Hello, my friends!! I just HAD to post this for you! It's so awesome!! I DID NOT WRITE IT!! Kay4elle on wrote this poem and I give her full credit and I did get her premission to post it. It deserves to be read by you peoples.

Disclaimer Nothing in this do i own. is sad cuz i can't write poems this good

Sticks and stones break my bones
And words can break my heart
These feelings now reveal themselves
And rip my soul apart

Torn emotions
That I can't help but feel
I can't even decipher
What's true, what's real

Hiding inside myself
Fighting feelings that I keep
This mountain I climb, so small before
Has become far too steep

Though I can't live without him
I know that I love you
How can I be happy
When I'm forced to choose?

I love you both, my heart is torn
Tormented thoughts burn in my brain
Neither one of you can I lose
But if I cause one joy I cause the other pain

Two choices placed in front of me
One life I'm required to choose
For everything I have to gain
There's just as much to lose

While my heart hangs in the balance
I know what I must do
Even though I'm leaving
Please know I do love you

And as I enter my new life
My mind is in a fog
And while the lion loves the lamb
The lamb also loves a dog

TWAS WONDERFULL!! If you have a flame i shall burn you with it!! Love yall!