underground parking, where my truck was. I pulled out my M-200B assault rifle out of the back; I shoved a clip into the gun, and chambered a round. I started the engine and took off for the military base. I noted more bombers passing over; they looked to be the new Russian B-98's, then one exploded as an F-19A shot over.

July 15 2069 2:35

"That's the way to do it" as a Russian b-98 exploded, I fired my 5 barreled Vulcan cannon and strafed another, "geez, Vasquez don't take all the kills" my copilot laughed, "and let you win the contest, please..", all of a sudden his tone got a lot more serious "mig-29's headed our way, counting 13 of 'em" I flexed my knuckles "time to show these ruskies what our new fighter can do."