Chapter Four: Sneakign Around At Night

Third Generation

Summary: It's been roughly thirty years since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and saved the world. This is the story of his grandchildren, their friends, and their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling, and not me, owns this. I just own the plot and some OC's.

"Courage is like love, it must have hope for nourishment." -Napoleon

Chapter Four: Sneaking Around At Night

Dinner in the Great Hall was a very quiet thing that evening. The Headmaster was gone, as were several of the teachers. The rest were very strained and upset, and it bled into the student body like a disease.

Samantha couldn't stand it, so she went to bed early.

But as soon as she was certain her room mates were all fast asleep, she got up, opened her trunk, and found the cloak her grandfather had given her the day before she was to board the train for Hogwarts. She put it over herself, and was pleased to see her feet and legs disappear. Then she also got out the map that her grandfather had given to her, against her grandmother and her parents' wishes.

She snuck out of her dormitory, and then out through the Common Room as well.

The Fat Lady gave a little 'oh' of surprise as her portrait moved to let someone out but no one could be seen.

Samantha moved slowly down the stairs, skipping the step that wasn't real, and then stopped as the base of them. She pulled her wand, which was holly wood and a griffon's feather, and then the map from her pocket.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good." She said. She could see the castle grounds now, and she smiled to herself.

She eventually made it to her destination, which was the roof. The map had helped a great deal as she had had to duck into a spare classroom to avoid the Headmaster as she made her rounds.

Samantha looked out over the grounds of the school from her spot. She was very near Gryffindor Tower actually. She looked out over the Forbidden Forest, and saw an eerie greenish glow. It was still burning it seemed. She frowned.

If it was a regular forest fire, then wouldn't it be easily put out? Surely a non-magical fire would be easily remedied?

Then a thought struck her as she watched the green glow.

Fires were red, normally anyway. And it was a magical forest that was burning, was it not? SO of course it would be a magical fire.

The wind changed and suddenly heard faint screaming, along with the sounds of spells being shouted. And she smelled wood smoke and charred meat…she gagged and quickly left the roof.

She was too preoccupied in her thoughts to take out the map again and watch where she was going.

So it really shouldn't have surprised her when she ran into another person.

She fell down, and the cloak fell partly of her, revealing her head.

"Samantha?" She looked up, into swirling grey/silver eyes. Blonde hair framed a somewhat concerned face.

"Chaos?" She asked. How had he even remembered her name?

"Sam! What are you doing out here?" Kenny asked, popping up next to Chaos.

Samantha stood up, brushed herself off, and then put the cloak around her shoulders.

"I could ask you the same thing, Kenneth Potter. And you don't have a cloak or a map." She said.

Kenny smile and shrugged. "We're Slytherin. We don't care about the rules. Besides, no one's up right now anyway." He said confidently.

Samantha opened the Marauders' Map under the cloak so that Chaos couldn't see it and looked at their current position.

Only their names were anywhere near.

"Fine." She huffed. Then she turned and left, for once not caring if her cousin got into trouble. After all, he hadn't acted like Kenny just now. He had acted like a Slytherin prat.

She made her way to her room, but she had trouble sleeping, because of Kenny's new attitude and what she had experienced on the roof.

Kenny couldn't see Sam now, of course he couldn't. She was using the Invisibility Cloak that their grandfather Harry had given her. Of course, Harry had thought they would all end up in Gryffindor or at least share the two treasures.

Kenny mentally shrugged as he and Chaos continued to their destination.

"Here it is." Chaos said sometime later. Kenny was surprised that they had ended up outside of an old bathroom. A girls' one, nonetheless.

"Um…Chaos, what are we doing in a girl's bathroom?" Kenny asked.

Chaos was about to answer when a moan erupted from one of the stalls. A girl, who looked like she had died when she was their age or not much older, floated out of the stall, crying and screaming.

"That's Moaning Myrtle." Chaos said. As soon as he said her name, she fell silent, glaring at the two boys.

"What do you want?" She asked, angry.

"Just wanted to see something, Miss Myrtle." Kenny said politely. She smiled at him and floated closer.

"Well, if it isn't Harry Potter's blood in you. Tell me, who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Kenneth Potter and this is Chaos Malfoy." He said, introducing his friend and housemate as well.

Myrtle was silent for a long moment. "Chaos. What a suitable name for a Malfoy. But you're in Slytherin, aren't you Kenneth?" She asked.

Kenny nodded, shushing Chaos's remark about his name.

"Fine, just be gone quickly." She finally said, and floated away again.

Chaos led Kenny over to one of the sinks.

"My grandfather Draco told me about this. Said he heard rumors about it after you're grandfather, Harry, defeated something inside it." Chaos said.

He was saying more to his friend, but Kenneth wasn't listening. He was watching in fascination as some engraved snakes started to move on the porcelain. He said something to them then, but even he wasn't sure what.

Chaos's surprised gasp brought him back to reality.

"Kenny, you did it! It's moving!" He said. Indeed it was. All the sinks were moving now. Soon, a gaping hole was staring up at them, as if daring them to jump in and see what was in it.

And Kenny wanted to. He wanted very badly to go down and see what was there.

But again Chaos's voice stopped him.

"Hey Kenny, we should wait until this weekend, when we don't have classes." He said reasonably. Kenny nodded, and the sink slid back into place.

As they were leaving, Kenny said softly, "Don't say anything to anyone." Chaos nodded.

As they made their way back to the dungeons, Kenny thought about his house.

He felt a little more confident now. And in Slytherin, everyone stuck together, or at least knew that if they needed it, others would help.

Because as Professor Croew, their Head of House had said, Slytherins have to watch out for each other, because no one else will.

But Kenny knew that wasn't true. His family at the school would watch out for him.

Then he wondered why Sam had just gone off with the Cloak and the Map. Surely, if she had cared, she would have lent them one or the other, so they wouldn't land in any trouble?

Kenny shook his head and got ready for bed. He dreamt of all the stories his grandfather and his great uncle told him about the Chamber of Secrets.

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