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Girl starred at the four gorgeous teenage boys as they walked down the hallways of Hogwarts, on their way to potions class. Well, three out of four of the boys were handsome the fourth was very short and pudgy, and his face was almost rat like. He walked slightly behind the others as if he did not belong, yet anyone could see the yearning in his eyes to just fit in. Besides the odd boy named Peter Pettigrew, the other three boys were all blessed with good looks.

James Potter had unruly brown hair that went to just above his shoulders and rich brown eyes. His body was toned to perfection due to hours of quiditch practice and he flaunted it well by walking in a most definite cocky way. His wrinkled white shirt was untucked and part of his collar was faced upwards, but despite his messiness, he still seemed to give off this overconfident aura and for some reason most girls liked that.

Next to James stood none other than Sirius Black, his messy black hair hung to just about his shoulders. The mischievous glint in his eyes told any stranger that he was a troublemaker and don't forget that perfect smile that got him out of most of that trouble he performed. Well, the trouble he got in with most of his girlfriends, if you could call the perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body, brain dead bimbos that. Even if Black could weasel his way out of most jams, when it came to getting out of a detention with Professor McGonagall, he had no such luck. He was taller than James, about six feet tall, and his body was not quite as toned, but he got just as much, if not more, attention as anyone else.

To the right of Sirius stood a young man about five foot eight, he looked tired and his school robes were just a little too big for him, but despite this, he had a different kind of beauty to him. Underneath the light brown hair, you could see a glimpse of the kind eyes of Remus Lupin. Remus was shy compared to his friends, but he was sweet and any girl could go up to him without feeling intimidated. However, there was one thing about Remus that the girls could not put their fingers on; he was mysterious in a way, as if he was hiding a secret that all of them were itching to know.

As the four boys walked slowly down the hallways another pack of girls came their way, in this pack was a lovely red-head named Lily Evans. She stood out as the most beautiful, with her long red hair and her petite body. Her laugh rang through the ears of boys making most of them turn and stare at her attractiveness. James was just one of the many boys.

The sweet laughter of her voice made James whip his head around to face the red-head across the hall from him. His chocolate brown eyes and her sparkling emerald ones locked immediately and Lily gave James a smirk before breaking their gaze and walking briskly away.

"I have to have her," Muttered James under his breath.

"What was that Jamesy, just who do you have to have?" Came Sirius's voice loudly so everyone could hear him. The surrounding people in the hallway turned their attention to the four friends, hoping they could here some new gossip about the Gryffindor seeker.

"Pipe down Sirius or else I'm never going to tell you."

"Oh come on James I was just having a little fun." Sirius whined stupidly. He then gave James a sad puppy dogface, as if begging to know who the new girl was.

"You know who it is; I have fancied her since first year for crying out loud, and get that look off your face!" James whispered so none of the people trying to eavesdrop in the hallway could hear him.

Sirius's silly expression changed into one of his usual smirks. "You're still on about Evans? So many girls would die to go out with quiditch star, James Potter, and all you can think about is that one snooty girl who refuses to give you a chance?"

"Yeah Sirius she's different. She doesn't drool over me like those other girls and I don't know I just love the way she talks and the way she laughs and not to mention…"

"You are pathetic! Sirius interrupted, I would just go for the easy shag; there are plenty of them around."

"Well unlike you Sirius, James might actually have some dignity," piped up Remus. "Lily is a nice girl and she is incredibly good at potions; which we will be late to if we don't get a move on."

The conversation came to a halt as the four boys raced down to the damp and extremely dark dungeon where potions class was being held. The moving pictures that took up almost all the space on the walls blurred by as the boys sprinted, some paintings even yelled at the group to slow down, while others made bets on who would get to the dungeons first. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter all got there just in time, and took there seats when the bell rang.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly and soon it was the last class of the day, which happened to be a free block. The free blocks were supposed to be for students to study for their N.E.W.Ts, but the boys took the time as a break from their classes, as did most of the other Gryffindors.

James walked into the common room all alone, for his friends had snuck down to the kitchen to get some food before dinner. Why wait another two hours for dinner, when they could have a feast of their own right now? The second he walked in, he spotted Lily sitting on the couch, her nose in a book, but more importantly an empty seat next to her. James strode to the comfortable, cushiony, couch and sat just a little to close to Lily, and with all of the Gryffindor courage he could muster, he said confidently, "So what are you reading Evans?"

Lily glanced up at him, then back down at her book and continued to read. James's ego was slightly hurt but he decided to keep trying to start a conversation. He looked at the cover of the book only to see strange symbols, "I see it's something to do with ancient ruins?" The uncertain statement came out as more of a question and Lily just gave James a strange look.

"Yes it does." Lily replied quickly.

James breathed out a sigh of relief, "Oh, do you like that class."

"I suppose so." Lily gave another short reply, which made James start to sweat it again.

James gave Lily a look and he could tell she was about to leave, I might as well just get this over with, James thought and started to say, "Lily would you like to go to Hogs…" However, before James could even finish asking Lily out, Sirius's voice came ringing through the portrait hole.

"Oi, James! Are you making your move on her yet?"

Lily just gave James and odd look, got up and walked briskly up to the girls' dormitory.

"Sirius what did you do that for?" James yelled in outrage.

"Sorry mate, I'm not thinking to clearly," and with those last words, Sirius toppled down and a bottle of fire whisky came rolling on to the floor. James quickly scooped it up before anyone else saw the bottle, as Remus and Peter helped Sirius up.

"He had a little bit to drink on the way up, if you can't tell," whispered Remus. "Let's get him up to our dormitory."

"Yeah good idea," James said, glancing around quickly and swiftly walked up the stairs to the boys' dormitory, as Peter and Remus helped Sirius up the stair behind him.

As soon as all of the boys were inside, James locked the door and opened the three-fourths filled bottle of fire whisky.

"Did the house elves really give this to you guys?" Asked James as he took a sip of whisky, straight from the bottle. The liquid moved down his throat rapidly, leaving a burning sensation that felt so good and so painful at the same time.

"Well not exactly, as we were walking out, I just took it off the shelves. The house elves were so busy with supper coming up, they didn't even notice." Came Peter's wheezing voice.

"Peter I'm impressed, you're starting to act more and more like me! They grow up so fast don't they Jamsey!" Sirius said sarcastically; the whisky affecting his choice of words at the moment.

"Okay Sirius what ever you say," James replied while taking another huge gulp of fire whisky. Remus then took the bottle away from James and took a small sip himself. He didn't particularly enjoy fire whisky that much, but anything helped with the stress of N.E.W.Ts coming up and the other problems in his life.

The secret all of the girls wanted to know, the one that Remus only told his closest friends, was that Remus Lupin was a werewolf. Remus had been a werewolf since he was four years old, and he learned to deal with it, but he could never control it. No one could control what he or she did after becoming a werewolf. After the change, his human instinct disappeared and all he wanted to do was rip people apart and destroy anything in his path. It tore Remus up inside that he could be like this, even if it was not his fault, he still put blame on himself. If only he could control himself, if only he had not wandered into the woods when he was four, like his father told him not to, if only he had been smarter.

After every full moon, Remus was tired, sickly, and just wanted to sleep, but with schoolwork, that was next to impossible. Before the full moon Remus felt anxious and worried, he just wanted to be normal like his friends, but that was never going to happen. This effected him so much and he just needed something that would make him forget and to feel normal. Therefore, he took another sip of fire whisky and let his problems drown away, as did the rest of the boys.